TBC Classic Goldmaking: Farming Fel Armaments

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Fel Armaments are a highly sought-after item for anyone who is trying to improve their reputation with the Aldor, or just needing Holy Dust Icon Holy Dust (for which Fel Armaments can be exchanged) to enchant their shoulders.

Anyone who is max level can farm Fel Armaments with no prerequisites so this farm is great for those who are new to the game or those starting back up.


Fel Armament Farming

Fel Armament Icon Fel Armament is an item that can be turned in to Ishanah for reputation if you are aligned with the Aldor in Shattrath City. Fel Armaments are a solid source of gold and are able to be farmed by all classes because they drop from mobs out in the world. Fel Armaments are highly sought-after because everyone on your server will end up as either Aldor or Scryers, causing the demand for them to be consistent as they are used to gain reputation with these factions.


Farming Locations

There are two main spots we would recommend in order to farm Fel Armament Icon Fel Armaments efficiently, but they can drop from all high level Demons throughout Outland.


Arklon Ruins

Arklon Ruins is the first location we would recommend. The mobs you will encounter here are all Demons, so Paladin will have an especially easy time farming here. Arklon Ruins is located in Netherstorm, south east of Area 52.

There are two NPCs you will be killing for this farm.

  • Artifact Seeker
  • Felblade Doomguard

In addition to Fel Armament Icon Fel Armaments, the mobs here will drop Mark of Sargeras Icon Mark of Sargeras, Mote of Shadow Icon Mote of Shadow, Green/Blue/Epic items, raw gold, and Netherweave Cloth Icon Netherweave Cloth. All of these items can be sold to other players, but we would recommend using the Netherweave Cloth Icon Netherweave Cloth to create Netherweave Bag Icon Netherweave Bags if you are a Tailor as opposed to selling the raw materials. If you are a Skinner, the Artifact Seekers can be skinned as well for additional materials.


Forgecamp Anger

Forgecamp Anger is the second location, found toward the north east of Blade's Edge Mountains, south of the bridge you would cross to go into Netherstorm. The mobs you will encounter here are all Demons, so Paladins will have an especially easy time farming here.

There are three NPCs you will be killing for this farm.

  • Doomforge Engineer
  • Doomforge Attendant
  • Anger Guard

The same mentions regarding farming materials apply to these mobs as to the ones found in the Arklon Ruins.



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