Fury Warrior Leveling Guide From 1 to 80 for WotLK Classic

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Welcome to our Wrath of the Lich King Fury Warrior leveling guide. Here we will help guide you through your Fury Warrior's leveling journey toward Level 80. Make sure to use the sliders shown down below to have the guide update as you level up.


Fury Warrior Level-by-Level Rotation, Talents, and Trainer Skills

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Level: 1

Fury Warrior Leveling Talents in Wrath of the Lich King

Your first talent unlocks at Level 10.

Improved Rend IconImproved Rend is great early since you have very few abilities. Next you will want to get Improved Thunder Clap IconImproved Thunder Clap as Thunder Clap IconThunder Clap deals great damage in early levels. Improved Bloodrage IconImproved Bloodrage is a nice boost to your Rage generation, and Incite IconIncite increases the crit chance of the few abilities you do have.

Cruelty IconCruelty and Armored to the Teeth IconArmored to the Teeth are nice stat boosts, while Booming Voice IconBooming Voice reduces Rage wasted re-casting Battle Shout IconBattle Shout, especially when paired with Glyph of Battle Icon Glyph of Battle.

  • Level 30Be sure to respec now.
  • Levels 30 to 32 — 3 points in Precision IconPrecision.
  • Level 33 — 1 point in Death Wish IconDeath Wish.
  • Level 34 — 1 point in Piercing Howl IconPiercing Howl.
  • Levels 35 to 39 — 5 points in Flurry IconFlurry.

Be sure to respec at Level 30 before continuing. Precision IconPrecision is great for leveling as it is very difficult to find Hit Rating on leveling gear. Death Wish IconDeath Wish is an extremely powerful DPS cooldown, great for cleaving mobs or killing elites. Piercing Howl IconPiercing Howl is decent utility when you need to run away. Finally, Flurry IconFlurry is a huge attack speed increase whenever you crit.

With Bloodthirst IconBloodthirst, you finally have a main damaging ability. Improved Whirlwind IconImproved Whirlwind further increases Whirlwind IconWhirlwind damage. Improved Berserker Rage IconImproved Berserker Rage is a good Rage-boosting cooldown. Improved Berserker Stance IconImproved Berserker Stance is a huge 20% increase to your Strength when you are in Berserker Stance IconBerserker Stance.

Rampage IconRampage is a nice passive 5% crit chance. Bloodsurge IconBloodsurge gives you a chance of proccing instant Slam IconSlams for even more damage.

Titan's Grip IconTitan's Grip allows you to wear 2-handed weapons in one hand, greatly boosting your damage. Improved Charge IconImproved Charge helps with your Rage generation at the start of combat, and Tactical Mastery IconTactical Mastery lets you keep more Rage when swapping stances.

Both Impale IconImpale and Deep Wounds IconDeep Wounds increase your damage whenever you Crit. Two-Handed Weapon Specialization IconTwo-Handed Weapon Specialization is great for your spec as you will be wearing two 2-handed weapons. The last two talent points are just fillers; maxing Intensify Rage IconIntensify Rage is the best option for overall use.


Fury Warrior Leveling Glyphs in Wrath of the Lich King

Your leveling glyphs will differ from your endgame glyphs. Glyphs can be a huge boost to your leveling speed as some greatly improve the baseline power of your key abilities. Be sure to check the price of these glyphs on your server to vastly improve your leveling experience.


Major Glyphs

  1. Glyph of Victory Rush Icon Glyph of Victory Rush
  2. Glyph of Whirlwind Icon Glyph of Whirlwind

Minor Glyphs

  1. Glyph of Battle Icon Glyph of Battle
  2. Glyph of Bloodrage Icon Glyph of Bloodrage
  3. Glyph of Enduring Victory Icon Glyph of Enduring Victory

Fury Warrior Leveling Rotation in Wrath of the Lich King

  1. Keep Battle Shout IconBattle Shout's buff up.
  2. Heroic Strike IconHeroic Strike all Rage.
  3. Bloodrage IconBloodrage to prevent your Rage from decaying between mobs.
  4. Charge IconCharge your enemy.
  5. Charge IconCharge your enemy and change to Berserker Stance IconBerserker Stance.
  6. Use Berserker Rage IconBerserker Rage after changing to Berserker Stance IconBerserker Stance for more Rage to use abilities.
  7. Make sure to use Victory Rush IconVictory Rush before the proc expires.
  8. Bloodthirst IconBloodthirst whenever available.
  9. Whirlwind IconWhirlwind whenever available.
  10. Slam IconSlam with Bloodsurge IconBloodsurge procs.
  11. Rend IconRend anything that will live for most of the bleed duration.
  12. Heroic Strike IconHeroic Strike rest of Rage.
  13. Thunder Clap IconThunder Clap does great damage early on and starts to fall off in the later levels.
  14. Overpower IconOverpower if any of your attacks are dodged.
  15. Execute IconExecute any low-health enemies.
  16. Heroic Strike IconHeroic Strike only if you have a large surplus of Rage.

Early levels on Warrior are fairly basic, only having a few abilities to use. Always maintain your Battle Shout IconBattle Shout buff, and at Level 4, keep Rend IconRend applied to enemies. At Level 6 you will get Thunder Clap IconThunder Clap, which is a very high damage spell early on, as well as Victory Rush IconVictory Rush, which deals great damage if you got the killing blow on your last target. At Level 12 be sure to learn Overpower IconOverpower and use it if any of your attacks are dodged.

At Level 24 you get Execute IconExecute, helping you finish of enemies at low health. Level 36 brings Whirlwind IconWhirlwind, which is one of your main damaging attacks.

At Level 40 you get Bloodthirst IconBloodthirst, finally giving you a main damaging spell to use. At Level 51 you get Bloodsurge IconBloodsurge, giving you instant-cast Slam IconSlam procs. Level 60 brings Titan's Grip IconTitan's Grip, letting you equip a 2-handed weapon in each hand for much higher damage. Your playstyle remains the same from here until Level 80.


List of Fury Warrior Trainer Skills to Buy

Training spells can be rather expensive, especially if you try to learn every spell available to you. Here we will give you a list of your top-priority spells that you will want to train so you know which ones you can avoid and save some money.

  • Rend IconRend — You can stop training this spell after Rank 4 as you will stop using it after that.
  • Heroic Strike IconHeroic Strike & Cleave IconCleave — Both of these skills get very minor damage increases with each rank. You can hold off on training these skills if you are low on gold.
  • Charge IconCharge — The only benefit of increasing the rank of this spell is the increased Rage it generates. Only train this when you have excess gold as the few extra Rage points are generally not game changing.

Continue Improving at Level 80

Congratulations on hitting Level 80 in Wrath of the Lich King! Now that your leveling process is over, you can learn more about Level-80 Fury Warrior gameplay by reading our Fury Warrior Guide, which covers everything you need to know to properly play your Fury Warrior.



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