Mage Quests in WotLK Classic

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On this page, we cover the Mage-specific quests in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Although largely deprecated, these optional quests can usually be started by your trainer and send you across the world to thematically unlock certain abilities or earn particular Mage gear.


Arcane Refreshment: Learning Level 60 Water Rank, Crystal Water

In Classic, Arcane Refreshment was the single most important quest a Mage needed to do at Level 60, as it rewarded the most powerful conjure water spell in the game: Conjure Water IconConjure Water. From The Burning Crusade onward, Mages can simply learn this spell from their Trainers.

For completionists who still want to complete this quest there is good news: this is one of the shortest and easiest quests to do in Azeroth. Simply enter Dire Maul North and talk to Lorekeeper Lydros who is inside the big door entrance located in the bottom level, which you can reach by going straight from the entrance. He will give you the Arcane Refreshment quest.

This quest requires you to go to Dire Maul East and kill Hydrospawn, in order to loot Hydrospawn Essence Icon Hydrospawn Essence, which you can then turn in at Lorekeeper Lydros in order to receive Conjure Water IconConjure Water. This is a really powerful type of water, and you will often be able to find people willing to tip you for a lot of stacks of it for their farming activities!

However, do not worry about ignoring this quest, as in Wrath of the Lich King, all the water spells are also trained from your Mage trainers.


Mage's Wand

Mage's Wand rewards strong Wands for the level at which you can first complete it: Icefury Wand Icon Icefury Wand, Nether Force Wand Icon Nether Force Wand, or Ragefire Wand Icon Ragefire Wand. It begins at Level 30, when your class trainer gives you the Journey to the Marsh quest, leading you to Tabetha in Dustwallow Marsh, around the 43,57 map coordinates.

Tabetha will set you on the Hidden Secrets quest, which requires you to go to The Shimmering Flats in Thousand Needles and talk to Magus Tirth, around the 77,76 coordinates. Grab Get the Scoop from Magus, and search for a chicken named "Plucky" Johnson nearby. Use the /beckon emote on him to transform him back into Magus' assistant, allowing you to complete the quest and receive the next step, Rituals of Power.

This step requires you to go grab the Rituals of Power Icon Rituals of Power item from the Scarlet Monastery's Library wing, which you can find in a bookshelf to your left just as you enter the Athenaeum section of the dungeon. With the book in your inventory, return to Tabetha and start the Items of Power quest, which requires you to get a Jade Icon Jade and a Bolt Charged Bramble Icon Bolt Charged Bramble. Get the Jade from Mining or the Auction House, and 10 Witherbark Totem Stick Icon Witherbark Totem Sticks from killing Witherbark Trolls in Arathi Highlands, around the 65,65 coordinates. These are used at the Circle of Outer Binding, around 51,48, to create the Bolt Charged Bramble. Finally, return to Tabetha to receive Icefury Wand Icon Icefury Wand in the final quest, Mage's Wand.


Early Gear Quests

There are a lot of other Mage quests, but they mostly have sub-par rewards that you will quickly replace with higher level quest gear or dungeon gear.

Still, for completion's sake, you can get Celestial Orb Icon Celestial Orb or Celestial Stave Icon Celestial Stave from the questline started with Return to the Marsh, picked up from your class trainer at Level 35 or higher.

This quest line will take you through The Infernal Orb, The Exorcism, Power in Uldaman (which requires the completion of the Uldaman dungeon) and Mana Surges, culminating in Celestial Power which will allow you to pick one of the aforementioned rewards.

There are also a few, zone-specific Level 10 quests, such as Ju-Ju Heaps for Trolls in Durotar, and other miscellaneous quests with generally subpar rewards.


Mage Sunken Temple Questline

By completing this questline, which you can start from your trainer at Level 50, you can obtain Fire Ruby Icon Fire Ruby, a unique trinket which regenerates some Mana on use and increases your next Fire damage's spell by up to 100, acting as extra Spell Damage.

While not an impressive trinket by any means, its effect can allow you to burst harder with Arcane Power IconArcane Power, Presence of Mind IconPresence of Mind, and Pyroblast IconPyroblast, and as such it is a somewhat irreplaceable item for any Mage wishing to do that at some point.

The other good option is the neck, Arcane Crystal Pendant Icon Arcane Crystal Pendant, which is easily replaced once you enter Outland, but which is a strong option for the level you can get it at.

For the questline, start by picking up Magecraft from a major city Mage trainer, which leads into Magic Dust in Azshara (make sure to use the teleporter in order to reach the quest giver).

Kill and loot Blood Elf NPCs around 57, 28 in Azshara to complete it, and get its follow-up, The Siren's Coral, which is also completed nearby by killing and looting Naga NPCs around the 44,54 ruins.

The final step is Destroy Morphaz, which will lead you into Sunken Temple and require you to kill and loot Morphaz, one of the mini-boss green drakes patrolling in the innermost area.


Polymorph: Pig

If you want to Polymorph IconPolymorph your foes into a pig instead of a sheep, which is a nice little visual upgrade, the following questline can easily make you achieve this goal.

All you need to do is be Level 60 or higher and go to Azshara. Use the teleporter in order to pick up the Warlord Krellian quest and move east into the building at 40, 53. There you kill the Naga leader Warlord Krellian. Loot and take his Prismatic Shell Icon Prismatic Shell back to where you accepted the quest and start part 2, Fragmented Magic.

This part is rather simple, as it requires you to go back to the Naga area where you were before and Polymorph IconPolymorph the Naga there. Be sure to be near them when you Polymorph, as they will turn into 3-6 sheep with very low health. Frost Nova IconFrost Nova them and finish them off. Repeat this process until you have killed 50 Polymorph Clones and turn in the quest. Now you have the spell Polymorph: Pig in your spell book!



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