Uldaman Dungeon Guide

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Uldaman is a dungeon with a huge number of quests for players of both factions. Players are advised to bring a group between Level 42 and 46 to ensure a smooth run. This dungeon will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

Uldaman is a former titan city that has now been taken over by Troggs. The Titans created this race from stone, but after seeing the failures in their creation, they locked the race away and eventually created the Dwarves instead. This titan vault has been breached by the Dark Iron Dwarves, who hope to find the secrets of the Titans and use them to serve their master, Ragnaros, but the Titans' defenses are still present throughout the city.


Uldaman Entrance Location

The entrance to Uldaman is in the far north of the Badlands, just along the border with Loch Modan.

To reach the instance, you should follow the tunnels until you come to the first open area. Drop down into the center and follow the tunnel underneath to the next open area, Dig One. The instance entrance is just on your right after entering.


Uldaman Quests

Before setting foot in Uldaman, we strongly advise you to get all the dungeon quests related to it. To make this process easier, we have written a separate guide.


Layout of Uldaman

Uldaman can be very difficult to navigate, as most of the bosses are not on the main path throughout the dungeon, but instead, they are located in side rooms that break off from the tunnel.

When you enter, you will want to clear the left side of the two rooms until you find a tunnel that contains the first boss of the dungeon, three Dwarven brothers.

After killing them, head back into the Titan room and follow the corridor until you encounter Revelosh, the second boss. Directly behind him is an open room with a large door at the back. Using the Gni'kiv Medallion Icon Gni'kiv Medallion and The Shaft of Tsol Icon The Shaft of Tsol, which are obtained from the chest in the room of the first boss and as a drop from Revelosh respectively, you can open the door by combining them and placing the Staff of Prehistoria Icon Staff of Prehistoria in the keystone.

Head back into the large room and follow the northern tunnel until you come to a fork in the path. Head to the right side and you will find the Ancient Stone Keeper, the next boss of the instance.

After killing the Stone Keeper, head to the northwestern corner and follow the tunnel, moving in a northwestern direction. You will find Galgann Firehammer first in a small nook, followed by Grimlok in a Titan room to the north.

Once these are both dead, head back into the tunnels and move to the northeast, moving through the Titan rooms until you find Archaedas, the final boss of the instance.


Notable Trash in Uldaman

The mobs in this dungeon will run away at low health, as they do in The Stockade. The strategy is the same, where your party should try to CC as many mobs as they can before pulling the mobs back, rather than moving forward to engage them. There are a huge number of opportunities to use the walls of the dungeon to line of sight pull the caster mobs, rather than letting them cast freely at the back and risk pulling more mobs.

Digmaster Shovelphlange is the only rare of the dungeon, but is located outside of the instance. He is worth killing, as he drops excellent loot.

  • Digmaster Shovelphlange Defensive Stance Icon Defensive Stance
  • Sunder Armor Icon Sunder Armor

Loot from Digmaster Shovelphlange

Item Required Level Slot
Expert Goldminer's Helmet Icon Expert Goldminer's Helmet 33 Head
Shovelphlange's Mining Axe Icon Shovelphlange's Mining Axe 33 Weapon

Bosses in Uldaman


Baelog, Eric, and Olaf

Baelog, Eric, and Olaf

Baelog is a Level 41 humanoid elite, while Eric "The Swift" and Olaf are both Level 40 humanoid elites, and together they are the first boss of the dungeon for Horde players. Alliance players do not need to kill the Dwarves.

Olaf can be killed alone, without engaging the other 2. You should do this to make the fight easier for your group. He has no mechanics worth mentioning.

For the other 2, you can kill them in any order, as neither boss has a mechanic worth mentioning. This is a very easy fight.

After you have killed this, you should loot the chest in the room, as it contains an item required to engage Ironaya later.


Loot from Baelog, Eric, and Olaf

Item Required Level Slot
Baelog's Shortbow Icon Baelog's Shortbow 36 Weapon
Battered Viking Shield Icon Battered Viking Shield 35 Off Hand
Oil of Olaf Icon Oil of Olaf N/A Consumable
Swiftness Potion Icon Swiftness Potion N/A Consumable
Precision Arrow Icon Precision Arrow 35 Projectile
Worn Running Boots Icon Worn Running Boots 35 Feet
Horned Viking Helmet Icon Horned Viking Helmet 40 Head
Nordic Longshank Icon Nordic Longshank 38 Weapon
Olaf's All Purpose Shield Icon Olaf's All Purpose Shield 37 Off Hand


  • Revelosh Chain Lightning Icon Chain Lightning
  • Lightning Bolt Icon Lightning Bolt

Revelosh is a Level 40 elite humanoid and is the second boss of the dungeon.

There are no mechanics worth mentioning on this boss, but you should CC the adds if you can to make the fight easier for your group.

After killing this boss, make sure that the player who picked up the summoning item from the chest behind the previous boss also loots The Shaft of Tsol Icon The Shaft of Tsol.


Loot from Revelosh

Item Required Level Slot
Revelosh's Armguards Icon Revelosh's Armguards 35 Wrist
Revelosh's Boots Icon Revelosh's Boots 40 Feet
Revelosh's Gloves Icon Revelosh's Gloves 35 Hands
Revelosh's Spaulders Icon Revelosh's Spaulders 36 Shoulder


  • Ironaya Arcing Smash Icon Arcing Smash
  • Knock Away Icon Knock Away
  • War Stomp Icon War Stomp

Ironaya is a Level 40 elite giant and is the third boss of the instance. In order to summon this boss, players will need to combine the two items from the previous bosses, Gni'kiv Medallion Icon Gni'kiv Medallion and The Shaft of Tsol Icon The Shaft of Tsol to form the Staff of Prehistoria Icon Staff of Prehistoria. Place this in the keystone in the centre of the room to summon her.

Tank the boss facing away from your group to avoid extra damage from her cleave and save your taunt ability for her knockback, as you will lose all aggro when she casts this.


Loot from Ironaya

Item Required Level Slot
Ironaya's Bracers Icon Ironaya's Bracers 37 Wrist
Ironshod Bludgeon Icon Ironshod Bludgeon 37 Weapon
Stoneweaver Leggings Icon Stoneweaver Leggings 35 Legs

Ancient Stone Keeper

  • Ancient Stone Keeper Sand Storms Icon Sand Storms

The Ancient Stone Keeper is a Level 44 elite elemental and is the fourth boss of the instance.

Move out of his Sand Storms IconSand Storms and this fight will be extremely easy.


Loot from Ancient Stone Keeper

Item Required Level Slot
Rockshard Pauldrons Icon Rockshard Pauldrons 40 Shoulder
Cragfists Icon Cragfists 40 Weapon

Galgann Firehammer

  • Galgann Firehammer Amplify Flames Icon Amplify Flames
  • Fire Nova Icon Fire Nova
  • Flame Lash Icon Flame Lash

Galgann Firehammer is a Level 45 elite humanoid and is the fifth boss of the instance.

Kill his bodyguards as soon as possible and then focus on Galgann. Your ranged should stay out of melee range to avoid being hit by his AoE attacks.

This boss does a huge amount of damage, so if you have access to any consumables or armor that boosts your Fire Resistance, especially as the tank, this can help to mitigate the damage.


Loot from Galgann Firehammer

Item Required Level Slot
Emberscale Cape Icon Emberscale Cape 41 Back
Galgann's Firehammer Icon Galgann's Firehammer 41 Weapon
Flameseer Mantle Icon Flameseer Mantle 42 Shoulder
Galgann's Fireblaster Icon Galgann's Fireblaster 42 Weapon


  • Grimlok Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust
  • Chain Bolt Icon Chain Bolt
  • Lightning Bolt Icon Lightning Bolt
  • Shrink Icon Shrink

Grimlok is a Level 45 elite humanoid and is the sixth boss of the instance.

Use CC on any adds that you can and kill Grimlok as soon as possible. You should spread out to avoid taking more damage than necessary from Chain Bolt IconChain Bolt.


Loot from Grimlok

Item Required Level Slot
Oilskin Leggings Icon Oilskin Leggings 41 Legs
Grimlok's Charge Icon Grimlok's Charge 42 Weapon
Grimlok's Tribal Vestments Icon Grimlok's Tribal Vestments 42 Chest


  • Archaedas Awaken Earthen Guardians Icon Awaken Earthen Guardians
  • Awaken Vault Warder Icon Awaken Vault Warder
  • Enrage Icon Enrage
  • Ground Tremor Icon Ground Tremor

Archaedas is a Level 47 elite giant and is the final boss of the instance. To activate him, you must all click on the altar positioned just in front of him.

This boss is extremely difficult with an underleveled group, so be prepared for a tough fight if your tank is low level. The boss will periodically summon dwarf adds that need to be killed as soon as possible. Once Archaedas summons the elite adds, you will need to focus him down and ignore all other adds. Your ranged should try to kite the adds as best they can to avoid wasting damage on killing them.

You could previously make this encounter trivial by causing the adds to bug out when your healer was standing on the ledge above the room, but we are uncertain of whether this will be possible in Classic or not.


Loot from Archaedas

Item Required Level Slot
Archaedic Stone Icon Archaedic Stone 42 Ring
Stoneslayer Icon Stoneslayer 44 Weapon
The Rockpounder Icon The Rockpounder 44 Weapon

You can complete this dungeon with any group composition, as long as you have a dedicated tank. If your tank is lower level than the rest of your group, you may benefit from an off-healer, as the later mobs hit extremely hard.

We recommend bringing a Mage to this dungeon, as their CC is invaluable due to the large number of humanoid mobs, as well as their strong AoE DPS.



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