Razorscale Encounter Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Razorscale is the second or third boss of Ulduar. This boss is technically optional and can be skipped. This boss does not have a hard mode available. Do not forget to be aware of the various Raid Buffs and Debuffs as you work to optimize your Raid Composition for this encounter's mechanics!


Overview of Razorscale in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Razorscale is technically an optional boss and can be skipped if desired. Typically, most groups will defeat Razorscale either second or third, as it is one of the easier fights in the raid. This fight does not have a hard mode that can be activated.


Role-Specific Tips for Razorscale


DPS Tips

  • Be sure to save all major cooldowns for the burst phase when Razorscale is grounded.
  • Quickly prioritize all DPS on the Dark Rune Sentinels and kill them before they can cast their deadly Whirlwind IconWhirlwind. If they do begin to cast it, melee DPS must avoid it by moving away.
  • Spread as much as possible to reduce the chances of Devouring Flame IconDevouring Flame from landing on multiple players at once.

Healer Tips


Tank Tips

  • Always be aware of where Devouring Flame IconDevouring Flame will land so you can quickly move out of the fire patches. Ensure to position both the adds and the boss properly so the melee also avoids the flames.
  • Prioritize interrupting Dark Rune Watchers if they are in your range.
  • Always keep Razorscale faced away from the raid to avoid the Flame Breath IconFlame Breath. If you are not tanking, avoid the breath by damaging from behind the boss.
  • When pushing Razorscale below 50% health, she will cast Flame Breath IconFlame Breath almost right away. You must be quick with a taunt before this happens, as she will most likely be aggroed onto a DPS player from the burst window before.
  • Be aware of the other tank's stacks of Fuse Armor IconFuse Armor and be ready to move to the front of the boss and taunt after 2 stacks.

Razorscale Encounter Abilities


Razorscale Abilities


Air Phase


Ground Phase


Dark Rune Adds Abilities


Strategy for Razorscale

The Razorscale fight is very linear in how it can be approached. The encounter starts with the Expedition Dwarves attempting to repair the four nearby Harpoon Guns. While the Expedition Dwarves attempt these repairs, constant waves of Dark Rune Guardians, Dark Rune Sentinels and Dark Rune Watchers will try to stop them while Razorscale herself bombards the area with Fireball IconFireballs and Devouring Flame IconDevouring Flame. You must fight these waves off for 2-minutes until all 4 Harpoon Guns are ready for use. When all 4 are ready to use, interact with them to bring Razorscale down to the ground.

When all 4 Harpoons are activated, Razorscale will be pinned to the ground for 40 seconds, allowing your DPS to burn her down. This is where you will want to use all of your major DPS cooldowns to burn as much health off the boss as possible. Ideally, you will reach 50% health the first time you pin Razorscale to the ground, as this will begin the final phase of the fight. If you lack the damage to push Razorscale below 50% on the first ground phase, you will have to do another 2-minute air phase again and fight off the Dark Rune adds until you can chain Razorscale to the ground again. If you can not get her below 50% health on one ground phase, you may prefer to save your major cooldowns for phase 2 to make the last part of the fight much safer and quicker.

Once Razorscale is below 50% health, she will break free from the chains and begin her ground assault. Have your tanks keep her faced from the raid at all times, and constantly move the boss when needed to avoid the patches of fire from Devouring Flame IconDevouring Flame. Tanks will be debuffed with Fuse Armor IconFuse Armor every 10 seconds; ideally, you want to have a tank swap after every 2 stacks to prevent them from taking too much damage.

Lastly, Razorscale will constantly cast Flame Buffet IconFlame Buffet on the entire raid in this phase, limiting the amount of time you can spend in this phase before the stacking debuff becomes a major problem, especially for the tanks dealing with Flame Breath IconFlame Breath.


Razorscale Loot


Razorscale 10-Player Loot

Item Type/Slot
Dragonsteel Faceplate Icon Dragonsteel Faceplate Plate Head
Breastplate of the Afterlife Icon Breastplate of the Afterlife Plate Chest
Bracers of the Smothering Inferno Icon Bracers of the Smothering Inferno Mail Wrist
Binding of the Dragon Matriarch Icon Binding of the Dragon Matriarch Cloth Waist
Stormtempered Girdle Icon Stormtempered Girdle Plate Waist
Ironscale Leggings Icon Ironscale Leggings Mail Legs
Treads of the Invader Icon Treads of the Invader Leather Feet
Band of Draconic Guile Icon Band of Draconic Guile Finger
Eye of the Broodmother Icon Eye of the Broodmother Trinket
Razorscale Talon Icon Razorscale Talon One Hand Sword

Razorscale 25-Player Loot

Item Type/Slot
Collar of the Wyrmhunter Icon Collar of the Wyrmhunter Cloth Head
Razorscale Shoulderguards Icon Razorscale Shoulderguards Plate Shoulder
Drape of the Drakerider Icon Drape of the Drakerider Back
Shackles of the Odalisque Icon Shackles of the Odalisque Cloth Wrist
Bracers of the Broodmother Icon Bracers of the Broodmother Leather Wrist
Belt of the Fallen Wyrm Icon Belt of the Fallen Wyrm Mail Waist
Dragonslayer's Brace Icon Dragonslayer's Brace Plate Waist
Proto-hide Leggings Icon Proto-hide Leggings Leather Legs
Saronite Mesh Legguards Icon Saronite Mesh Legguards Mail Legs
Living Flame Icon Living Flame Trinket
Guiding Star Icon Guiding Star Main Hand Mace
Remorse Icon Remorse One Hand Sword
Veranus' Bane Icon Veranus' Bane Gun
Sigil of Deflection Icon Sigil of Deflection Sigil
Libram of Discord Icon Libram of Discord Libram
Fragment of Val'anyr Icon Fragment of Val'anyr Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings Icon Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings

Further Reading

Razorscale is just one of the 14 encounters present in the Ulduar raid of Wrath of the Lich King Classic. If you would like to learn more about the other fights and their respective loot, please see our Ulduar Raid Hub page below.



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