Raid Buffs and Debuffs in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

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Welcome to our Wrath of the Lich King raid buffs and debuffs guide. On this page you will find out which buffs and debuffs provide the same effect, which stack or do not stack with each other, and which class and spec provides each specific buff. Use this list in combination with our Raid Compositions guide to help decide which classes and specs bring the most benefit to your raiding group.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of all available buffs and debuffs in Wrath of the Lich King. Spells and talents that are listed under the same category, like those under "Attack Power" provide the same buff, meaning they do not stack with each other. However, not all buffs and debuffs are of equal value. Some provide more stats, some have a longer duration, and some even have multiple benefits. In general, the most powerful buff will overwrite all others, providing you with the best possible stats.

If you would like to see how to best coordinate all of these buffs and debuffs among your own groups, we recommend checking out our guide to Group Compositions in Wrath of the Lich King Classic below.


Wrath of the Lich King Buffs

Buff Spell Class & Spec
Agility and Strength
  • Horn of Winter IconHorn of Winter
  • Strength of Earth Totem IconStrength of Earth Totem
  • Enhancing Totems IconEnhancing Totems
Attack Power
  • Battle Shout IconBattle Shout
  • Commanding Presence IconCommanding Presence
  • Blessing of Might IconBlessing of Might
  • Improved Blessing of Might IconImproved Blessing of Might
Attack Power Increase
  • Trueshot Aura IconTrueshot Aura
  • Unleashed Rage IconUnleashed Rage
  • Abomination's Might IconAbomination's Might
Damage Increase
  • Arcane Empowerment IconArcane Empowerment
  • Ferocious Inspiration IconFerocious Inspiration
  • Sanctified Retribution IconSanctified Retribution
Damage Reduction
  • Blessing of Sanctuary IconBlessing of Sanctuary
  • Renewed Hope IconRenewed Hope
  • Improved Moonkin Form IconImproved Moonkin Form
  • Swift Retribution IconSwift Retribution
Healing Received Increase
  • Improved Devotion Aura IconImproved Devotion Aura
  • Tree of Life IconTree of Life
  • Commanding Shout IconCommanding Shout
  • Commanding Presence IconCommanding Presence
  • Improved Imp IconImproved Imp
  • Arcane Intellect IconArcane Intellect
  • Fel Intelligence IconFel Intelligence
Mana per 5
  • Blessing of Wisdom IconBlessing of Wisdom
  • Improved Blessing of Wisdom IconImproved Blessing of Wisdom
  • Mana Spring Totem IconMana Spring Totem
  • Restorative Totems IconRestorative Totems
Melee Haste
  • Improved Icy Talons IconImproved Icy Talons
  • Windfury Totem IconWindfury Totem
  • Improved Windfury Totem IconImproved Windfury Totem
Physical Crit
  • Leader of the Pack IconLeader of the Pack
  • Rampage IconRampage
Physical Damage Reduction
  • Ancestral Healing IconAncestral Healing
  • Inspiration IconInspiration
  • Enduring Winter IconEnduring Winter
  • Hunting Party IconHunting Party
  • Improved Soul Leech IconImproved Soul Leech
  • Judgements of the Wise IconJudgements of the Wise
  • Vampiric Touch IconVampiric Touch
Spell Crit
  • Elemental Oath IconElemental Oath
  • Moonkin Aura IconMoonkin Aura
Spell Haste Wrath of Air Totem IconWrath of Air Totem Any Shaman
Spell Power
  • Demonic Pact IconDemonic Pact
  • Flametongue Totem IconFlametongue Totem
  • Totem of Wrath IconTotem of Wrath
  • Divine Spirit IconDivine Spirit
  • Fel Intelligence IconFel Intelligence
  • Power Word: Fortitude IconPower Word: Fortitude
  • Improved Power Word: Fortitude IconImproved Power Word: Fortitude
  • Mark of the Wild IconMark of the Wild
  • Improved Mark of the Wild IconImproved Mark of the Wild
Stats %
  • Blessing of Kings IconBlessing of Kings
  • Blessing of Sanctuary IconBlessing of Sanctuary

Wrath of the Lich King Debuffs

Debuff Spell Class & Spec
Armor Reduction (20%)
  • Acid Spit IconAcid Spit
  • Expose Armor IconExpose Armor
  • Sunder Armor IconSunder Armor
Armor Reduction (5%)
  • Curse of Weakness IconCurse of Weakness
  • Faerie Fire IconFaerie Fire
  • Sting IconSting
Attack Power Reduction
  • Curse of Weakness IconCurse of Weakness
  • Improved Curse of Weakness IconImproved Curse of Weakness
  • Demoralizing Roar IconDemoralizing Roar
  • Feral Aggression IconFeral Aggression
  • Demoralizing Shout IconDemoralizing Shout
  • Improved Demoralizing Shout IconImproved Demoralizing Shout
  • Vindication IconVindication
Attack Speed Reduction
  • Icy Touch IconIcy Touch
  • Improved Icy Touch IconImproved Icy Touch
  • Infected Wounds IconInfected Wounds
  • Judgements of the Just IconJudgements of the Just
  • Thunder Clap IconThunder Clap
  • Improved Thunder Clap IconImproved Thunder Clap
Bleed Damage Increase
  • Mangle IconMangle
  • Stampede IconStampede
  • Trauma IconTrauma
Cast Speed Reduction
  • Curse of Tongues IconCurse of Tongues
  • Lava Breath IconLava Breath
  • Mind-numbing Poison Icon Mind-numbing Poison
  • Slow IconSlow
Crit Chance
  • Heart of the Crusader IconHeart of the Crusader
  • Master Poisoner IconMaster Poisoner
  • Totem of Wrath IconTotem of Wrath
Healing Reduction
  • Aimed Shot IconAimed Shot
  • Furious Attacks IconFurious Attacks
  • Mortal Strike IconMortal Strike
  • Wound Poison Icon Wound Poison
Health Restoration Judgement of Light IconJudgement of Light Any Paladin
Mana Restoration Judgement of Wisdom IconJudgement of Wisdom Any Paladin
Melee Hit Reduction
  • Insect Swarm IconInsect Swarm
  • Scorpid Sting IconScorpid Sting
Physical Damage Increase
  • Blood Frenzy IconBlood Frenzy
  • Savage Combat IconSavage Combat
Spell Crit
  • Improved Scorch IconImproved Scorch
  • Improved Shadow Bolt IconImproved Shadow Bolt
  • Winter's Chill IconWinter's Chill
Spell Damage Increase
  • Curse of the Elements IconCurse of the Elements
  • Earth and Moon IconEarth and Moon
  • Ebon Plaguebringer IconEbon Plaguebringer
Spell Hit Chance
  • Improved Faerie Fire IconImproved Faerie Fire
  • Misery IconMisery


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