WotLK Classic Restoration Druid Stat Priority

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On this page, you will find out the optimal PvE stat priority for your Restoration Druid in WotLK Classic. We first present the stat priority, before delving into more complex explanations.


Stats for Restoration Druids in Wrath Classic

The list below tries to estimate the relative value of 1 point of the stat or rating against 1 point of Spell Power, the golden standard of Restoration Druid stats, and the stat you should look for in your gear the most.

  1. Spell Power = 1 point;
  2. Haste = 1 point (65 rating required with Celestial Focus IconCelestial Focus, 165 without for a 4 Rejuvenation IconRejuvenation, 1 Wild Growth IconWild Growth rotation);
  3. Mana every 5 seconds (Mp5) = 2 points;
  4. Intellect = 1 points;
  5. Spirit = 0.9 points;
  6. Critical Strike = 0.1 points.

Gem and Meta Socket Icon Meta Sockets can be estimated as well by evaluating the stat bonuses they provide. Red Gem Socket Icon Red Gems grant 19 Spell Power, and are thus, worth 19 points, and we can estimate the value of other gem colors in a similar fashion, by adding the expected value of the stats present on them.

The Meta Socket Icon Meta Socket is special in that it is worth up to 197 points due to the high regen value of the recommended Insightful Earthsiege Diamond Icon Insightful Earthsiege Diamond. Regardless, as the value of extra Mana is highly contingent on your kill timers, being able to use your own Innervate IconInnervate, potion usage, and other external factors, make sure to adjust the values of Mp5, Intellect, and the Meta Socket Icon Meta Socket according to your own needs.

This is a PvE-focused take on stats as Resilience, Stamina, Armor, and Spell Hit are all much more important in PvP and also have to be considered when gearing for it.


Stats Explained for Restoration Druid


Spell Power

Spell Power is applied to each spell based on its casting time.

The coefficient is calculated by dividing the cast time of a spell by 3.5. This is because a 3.5-second cast benefits from 100% of your gear's Spell Power. For example, if you have 20 additional Spell Power from gear, then this will simply affect your spells as follows:

  • Healing Increase per spell cast = n * 20
  • n = spell's coefficient

Instant single-target spells typically only get around 43% of the benefit, as do spells with a 1.5-second cast time, like Nourish IconNourish.

This means that 100 Spell Power on your gear would cause Nourish IconNourish to heal for 43 more, and the same logic applies to other spells.

Talents that increase healing done by spells such as Gift of Nature IconGift of Nature and Empowered Touch IconEmpowered Touch also increase the contribution the affected spells get from Spell Power, making them scale better.



Haste decreases the cast time of your spells. Having enough of it lowers your global cooldown and allows you to fit in more Rejuvenation IconRejuvenations in between Wild Growth IconWild Growth casts. The key values to chase are 65 and 735 Haste rating for fitting 4 and 5 Rejuvenations in between Wild Growths with Celestial Focus IconCelestial Focus talented, and 165 and 856 to do so without Celestial Focus.


Mana every 5 seconds

Mana every 5 seconds, or simply Mp5, is a common stat found on healing gear. This is a great stat for getting more Mana during a fight because it works constantly, even if you cast something in the last 5 seconds (contrary to Spirit) and should thus be taken whenever possible, until you feel comfortable with your Mana sustainability.



Each point of Intellect gives an additional 15 max Mana and a small increase to your Spell Crit chance, as well as potential extra regen through Replenishment IconReplenishment. Its Mana sustain benefits make it a strong stat, especially early on.



Spirit naturally increases your out-of-combat health and Mana regeneration, but it also grants 50% of the Mana regen during combat with Intensity IconIntensity, and has a 15% Spell Power conversion with Improved Tree of Life IconImproved Tree of Life, making it a good all-rounder stat for Restoration Druids. You also get 1.25 Spirit per 1 point in your gear due to Living Spirit IconLiving Spirit and Blessing of Kings IconBlessing of Kings.


Critical Strike

Heals-over-time cannot Critically Strike unless you have the 4-piece Tier 9 bonus, which lowers the value of this stat for Restoration Druids significantly.


Other Druid Stat Explanations



Each point of Stamina gives 10 max health points. Having a health pool high enough to not die to raid mechanics is important, but you should naturally acquire this from gear without needing to worry about it.



Resilience is a new stat in Wrath which is only found on PvP gear and reduces your chance to suffer a Critical Strike, as well as the damage you take from those, the Mana burned by effects such as Mana Burn IconMana Burn, and the damage taken from damage-over-time effects such as Corruption IconCorruption. This is a great stat in PvP as it makes you a lot more durable, increasing the value of your healing in the process.


Spell Hit

Spell Hit allows your hostile spells to land more often. This is mostly obtained through gems in order to reliably hit with Cyclone IconCyclone and Entangling Roots IconEntangling Roots in PvP, and you will need 4% Spell Hit in order to never miss against same-level players.



Resistance, while inherently niche due to different bosses dealing different magical damage types, can be very useful while progressing specific bosses. Wearing resistance gear of a type makes you take less damage or even completely avoid damage when hit by that type of magical damage.



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