WotLK Classic Restoration Druid Spec, Builds, Talents, and Glyphs

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On this page, you will find out the best PvE talent choices and builds for your Restoration Druid in WotLK Classic, as well as advised glyphs.


Restoration Leveling Talents

Restoration has several viable builds for endgame PvE content, as you can opt into a pure heal-over-time-focused Celestial Focus IconCelestial Focus build with a lower Haste cap for your Rejuvenation IconRejuvenation blanketing or a build that invests more into the Restoration tree to empower Nourish IconNourish with talents such as Empowered Touch IconEmpowered Touch and Living Seed IconLiving Seed.

If you were looking for leveling builds, please refer to our leveling guide for Druids.


Wrath Restoration Thicc Resto PvE Talent Build

In this phase it is easy to get 856 Haste required to be capped due to the increased overall power of gear and availability of epic gems.

Thus, as soon as you hit this threshold, consider swapping to this build which drops Celestial Focus IconCelestial Focus for Empowered Touch IconEmpowered Touch and Living Seed IconLiving Seed, making it much stronger in single-target with Nourish IconNourish.


Wrath Restoration Celestial Focus PvE Talent Build

If your gear has not hit 856 Haste yet, you might want to stay with this build which picks up Celestial Focus IconCelestial Focus in order to hit a lowered Haste cap of 735 where you can optimally spread out Rejuvenation IconRejuvenation and Wild Growth IconWild Growth.

Regardless, Glyph of Nourish Icon Glyph of Nourish is still taken to cover the high tank damage in Wrath PvE content.


Wrath Restoration Glyphs

In Wrath you will be able to unlock Glyphs that improve your abilities and can be swapped around freely as long as you have the consumable glyph item on your bags.

As a Restoration Druid in PvE you will want to be using Glyph of Wild Growth Icon Glyph of Wild Growth, Glyph of Swiftmend Icon Glyph of Swiftmend, and Glyph of Nourish Icon Glyph of Nourish for maximum healing.

For minor glyphs, the best quality of life options are three out of Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth Icon Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth, Glyph of Dash Icon Glyph of Dash, Glyph of the Wild Icon Glyph of the Wild, and Glyph of Thorns Icon Glyph of Thorns.


Notable Restoration Druids Talents


Balance Tree

The Balance Tree is mostly used for Moonglow IconMoonglow, Nature's Splendor IconNature's Splendor, Celestial Focus IconCelestial Focus, and Nature's Reach IconNature's Reach in PvP.

Moonglow IconMoonglow is a major Mana-saving talent, as it affects some of your most-used spells, especially Rejuvenation IconRejuvenation.

Nature's Splendor IconNature's Splendor increases the duration of your most used heals-over-time, being especially valuable due to affecting Rejuvenation IconRejuvenation.

Nature's Grace IconNature's Grace increases your casting speed by 20% when you critically hit with a non-periodic spell, but only for 3-seconds. This can occasionally be useful for single-target heal spamming.

Nature's Reach IconNature's Reach affects Cyclone IconCyclone and Entangling Roots IconEntangling Roots, which gives it some PvP value, as you will be able to crowd control from a longer distance, which is especially valuable for Cyclone due to its 20 yards baseline range.

Celestial Focus IconCelestial Focus gives you 3% Haste, making you need less Haste from gear to reach global cooldown breakpoints for fitting in more Rejuvenation IconRejuvenation casts in between Wild Growth IconWild Growths when raiding.


Feral Tree

The Feral Tree provides no real benefits to Restoration and should be ignored.


Restoration Tree

The Restoration Tree carries most of the power of a Restoration Druid, as would be expected. It also has a lot of PvP utility, which you can learn more about in our Wrath Restoration Druid guide.

Omen of Clarity IconOmen of Clarity is a good Mana-saving talent, especially as you can use it to cast the expensive Lifebloom IconLifebloom and still get 50% of its original Mana cost! Try to melee enemies when you can do so safely for extra procs.

Nature's Swiftness IconNature's Swiftness causes your next Nature spell to become instant. This is great for emergency healing with Healing Touch IconHealing Touch.

Swiftmend IconSwiftmend consumes a Rejuvenation IconRejuvenation or Regrowth IconRegrowth effect on the target (unless you have Glyph of Swiftmend Icon Glyph of Swiftmend) to do a large burst of healing and should be used on cooldown for emergency healing.

Natural Perfection IconNatural Perfection increases your Critical Strike chance and makes you take less damage for 8 seconds after you take a Critical Strike, stacking up to a total of 12% damage reduction, which makes it great in PvP.

Revitalize IconRevitalize helps the targets of your heals by granting up to 15% chance that your Rejuvenation IconRejuvenation and Wild Growth IconWild Growth will restore their class resources (1% Mana, 4 Rage, 8 Energy or 16 Runic Power) on each healing tick.

Tree of Life IconTree of Life is your main shapeshift form and reduces the Mana cost of heal-over-time spells by 20%, as well as granting a 6% healing taken buff to everyone around you.

Improved Barkskin IconImproved Barkskin is a strong PvP talent that makes Barkskin IconBarkskin have a stronger damage reduction effect and be more difficult to dispel. It also increases your Armor when in Travel Form IconTravel Form or not in a form.

Wild Growth IconWild Growth is a smart heal that hits the most damaged allies near the target you cast on with a powerful heal-over-time effect that diminishes in potency over time.



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