Trial of the Crusader Raid Guide for WotLK Classic

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Trial of the Crusader is the main Raid instance of Phase 3 in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, and is also where you will earn the bulk of your unique "Tier 9" armor set. Here, you can find information about how to reach the raid, guides for each encounter, and, most importantly, the loot you can acquire!

Trial of the Crusader is a tournament hosted by the Argent Crusade to find the greatest champions of the Alliance and the Horde to lead the charge into Icecrown Citadel but Arthas and Anub'Arak have different plans for the event.

There is another, smaller Raid instance added in this phase as well; please see our overview of Onyxia's Lair, If you'd like to learn about the re-vamped version of this classic encounter.


Wrath of the Trial of the Crusader Instance Summary

  • Raid location — Icecrown
  • Attunement requirements — None
  • Available Difficulties — 10-player and 25-player, Heroic and Non-heroic
  • Encounters — 5
  • There are five total encounters in the Trial of the Crusader raid however there is now the option to choose from entering the instance on Normal or Heroic Difficulty. You can still complete 10 and 25 players but must choose between Normal and Heroic each week.

Getting into Trial of the Crusader

The raid instance is located in the North Easternmost corner of Icecrown. It can be found on the eastern side of the Argent Colosseum, located at the Argent Tournament grounds.


Trial of the Crusader Boss Order

Trial of the Crusader is a five-boss linear raid requiring you to defeat each encounter to move on to the next one. The bosses are in the order listed below.


Trial of the Crusader Loot

With five encounters inside Trial of the Crusader, along with separate loot for both 10- and 25-player modes, in addition to pieces of the coveted Tier 9 class sets, its loot table is rather massive. We have compiled every drop from both versions of every encounter in a separate guide below.

There is no trash inside of Trial of the Crusader, so there is no chance for trash drops.



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