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Johanna Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

Last updated on Sep 14, 2016 at 07:00 by Kendric 16 comments

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General Information

On this page, you will learn how to optimally play Johanna in a competitive environment in Heroes of the Storm. Everything you need to know is explained, from general gameplay to specific tips and tricks.

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About the Author

KendricSwissh is a Grand Master in both Hero and Team League, playing most Warrior and Support. He has been playing Heroes of the Storm since the early stages of the Alpha version and has mastered a large number of Heroes. He is also creating Heroes of the Storm related content on YouTube, most notably his series called HGC Hightlights. He is also a streamer on Twitch where he will gladly answer all of your questions about the game.

1. General Johanna Strategy

Johanna is quite strong at all points of the game, although her early game is slightly weaker than her mid to late game strength. You should always avoid laning alone because Johanna's effectiveness stems from her ability to work with allies. She is able to Blind, Slow, Stun, and pull enemies, but she has no damage to follow up and finish them. You want to be as much of a disruptor and damage sponge as possible. Your allies should never die while you are at full health. If that does happen, it means that someone is not playing optimally, and either your ally was out of position or you were.

During the early game, your main goal is to waveclear with Condemn Icon Condemn as much possible, while also looking for opportunities to gank. Roam between lanes, keeping them pushed as much as possible, although it is best to stay between a maximum of two lanes. More than two will dilute your map control by too much, especially on larger maps. When playing as a Tank, you should always be the first to engage every fight and lead your team in the direction that you all need to go. A low health Support, for example, should not be in front moving through the fog of war, since they do not have the tools to keep themselves alive, or if they do, those tools will not be available for the rest of the team.

2. When Not Team Fighting

The most important and difficult aspect of Heroes of the Storm is performance in team fights, since this is often where games are decided. That said, team fights usually take up a relatively short amount of time, with the rest of the game being spent performing other tasks. In this section, we will walk you through what you should be doing outside of team fights as Johanna.

In order of priority, you should:

  • Take map objectives;
  • soak an empty lane for experience, but not if someone else on your team with better waveclear can soak instead;
  • take Mercenary Camps (with your team's assistance);
  • push whatever lane your allies are already pushing the hardest.

Map objectives almost always have the largest impact on the game. If you ignore these, then not only do you miss out on objectives that the enemy takes, but the enemy team also benefits from these objectives. On some maps, team fighting is synonymous with taking objectives, like on Sky Temple or Dragon Shire, but Garden of Terror, for example, does not always promote fights between both teams. The Boss Mercenary Camp on some maps constitutes a map objective. However, sometimes it is best to give up a map objective and to simply keep pushing, but the only time you might want to consider doing this is if it is obvious that you will be unable to contest the objective.

Your goal outside of team fights is to gain as much of an advantage over your enemies as possible, and in Heroes of the Storm, this means soaking experience from minions. If there is a lane without an allied Hero in it, you need to go to it, so that the experience from minions does not go to waste.

If there are no map objectives to take, lanes to soak, or enemies to gank, take the Mercenary Camps. They provide a small amount of XP and a significant amount lane pressure. Taking the Mercenary Camps on the enemy's side of the map is risky, and it should only be done if you certain that the enemy team cannot, or will not contest. Johanna is relatively ineffective at capturing Mercenary Camps alone, so you will generally need the assistance of your allies.

If you have already taken all that the map has to offer, it is likely that most, if not all of the lanes are pushing in the direction of your enemy. This pressure should be capitalised on. Push a lane with your allies to destroy the enemies' base.

3. Team Fighting

Playing as Johanna is fairly straightforward and easy. The main thing to be aware of is that it is your job to get in the enemies' face and cause as many problems for as long as possible. Johanna's only effective peeling tool is Blessed Shield Icon Blessed Shield, and its cooldown is very long relative to the rest of her abilities. This means that to protect your allies you need to play extremely aggressively, as the best defense is a good offense. Be proactive and make the enemy team react to you. Force their Tank to peel you off of their backline instead of the other way around. Use all of your abilities as they become available, but it can sometimes be good to save Condemn Icon Condemn if the enemy team has key channelled abilities that need to be interrupted.

Your damage may not be as high as the Assassins on your team, but you can still do a lot of damage. Johanna is easily able to zone-out or kill enemy carries if their team does not provide assistance. You should ignore enemy Tanks, unless they can be killed easily, and instead focus the most vulnerable enemies. If you attack an enemy, such as Kael'thas, he will be unable to kill you and must flee from you or he will die. His team can provide him with assistance but they are then committing two or more Heroes just to deal with you, allowing your team to prevail in other parts of the team fight. That is your duty in its entirety. Force multiple enemies to attack you, so that the rest of your team is in an advantageous position, causing them to win team fights.

4. Summary of Tips and Tricks

  • Use Condemn Icon Condemn to group enemies, making it easier to hit Punish Icon Punish and Shield Glare Icon Shield Glare.
  • Johanna possess relatively little immediate threat to the enemy team. Play extremely aggressively (without overextending to compensate), forcing the enemy team to target you.
  • Johanna has relatively weak peeling strength and functions better as an aggressive disruptor, Blinding, Slowing, Stunning, and pulling enemies.
  • Use Shield Glare Icon Shield Glare for its Blind, not its damage.
  • Use Blessed Shield Icon Blessed Shield as an engage tool, to stop pursuing enemies, to interrupt channelled abilities, or to lock down high-priority targets.
  • Aggressively use Condemn Icon Condemn to waveclear your lanes.
  • Do not use Iron Skin Icon Iron Skin to prevent crowd control if the enemy team cannot follow-up with significant damage or further crowd control.
  • Recognise that you are vulnerable to ganks when Iron Skin Icon Iron Skin is on cooldown.
  • Conserve your Mana and avoid using your abilities to waveclear, with the exception of Condemn Icon Condemn.
  • In team fights, be as much of a nuisance to the enemy team as possible by attacking their carries or Supports.
  • Johanna has very low mobility and your must rely totally on her tankiness to survive. She will rarely be able to escape from enemies if a fight is lost.
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