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Tyrael Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

Last updated on May 09, 2015 at 20:12 by Kendric 7 comments

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General Information

On this page, you will learn how to optimally play Tyrael in a competitive environment in Heroes of the Storm. Everything you need to know is explained, from general gameplay to specific tips and tricks.

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About the Author

KendricSwissh is a Master League Warrior and Support player in Hero League. He has been playing Heroes of the Storm since the early stages of the Alpha version and has mastered a large number of Heroes. He is also creating Heroes of the Storm related content on YouTube, most notably his series called Epic Plays of the Week, which focuses on video clips submitted by his viewers. He is also a streamer on Twitch where he will gladly answer all of your questions about the game.

1. General Tyrael Gameplay

Tyrael's power level remains fairly constant through all stages of the game. His strong laning phase can pose a serious threat to most Heroes, while his performance during the mid- to late game remains equally solid, thanks to his massive presence on the battlefield that comes with the Judgment Icon Judgment Heroic ability. When laning, you should use Smite Icon Smite primarily to clear enemy minion waves. Make sure to place the centre of its arc on the enemy wizard minion in order to hit as many minions as possible. Do not recklessly use El'Druin's Might Icon El'Druin's Might to harass enemy Heroes, as it is your most important tool to escape potential enemy ganks. If you decide to go for the defensive build that includes Regeneration Master Icon Regeneration Master at Level 1, you may want to rotate between lanes to collect as many Regeneration Globes as possible. Unfortunately, Tyrael's ganking and duelling capabilities are rather limited, which is why you should try to avoid running into enemy territory on your own. By the time your team hits Level 10, you should stop laning, and instead actively look for opportunities to start a team fight.

Playing Tyrael after Level 10 requires a lot of map awareness. Always keep an eye on the Minimap and watch the movements of your allies. Try to actively gather your teammates around you and set up traps, catching isolated enemy Heroes off guard. On big maps like Cursed Hollow or Dragon Shire, swift movement around the map is key, especially when it comes to contesting and securing Map Objectives. As Tyrael, you always want to be the first Hero to arrive for a fight, and the last Hero to leave it. At this point, we would like to stress the importance of leading your team when playing a Warrior Hero like Tyrael. Sometimes, some of your teammates may not be prepared or willing to follow your lead (especially in a Quick Match or Hero League game, where you do not know your teammates very well). Therefore, you should not try to enforce your own plans without taking the rest of your team into account. Instead, you should wait for the right moment to use your Judgment Icon Judgment, and make sure that the entirety of your team is able to follow up, as soon as you start charging into the enemy ranks.

2. When Not Team Fighting

While team fights do occur quite frequently in Heroes of the Storm, it is equally important to know what you are supposed to do during the rest of the game. When playing Tyrael, it will be your task to provide stability to your own lane. This will allow roamers and gankers in your team to focus their attention to other locations on the map, and potentially reinforce weaker lanes. To achieve this, it is of paramount importance to always keep your El'Druin's Might Icon El'Druin's Might off cooldown, especially if you get the feeling that an enemy gank is about to happen. Making sure to keep your Mana bar at least half filled at any given moment during the early stages of the game will enable you to play an active part in skirmishes for early Map Objectives. On maps like Cursed Hollow or Sky Temple your early game impact, thanks to the small cooldown on Smite Icon Smite and the utility that comes with it, can prove to be crucial in capturing important objectives on the map.

If no Map Objectives are currently available, or if your team is about to capture one, your next goal should be to make sure that all lanes are soaked, especially before your team has hit Level 10. Unfortunately, Tyrael does not excel at clearing Mercenary Camps on his own, which is why you should instead wait for at least one of your allies before you start fighting neutral Siege Giant or Knight Camps.

3. When Team Fighting

Playing Tyrael effectively during a team fight is a challenging, yet very rewarding experience, as your Judgment Icon Judgment Heroic ability has the potential to entirely change the outcome of a team fight either in a positive (if your team is able to follow up), or negative way (if your team is too far behind or hindered by the enemy). In general, we like to distinguish between three types of team fights to make things easier, especially for newer and less experienced players.

3.1. Team Fights Started By Your Team

If your team starts a fight, you normally have one or more heroes of your team attack the enemy team either by running straight at them or using an initiator to engage the enemy, and when playing Tyrael, this task falls into your hands. Warriors should always make sure to position themselves at the forefront when rotating around the map as a team in order to prevent the enemy from catching one of your squishier team members off guard. Judgment Icon Judgment will be your weapon of choice to start a team fight in most cases, and picking a good target can sometimes be quite a difficult thing to do. The following list should help you find valid targets to use your Judgment on:

  • isolated targets, that have strayed too far from the rest of their team;
  • targets that are currently channeling one of their (Heroic) abilities — prime examples would be Nazeebo's Ravenous Spirit Icon Ravenous Spirit, Li Li's Jug of 1,000 Cups Icon Jug of 1,000 Cups, or E.T.C.'s Mosh Pit Icon Mosh Pit;
  • high priority targets without innate escaping abilities, such as Malfurion or Jaina;
  • high priority targets with innate escaping abilities, such as Valla, Tychus, or Falstad, after making sure that their respective skill has been recently used;
  • after you have made sure that your Judgment landed on a valid target, and that the enemy will not retreat away from you, try to position yourself in front of the enemy team and immediately use Righteousness Icon Righteousness, to endure the next couple of seconds without taking too much damage. Depending on your Hero Level, you should use activatable talents like Blood for Blood Icon Blood for Blood or Hardened Shield Icon Hardened Shield next. It is of utmost importance to track your allies' Health Bars at all times, and to keep your trigger finger ready to instantly cast a potentially life saving El'Druin's Might Icon El'Druin's Might in case the team fight does not go in your favour.

3.2. Team Fights Started By The Enemy Team

If your team gets initiated on by an enemy Warrior or melee Assassin, you should immediately use either El'Druin's Might Icon El'Druin's Might or Judgment Icon Judgment on the nearest enemy initiator, to slow down the enemy team's momentum and appear next to your comrades as quickly as possible. Next, use Righteousness Icon Righteousness to further negate enemy burst damage and rally your allies around you. Once again, make sure you know whether your team fights back or retreats. If your team fights back, use your activatable talent if available, and accelerate your allies' movement speed by using Smite Icon Smite in a way that it will hit as many of your teammates as possible. If your team decides to retreat, try to cover allied heroes by using your El'Druin's Might in a way that it will slow down the enemy pursuit and cast Smite in an area that is located towards your flight path. The ability to quickly teleport to your sword using El'Druin's Might Icon El'Druin's Might will keep you safe in many circumstances, so try to take care of damaged and fragile allies first before thinking about yourself as Tyrael.

3.3. Skirmishes

Skirmishes are fights in which neither of the teams really commits to going all in. Most of the time, you will encounter skirmishes around map objectives or in the vicinity of mercenary camps. Unlike in team fights, when playing Tyrael you may want to hold on to your skills and see how events are going to unfold. Keep your Basic Abilities, Righteousness Icon Righteousness in particular, ready in case one of your allies gets caught a little too deep. Save your Hardened Shield Icon Hardened Shield and Blood for Blood Icon Blood for Blood until the real battle begins. A skirmish will probably end up in a team fight sooner or later if neither one of the teams decides to retreat.

4. Summary of Tips and Tricks

  • Use your Smite Icon Smite ability wisely while laning. It is a great tool to harass your opponents, however, very Mana-consuming.
  • Tyrael shines most with his allies around him to follow up on his Judgment Icon Judgment. You should never engage without double-checking your teammates' position first.
  • Burning Rage Icon Burning Rage proves to be an excellent talent to clear Zagara's Creep Tumor Icon Creep Tumors, which will greatly reduce her mobility and vision.
  • When laning against Azmodan, Righteousness Icon Righteousness can be used to shield friendly minions and thus deny Azmodan from obtaining precious stacks on his Taste for Blood Icon Taste for Blood talent.
  • El'Druin's Might Icon El'Druin's Might can be used to juke your opponents while Tyrael is on the retreat. It works very similarly to Sylvanas' Haunting Wave Icon Haunting Wave ability.
  • Imposing Will Icon Imposing Will is one of the best ways to deal with nimble assassins such as Illidan or Valla. The 50% slow and their attack and movement speed is incredibly effective, which is why this talent gets used more in more in the highest tiers of competitive play.
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