Day of the Dead Guide (MoP 5.4)


Day of the Dead is the in-game counterpart of the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration.

Lasting only one day, this event is very short and rewards players that participate with an achievement, Dead Man's Party Icon Dead Man's Party, as well as with a pet, Macabre Marionette Icon Macabre Marionette, and a temporary mask, Whimsical Skull Mask Icon Whimsical Skull Mask, both of which being only usable during the event.

1. Dead Man's Party Achievement↑top

The main attraction of the event is the Dead Man's Party Icon Dead Man's Party achievement, which is obtained by dancing (/dance) with Catrina, an NPC named after La Calavera Catrina. She then turns you into a skeleton.

Catrina can be found in the graveyards of all major cities:

  • Alliance Capital Cities:
    • Darnassus: inside the city (at coordinates 69,40), where the map says Warrior's Terrace;
    • Exodar: outside of the city (at coordinates 48,56), just south of Azure Watch;
    • Ironforge: in Dun Morogh (at coordinates 61,37), just outside of the city;
    • Stormwind: in the cemetery behind the cathedral (at coordinates 47,26).
  • Horde Capital Cities:
    • Orgrimmar: just south of the city (at coordinates 47,18), on the road to Razor Hill;
    • Silvermoon City: just outside of the city, far west along the wall (at coordinates 48,50);
    • Thunder Bluff: just north of the northern elevators (at coordinates 57,19);
    • Undercity: in the Ruins of Lordaeron (at coordinates 68,11), right after the entrance.
  • Neutral Capital Cities:
    • Dalaran: inside the city (at coordinates 34,38), on the grass patch, right of the stairs to the Violet Citadel.
    • Shattrath: in Terokkar Forest (at coordinates 40,22), just east of the city.

Make sure to choose a Neutral graveyard or the graveyard of your race's home city, as the rest of the event can only be done there. Worgens need to go to Darnassus and Goblins need to go to Orgrimmar. For Pandarens, it looks as if only a Neutral graveyard will work.

2. Whimsical Skull Mask↑top

Whimsical Skull Mask Icon Whimsical Skull Mask is a mask that can be bought from Chapman and that can only be worn during the event.

Whimsical Skull Mask

3. Macabre Marionette↑top

Macabre Marionette Icon Macabre Marionette is a pet that you can obtain by following the steps described below.

  1. Acquire Recipe: Bread of the Dead Icon Recipe: Bread of the Dead from Chapman, who stands next to Catrina.
  2. Learn the recipe (it counts towards the Iron Chef Icon Iron Chef achievement).
  3. Make a Bread of the Dead Icon Bread of the Dead.
  4. Purchase a Bouquet of Orange Marigolds Icon Bouquet of Orange Marigolds or a Orange Marigold Icon Orange Marigold from Chapman.
  5. Use whichever of the two items you bought so that you can see the Cheerful Spirit and accept his The Grateful Dead quest.
  6. Complete the quest by giving your piece of Bread of the Dead to the spirit (this counts towards the 3000 Quests Completed Icon 3000 Quests Completed achievement).
  7. Receive your Macabre Marionette Icon Macabre Marionette pet.

This quest concludes the event.

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