Barbarian Build Guides in Diablo Immortal

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Within Diablo Immortal, your chosen class has the ability to tailor their skills, gear, and gems to better tackle whatever content you wish to take on. Here, you will find a brief overview of a variety of builds for the Barbarian class to assist you in solo or group content.


Diablo Immortal Barbarian Builds

The Barbarian class offers multiple viable builds, but their individual power is relative to the task you are aiming to complete. The following guide will help you decide which build you should choose for your specific in-game goals.


Barbarian Leveling Build

You should stick to this build for the duration of your leveling process — as you complete main quests and grind out the minor experience hurdles that unlock the next chapter of the story. Some deviation from this build is allowed as you experiment with the skills you unlock, but the choices made in the guide are meant to maximize your speed, efficiency, and overall power and will get you to max level effortlessly.


Barbarian Whirlwind Solo Farming/Bounties Build

You should choose the Barbarian Whirlwind Solo Farming/Bounties Build when your goal is to get your daily tasks done on your own — such as the minor tasks from the Bounty board, the Shadow Contracts, the Side Quest daily activity, or Monster Essence grinding for Bestiary Page turn-ins. When in doubt, you can default to this build and expect reasonably good performance out of your character. It is designed to fit most PvE content done by a soloing Barbarian, allowing you to crush your enemies while maintaining considerable speed — a decisive factor in effective farming.

While the build does not rely on any specific legendary powers, certain items will greatly assist its performance over others. It focuses on the natural combo of Whirlwind Icon Whirlwind and Lacerate Icon Lacerate, and can be further enhanced by Furious Charge Icon Furious Charge or Hammer of the Ancients Icon Hammer of the Ancients once specific legendaries come into place.


Barbarian Whirlwind Dungeon/Group Build

You should choose the Barbarian Whirlwind Dungeon Build when your goal is to grind one of the various Dungeons in the game with a group. Note that grouping for Dungeons is not necessary on the Normal game difficulty (applicable as you level), but will be mandatory when you get to the Hell difficulties — pushing you to eventually try out this build. This build is designed to tackle the vast majority of PvE content done by a Barbarian in a group, allowing you to maintain considerable offensive capabilities while greatly buffing up your teammates.

This build is reliant on several legendary powers as the beneficial effects of the Barbarian's buffs do not spread to party members by default. Offense-wise, you will focus on the natural interplay between Whirlwind Icon Whirlwind and Lacerate Icon Lacerate, while greatly empowering your allies with Sprint Icon Sprint and Battlemaster's Helm Icon Battlemaster's Helmed Demoralize Icon Demoralize.


Barbarian Cleave Challenge Rift Build

You should choose the Barbarian Cleave Challenge Rifts Build when your goal is to progress on the weekly Challenge Rift leaderboard — especially if you aim to do solo progression. The build can also be adapted to group pushes of the Challenge Rift leaderboard, or you can adapt the Group/Dungeon build outlined above with similar success.

Carefully balancing between survivability, single-target competence, and massive AoE damage dealing, the Cleave build is meant to support the Barbarian in the scaling difficulties of Challenge Rift attempts. It focuses on sweeping effectiveness of Lacerate Icon Lacerate and Cleave Icon Cleave to deal the bulk of its damage, while relying on Wrath of the Berserker Icon Wrath of the Berserker and Undying Rage Icon Undying Rage to prop the Barbarian's defenses and attack speed-based healing.


Barbarian Frenzy Raid Build

You should choose the Barbarian Frenzy Raid Build when your goal is to conquer content that pits you against (mostly) singular, hard-hitting, and high-health encounters. Your most common usecase will be the weekly Raid, but the game features other tasks demanding similar endurance out of your build. In summation, the Barbarian Frenzy Raid build specializes in boss takedowns for content like the Helliquary, Kion's Ordeal and Path of Blood.

The build shifts its focus away from enhancements of speed and utility associated with the usual farming builds. Instead, it leans into survivability and out-healing the damage you take through a combination of Frenzy Icon Frenzy, Wrath of the Berserker Icon Wrath of the Berserker, and Undying Rage Icon Undying Rage. Depending on the legendaries at your disposal, you can either improve your tankiness with Hammer of the Ancients Icon Hammer of the Ancients summons, or get emergency mobility from Furious Charge Icon Furious Charge.


Barbarian Chained Spear PvP Build

You should choose the Barbarian Chained Spear PvP Build when your goal is to face off against other players in the (several) player-versus-player aspects of Diablo Immortal. The most common case are the Battlegrounds, available in two-hour windows each day, and the Vault raids, which can pit you against other players on top of (trivial) PvE content. There is also the weekly Shadow War, which pits Dark Clan against Dark Clan in a competition who will get to challenge the current Immortals.

The Barbarian Chained Spear PvP build is molded by the needs of melee combatants during PvP in Diablo Immortal, leaning heavily onto hit-and-run tactics and focusing on turning the Barbarian into the incessant threat the class was always meant to be. All it takes is to catch an opponent unaware, Sprint Icon Sprint into reach, and combo a devastating one-two punch of Chained Spear Icon Chained Spear and Cleave Icon Cleave to end them. Undying Rage Icon Undying Rage and careful strategic play will keep you alive and coming back for more carnage.



With the proper build equipped, you will minimize survivability struggles while maximizing your overall damage and movement speed as a Barbarian — the tenets of action RPG character building.

If you are instead interested in another class's build guide overview, please select it below.



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