Diablo Immortal Bounty System

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Bounties are one of the many activities available to players in Diablo Immortal, giving you quick tasks to perform across the world of sanctuary for Bounty Chest I Icon Bounty Chest Is containing both  Gold Icon Gold and gear. Although their value is limited the deeper you go into endgame, it is important to familiarize yourself with their mechanics and how to optimize their completion.


Bounties Overview

Bounties are daily missions that can be taken from the Bounty Board in Westmarch that will take you all over the game's various open world zones in pursuit of slaying monsters, gathering materials, and interacting with objects in short, 1-2 minute bursts. Their built-in auto navigation feature makes them ideal to do when you have limited time to play and/or can devote only partial attention to the game.

Bounties are unlocked shortly after the initial chapters of the game — just when you are about to leave Westmarch. There is an introductory Bounty mission that will take you to Dark Wood; it synergizes with your campaign journey, so make sure you pick it up before you leave for the next chapter after Westmarch. After that, you gain access to the usual system of 4x2 daily Bounty missions.


Bounty Mechanics

Bounties are doled out in batches of 4 at the Bounty Board. You can do a maximum of 8 bounties per day. Bounties you have missed in a day carry over to the next, up to a 3-day limit, or a total of 24 active bounty cap. This cap resets on a weekly basis (every Monday).

Bounty rewards, sadly, do not scale with difficulties. You will do them on Normal difficulty during leveling, and at a minimum of Hell I at max level (in the endgame). You will not be rewarded anything extra for doing Bounties in higher difficulties; that being said, Bounties are trivial to complete regardless of the difficulty, and switching around Hell levels (only possible in Westmarch) is also an unnecessary hassle.

Bounties can (and for hyper-optimization purposes, should) be done in a group — more on that below. When the party leader takes up Bounties from the Bounty Board, they will automatically be shared with current party members. If the party member joins at a later point, the Bounty can also be shared manually.

As previously mentioned, Bounties have an auto-navigation feature built-in. It is very accurate and reliable — to a point where there is little reason to try to outperform it. Use it to find your way to every bounty! Only make sure that you start auto-navigation in a safe area. If a monster lands an attack while you are mid-teleportation, you will be interrupted and the character will try to run to the next navigation point instead. Unless time is not a factor, this is an unnecessary slowdown. Stop the automated movement, clear out the area of monsters and retry the auto-navigation; you will get to your destination faster.

If, for some reason, you do not want to do a certain Bounty, you can use the "reroll" button in the upper right corner of the Bounty and receive a new one. This can be done up to 3/day.


Bounty Advice

While you can treat Bounties as a daily activity to casually cap in-between other content, there is the option to hyper-optimize their completion if you are pressed for time and have the necessary group (ideally on voice comms):

  1. Prepare a full 4-man group — syncing to a pre-determined, comfortable difficulty setting for all participants, and with no Bounties taken up by any party members for the day;
  2. Group members check their respective Bounty Boards; whoever has Bounties in a single zone should establish the group as Party Leader and share his or her Bounties with the rest of the group. This is important, since there is a decent chance you get Bounties in different world zones, reducing time efficiency;
  3. Teleport to the world zone where all 4 Bounties are, and split up. Each party member does a different Bounty. Progress is shared between all members present in the zone, resulting in a very efficient completion time;
  4. Do the above for the next batch of 4 Bounties, capping you for the day.

Bounty Rewards

In short, Bounties excel at supplying you with  Gold Icon Gold. While this is a resource with limited usefulness, it still has a place in the Diablo Immortal endgame. In total, Completing Bounties and redeeming them at the Quartermaster will yield the following rewards:

  • Bounty Chest I Icon Bounty Chest I: Received when turning in the completion of a 4-bounty batch at Derek, the Bounty Quartermaster in Westmarch. Contains 2k  Gold Icon Gold (limited 2/day);
  • 8 Battle Points Icon Battle Points/Bounty: Feeding into your Battle Pass progression (limited 8/day);
  • Experience: Level-scaling reward, ~55k XP/Bounty at max level (limited 8/day);
  • Materials and Items: Crafting materials and a handful of Common, Magic, and/or Rare items (limited 8/day);
  •  Gold Icon Gold: Level-scaling reward, ~1k Gold/Bounty at max level (limited 8/day).


Bounties are some of the easiest, most immediate daily tasks you can undertake in Diablo Immortal. Bounties are an excellent source of Experience and especially  Gold Icon Gold, and have the added bonus of being somewhat more varied than other endgame staples, as they take you all across the open world. Bounties also synergize nicely with Bestiary farming and optional Side Quests, making them a breeze to do!



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