Diablo Immortal Bestiary: How to Unlock and Complete Bestiary Entries

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The Bestiary in Diablo Immortal rewards players with knowledge and gear as they fight the forces of Hell to complete an ancient Horadric tome. Here, you will learn how the Bestiary system works and how to best focus your efforts on filling out its pages.


Bestiary Overview

The Bestiary is one of the main reward systems available in overworld content, unlocked early on during leveling and maintaining its relevance all the way into the endgame. It is also one of the more fun activities to engage with, as it rewards you with a progressively unlocked monster manual of the various demons and beasts inhabiting Sanctuary — enriching the lore of the universe through active gameplay.

The Bestiary is unlocked during the Horadric Bestiary questline near the beginning of the game, when you are making your way through the Dark Wood. During some of your early interactions with Diablo 2 favorites Kashya and Akara, the latter will acquaint you with the lore behind the Bestiary and will take you to your first Horadric Altar. From that point on, you unlock the Bestiary reward system and will stumble upon Monstrous Essence Icon Monstrous Essences in the open world.


Bestiary Mechanics

Bestiary entries are divided into three tiers: Common, Rare and Unique. Each entry rewards you with Experience, Battle Points Icon Battle Points, crafting materials, and items, including a decent chance at a Legendary item!

To get a chance at unlocking a new entry, you need to collect Monstrous Essence Icon Monstrous Essences dropped from slain foes in the open world. This means you:

  • Can get Essences from monsters slain during Bounties, Side Quests, Zone Events, Hidden Lairs, and any "open world" fighting in the game's zones as a whole;
  • Cannot gain Essences during Dungeons, Elder or Challenge Rifts, Raids, and similarly "locked off" instanced content.

The system works like this: slain monsters occasionally drop Monstrous Essence Icon Monstrous Essences — small, bright golden orbs that are collected simply by running over them. The game tracks their collection; at 10 Monstrous Essence Icon Monstrous Essences, you should immediately redeem the current batch at Horadric Altars, present in all the game's safe zones ("towns").

Upon turn-in, the Bestiary will "roll the dice" and potentially uncover a new page. You have three attempts to uncover a page per day. You are not guaranteed to unlock a new page; you can stumble upon a "duplicate", and will get a consolation reward of  Gold Icon Gold if that happens.

You will get more Monstrous Essence Icon Monstrous Essences and can continue turning them in past the 3/day limit of uncovering pages. While you will not fill out more of the Bestiary that day, you will continue to receive Experience and material rewards, so their collection is not rendered entirely useless.


Bestiary Advice

The Bestiary rewards (described below in detail) are very decent for an activity that you can 1) do solo, 2) do very quickly and efficiently, 3) can do an unlimited amount of times per day. That being said, keep the following advice in mind when it comes to your daily Bestiary activities:

  • Monstrous Essence Icon Monstrous Essences stop dropping when you reach the maximum carrying capacity of 10, so make a quick run to town and redeem them to avoid slowing down the next batch!
  • Try to synergize your Bestiary farming with other open world activities in the game. The awesome thing about the Bestiary is that part of its daily grind happens naturally as you complete Bounties, Side Quests and Contracts. Just be careful not to overlook the 10 Essence cap and waste time doing open world activities with a full turn-in (see above.)
  • Redeeming all three of your maximum reward Bestiary turn-ins is heavily encouraged. Unlike Bounties, incomplete Bestiary turn-ins do not carry over to the next day. Skipping the 3/day Bestiary turn-ins will deprive you of Battle Points Icon Battle Points.
  • While turn-ins do not carry over to the next day, Monstrous Essence Icon Monstrous Essences do. If you know, for example, that you have more time to farm today than you will tomorrow, you can pre-farm 9 Monstrous Essence Icon Monstrous Essences and do your first turn-in almost instantaneously the following day.

Bestiary Rewards

Redeeming 10 Monstrous Essence Icon Monstrous Essences at any town's Horadric Altar will yield the following rewards:

  • Potentially uncover a new page: You have a chance to unlock a new entry in the Bestiary, complete with art and lore of an in-game monster (limited 3/day);
  • 40 Battle Points Icon Battle Points: Feeding into your Battle Pass progression (limited 3/day);
  • Experience: Level-scaling reward, ~300k XP at max level (unlimited turn-ins);
  • Items: A handful of Common, Magic, and/or Rare items, with a decent chance for a Legendary (unlimited turn-ins);
  •  Gold Icon Gold: Level-scaling reward, ~2k Gold at max level (unlimited turn-ins).


The Bestiary is one of the most immediately rewarding, non-P2W systems in Diablo Immortal — with a fun, Pok√©mon-like "Gotta catch them all" hook built into it. Have fun filling monster entries out, and get to slaying!



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