Diablo Immortal Path of Blood Activity Guide

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The Path of Blood is an activity exclusively available to players who have pledged themselves to the Shadows faction of Diablo Immortal. In it, you will find a repeatable challenge with scaling difficulty that can be useful for improving your standing within the Shadows. Learn more about its trials and rewards below.


Path of Blood Overview

Path of Blood is an endgame activity strictly accessible to the Shadows faction. Similarly to Challenge Rifts, the Path of Blood is a "gear check" type scenario — but instead of a full Dungeon, it is shortened to a single room. In many respects, especially with the limitations on healing, Path of Blood presents the truest form of a survival trial in Diablo Immortal.

Path of Blood is unlocked once you become a Shadow, and is immediately accessible. To reach this activity, go into the Wolf City Tavern, head down into the Court of Whispers basement, and take a hard left. Speak with the NPC Nuon to enter the Path of Blood interface.


Path of Blood Mechanics

The Path of Blood sends you off to miniscule instanced skirmishes ("Floors") with varying layouts and monster composition. While on a surface level they seem different from one to the other, Path of Blood floors share the following common traits:

  • Path of Blood floors always consist of a single-room dungeon layout, with the singular goal of defeating all the monsters inside.
  • Path of Blood floors must be completed in order, and each floor you conquer will grant you a fixed amount of 200 Mark Icon Marks, which can increase your personal rank within the Shadow faction.
  • A Path of Blood floor is failed if you die, or if the time limit expires before you defeat all the enemies inside.
  • The time limit for most Path of Blood floors is 2 minutes. Every 5 levels you will face a harder "Boss Floor", which lasts for 3 minutes instead.
  • Using healing potions is disabled when doing Path of Blood, placing a huge emphasis on survivability and careful play.
  • While the Path of Blood activity itself will always be available once you join the Shadows, the faction as a whole needs to progress through the four Stages of the Rite of Exile (Planning, Gathering, Showdown and Reckoning — always visible in the Shadows interface) to make more Path of Blood floors accessible. Contribute to the faction's progress to unlock the full scope of this activity faster.

Path of Blood Advice

Path of Blood shares some traits with Challenge Rifts, including the general philosophy of doing them as an activity. Unless you enjoy challenge for the sake of it, stop pushing Path of Blood floors when the game starts giving you the "High Monster Difficulty" warning, and come back when you have upgraded your Combat Rating. There is no sense in bashing your head against the gear wall, as the game heavily penalizes you for being under the monster's CR.

When you first unlock Path of Blood, you should do a handful of levels in quick succession to unlock other Shadow activities, such as The Vault and Shadow Contracts.

Once that is done, consider reserving Path of Blood Boss floors (the ones divisible by 5) for when you get a specific Shadow Challenge Quest for them. These Challenge Quests reward extra Mark Icon Marks for your faction progression.

If you are facing a challenging Path of Blood floor, remember that you don't need to rush the fight. This is because:

  • You do not have healing potions to pop offensively and out-sustain your enemies' damage — a hard habit to break, since this is the usual tactic in Dungeons and Challenge Rifts.
  • What you do have is just a single room's worth of enemies to defeat, and 2-3 minutes to do it. Do not rush in with depleted cooldowns: pop your heavy hitters, and then reposition and wait them out. You can repeat this process several times, conserving your health and not endangering the Floor completion in the slightest.

Path of Blood Builds

The following class-specific builds have been designed specifically to tackle raid-like challenges, which Path of Blood is roughly similar to:


Path of Blood Rewards

Each Path of Blood floor rewards 200 Mark Icon Marks for its successful completion. The occasional Shadow Challenge Quest for Boss Floors will rewards you an extra 300 Mark Icon Marks for their successful completion.



Path of Blood challenges are a pillar of your faction progression when you are part of the Shadows. Aside from providing the necessary currency for rank improvement, Path of Blood presents an interesting trial and a change of pace from the usual "all-in damage" farming builds.



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