Demon Gates Zone Event Guide

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Demon Gates is one of eight initial Zone Events spread across the world of Sanctuary in Diablo Immortal. With the aid of two other players, you can open a number of demonic portals spread across the Realm of Damnation zone and defeat the enemies within for a chance of Legendary rewards.


Demon Gates Overview

The Demon Gates Zone Event spawns randomly across pre-determined pockets of one of two possible areas in the Realm of Damnation zone: either the Molten Egress, or the Forest of Misery. The breakdown of the event is:

  • When: Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 12 PM, 8:30 PM, and 10 PM server time.
  • Where: Zoom into the Realm of Damnation zone, and either take the Terror's Fall Waypoint (when it spawns in the Molten Egress area), or the Forest of Misery Waypoint (when it spawns in the Forest of Misery area).
  • Why: Chance for Legendary items.

Demon Gates Mechanics

The Demon Gates lasts for 10 minutes, and can spawn in either of two areas in the Realm of Damnation zone: the Molten Egress or the Forest of Misery. You will be notified of the Gates' exact location when you zone in anywhere in the Realm of Damnation, so no guesswork is necessary.

Every Demon Gates event spawns 10 portals in its chosen location. Every portal needs to be triggered by at least three players, though more can join in while the channeling process is active. Grouping up for the event is encouraged, but it is not necessary in order to activate the portal; any three or more random players can cooperate to activate it.

More importantly, monster attacks can (and will) interrupt the channeling process necessary to trigger a portal. This can lengthen the time spent at a portal unnecessarily; and while generous, a 10-minute timer is still a timer. Clearing the surrounding area prior to the portal interaction is heavily encouraged.

Once the channeling of a particular Gate is complete, the portal opens and a purple Elite Monster pops out. Note that the Elite will come pre-tagged by the players that opened the portal, so you effectively cannot join in for a kill once the portal has begun channeling.

The Elite Monster that spawns from a Demon Gates portal is either an Anguish Harvester, or a Maliduce — monster types that are native to the Realm of Damnation. While the Elite versions of those monsters are noticeably tougher than their normal counterparts, their beefier health bars and random elite affixes will simply not pose a threat. Focusing them down with your party should be trivial.

You can only interact with — and consequently, receive rewards for — 3 Demon Gates per day.


Haunted Carriage Rewards

Closing down a Demon Gate and killing the purple Elite Monster contained within rewards you with  Gold Icon Gold and items of varying quality (Common, Magic, Rare, and with a decent chance for a Legendary).


Other Zone Events

You can check out the guides for the other Zone Events by following the link below:



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