Lost Artifacts Zone Event Guide

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Lost Artifacts is one of eight initial Zone Events spread across the world of Sanctuary in Diablo Immortal. It is unique among Zone Events in that it is not tied to specific periods of time, but this also means it is an event you will likely only passively participate in.


Lost Artifacts Overview

The Lost Artifacts Zone Event takes place in the Shassar Sea. It is not bound to a particular place, time, or mob type; it simply requires you to have a Mysterious Scroll Icon Mysterious Scroll, found randomly by killing (lots of) monsters in the area. The breakdown of the event is:

  • When: Anytime, no restrictions.
  • Where: Turned in at Calim in Tabri's Encampment.
  • Why: 6 Enchanted Dust Icon Enchanted Dust, chance for Legendary items.

Lost Artifacts Mechanics

The hardest part of the Lost Artifacts Zone Event is actually finding a Mysterious Scroll Icon Mysterious Scroll. It is a low drop chance quest item that can drop from any slain monster in the Shassar Sea zone. You can only carry one Mysterious Scroll Icon Mysterious Scroll at a time, so make sure to turn it in to Calim in Tabri's Encampment as soon as you find it. Holding onto it for too long can potentially deprive you of an additional drop.

Owing to its low drop chance and utter unpredictability, farming the Lost Artifacts zone event is not recommended. Regardless, your most efficient route to do it is by slaying large groups of monsters consistently in the Shassar Sea zone. This is done most efficiently by clearing out the Bandits inside the Ruins of Greater Fahira (northwest of the Sereth Outpost waypoint) and the demonic hordes inside The Domain of Horror (reached via the teleport in the Ruins of Greater Fahira, or the teleport to the northwest of The Oasis waypoint). These are by far the most monster-dense, frequently respawning areas of the Shassar Sea.

The Mysterious Scroll Icon Mysterious Scroll is somewhat unusual; when it drops, it is displayed as a blue text item, similar to Magic-quality loot. It has to be manually looted, however; simply walking over it with the auto-loot option turned on will not pick it up. This makes it somewhat easy to miss, so pay attention to the loot that drops as you farm in the Shassar Sea!

After you pick it up, you will need to follow a short questline. Your Quest Tracker will prompt you to "Open the scroll"; this will bring up a map with an "X" marking the location of said artifact. The artifact locations are random areas inside the Shassar Sea. When you get to your destination, you will find multiple "Ancient Urns" spread around. Some will contain nothing, while others will spawn monsters, place a curse on you, trigger a trap, and similar misfortunate events. Eventually, you will find the correct Ancient Urn (there is no way to tell; you can also blindly luck into it). Calim will immediately teleport in and collect the artifact. You can then return to Tabri's Encampment and claim your reward from Calim.


Lost Artifacts Rewards

A side effect of farming Lost Artifacts (which we do not recommend) is almost assuredly completing your 3 Bestiary turn-ins for the day. Otherwise, turning in the Lost Artifacts at Calim drops  Gold Icon Gold, items of varying quality (Common, Magic, Rare, and with a good chance for a Legendary), and 6 Enchanted Dust Icon Enchanted Dust.


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