Haunted Carriage Zone Event Guide

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Haunted Carriage is one of eight initial Zone Events spread across the world of Sanctuary in Diablo Immortal. In it, you will defend a carriage against swarms of the undead and a final boss as it travels throughout the Ashwold Cemetery zone for a chance at Legendary rewards.


Haunted Carriage Overview

The Haunted Carriage Zone Event starting point is clearly marked with the large carriage statue (also visible on the map). The breakdown of the event is:

  • When: Tuesdays and Saturdays at 12 PM, 8:30 PM, and 10 PM server time.
  • Where: Zoom into the Ashwold Cemetery zone, take the Mansion waypoint, navigate to the Carriage Landing sub-zone.
  • Why: 6 Enchanted Dust Icon Enchanted Dust, chance for Legendary items.

Haunted Carriage Mechanics

The Haunted Carriage erupts from the Carriage statue in front of Ashwold Manor (just outside Mad King's Breach Dungeon entrance). If you are in the Ashwold Cemetery zone when the event begins, you will get a message "Haunted Carriage is here! Join the battle?" Accepting the pop-up will automatically navigate you to its starting point.

Alternatively, you can catch The Haunted Carriage at any point on its route. It begins at Ashwold Manor, takes the path toward the Eastern Gardens, follows along The Outskirts, and then heads back north through the outer path of The Ossuary. It ends shortly before the chokepoint leading back to the Manor.

With such a long route through the Ashwold Cemetery zone, it is quite possible to stumble across additional Side Quests along the way (either Emergent or Narrative Side Quests). Emergent Side Quests are trivial to complete without losing sight of the carriage, so you should definitely do them. You can also check on the Narrative ones — if they do not take you too far or occupy you for too long, you can definitely weave them in your Haunted Carriage completion. Do not hesitate to drop / fail them if they endanger the completion of the Zone Event, however.

The Carriage gets ambushed several times along its path. Each of the six packs of Undead Guard mobs that waylays the Carriage en route to its final destination will also drop loot! This makes it worth it to stay nearby and get a hit in on the trash mobs.

At the end of its route, The Haunted Carriage despawns and The Tax Collector appears. This boss is a massive, sword-and-shield-wielding skeleton warrior with the Waller and Arcane Beam affixes. It also uses the shield-charging attack typical for its mob type, knocking back and inflicting heavy damage on players standing in its way.

Note that The Haunted Carriage's main reward is given to you regardless of where you joined it on its route. The important part is that you hit The Tax Collector boss at its end. This lets you try (and you should!) to catch the event at multiple difficulties.


Haunted Carriage Rewards

The Undead Guards that ambush the Carriage along its way drop  Gold Icon Gold and two items of varying quality (most likely Magic items). The Tax Collector drops Gold, items of varying quality (Common, Magic, Rare, and with a good chance for a Legendary), and 6 Enchanted Dust Icon Enchanted Dust.


Other Zone Events

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