Call of the Ancients Zone Event Guide

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The Call of the Ancients is one of eight initial Zone Events spread across the world of Sanctuary in Diablo Immortal. In it, you will collect Ancient Essences from enemies in the Frozen Tundra to create relics and escort spirits to the Altar of the Forebears for a chance at Legendary items.


Call of the Ancients Overview

The Call of the Ancients Zone Event takes place in the Frozen Tundra. It is not bound to a particular place, time, or mob type; it simply requires slaying (a lot of) enemies in the area, culminating in an "escort mission" type of scenario. The breakdown of the event is:

  • When: Anytime, no restrictions. Daily cap on turn-ins, however.
  • Where: Turned in at the Ancient Spirit atop the Altar of the Forebears.
  • Why: 50 Scrap Materials Icon Scrap Materials per relic, chance for Legendary items.

Call of the Ancients Mechanics

Call of the Ancients is a constantly active event, and it simply requires that you slay enemies in the Frozen Tundra zone. Ideally, you will not go out of your way to do this Zone Event, and fulfill its requirements purely from doing Bounties and other daily tasks that send you to this zone.

The Call of the Ancients event consists of three separate mechanics: collecting Ancient Essences, gathering Ancestral Relics, and escorting the Ancient Spirit. We will go through them in said order.


Collecting Ancient Essences

Anytime you visit the Frozen Tundra, you get an icy blue "Call of the Ancients" progress bar in the upper left corner of the screen that measures how much is left to start up the "escorting the Ancient Spirit" part of the event. This is a zone-wide progression, and the efforts of all players will contribute to the advancement of the bar.

Progression is made by collecting Ancient Essences, glowing purple orbs that drop randomly from slain monsters. You can speed up this process by going to areas with high monster respawn rates, such as the Ruins of Sescheron (northeast of the Plains of Blood Waypoint), the Everfrost Lake (east of the Bitter Hearth Waypoint), or the Ice Clan Village (south of the Ancient Graveyard Waypoint).


Gathering Ancestral Relics

Gathering Ancestral Relics is the secondary portion of the event. Ancestral Relics are small artifacts that hover slightly above the ground, spinning in place and emitting a faint yellow glow. Their tooltip is written in yellow and resembles a Rare item. Ancestral Relics can be collected by simply walking over them.

The bulk of the Ancestral Relics will drop during the escorting of the Ancient Spirit, as you slay the ambushing Spirit Hunters and collect them off their bodies. Ancestral Relics can however drop from other sources too: slaying monsters (especially Elites and Unique Monsters), and searching the bodies of Dead Yeti (which occasionally appear in the place of Treasure Chests).


Escorting the Ancient Spirit

Once the progress bar of the event reaches 100%, players will get a zone-wide call to action. They have 60 seconds to reach the starting point of the Ancient Spirit escort mission, which is just outside and slightly to the north of the Bitter Hearth safe zone, near the stairs leading to the Ice Clan Village.

After the 60 seconds are up, the Ancient Spirit starts on his path toward the Altar of the Forebears in the northmost corner of the map (above the Ancient Graveyard). The Spirit roughly follows the left edge of the map and takes his time on the way up (~3 minutes), so you have a chance to catch up even if you were not present at the very start of the escort.

On his way to the top, the Ancient Spirit will be waylaid by Spirit Hunters — trivial trash monsters that set annoying traps on the ground, discernible by their orange circles. They can immobilize the Ancient Spirit and need to be broken down (via clicking) before he can move again. You can also be caught by them, so be careful!

Eventually, the Ancient Spirit will reach the Altar of the Forebears; once there, he can be interacted with, and you will be allowed to turn in any Ancestral Relics you have collected — up to a daily cap of 10 Relic turn-ins. The Spirit remains active for 10 minutes — so you have some time to farm up additional Ancestral Relics after the escort mission, if you didn't get to cap then and there. Much like Monstrous Essences, your unused Relics will carry over to the next day.


Purify the Corruption Rewards

A side effect of farming Call of the Ancients (which we do not recommend) is almost assuredly completing your 3 Bestiary turn-ins for the day. Otherwise, turning in an Ancestral Relic rewards you with items of varying quality (Common, Magic, Rare, and with a minor chance for a Legendary), and 5 Scrap Materials Icon Scrap Materials (for a total of 50 for 10 turn-ins).


Other Zone Events

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