Speed Leveling in Diablo Immortal: How to Quickly Reach Level 60.

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Many of the most exciting activities in Diablo Immortal take place once you are at max level and are focusing on finding legendary gear and Set items. To that end, this guide is meant to provide tips toward reaching max level as quickly as possible rather than focusing purely on story content.


Speed Leveling to 60 Overview


Pre-Game Planning

The general purpose of this guide is to get you to Diablo Immortal's maximum character level, 60, in the shortest amount of time possible. This is a summary of the tactics and shortcuts you can employ to get to level cap; it is not an exhaustive walkthrough, as one is hardly necessary — the game quite literally guides you, step by step, through the entire story campaign.

The first step to any endgame journey, of course, begins with choosing your character. You can familiarize yourself with the available choices in the "How to choose your class" guide, but to distill it to one sentence — pick the character whose fantasy you like the most. They are all equally viable.

Once you have chosen your class, get familiar with its respective Leveling Guide. The 1-60 Guides present you with the best skill choices for all-around content, especially during the leveling process — which is all but guaranteed to lack important, build-defining legendaries that form the endgame-appropriate builds. An important exception is the Legendary Off-hand item of your choice that you get as part of the Battle Pass progression; advice on which legendary is best for leveling (and your class as a whole) is also part of our leveling guides. The leveling guides are as follows:

With your character selected and character-specific leveling advice outlined, go through the general speed leveling tactics below.


Speed Leveling Tactics


Making the Most of Your Character

While questing, your main rhythm is to exhaust hard-hitting abilities and useful cooldowns in major battles, and then use their downtime to run to the next storyline objective.

Outside of major boss battles, modern action RPGs incentivize a pattern of drawing monster attention ("aggro") from several smaller groups of generic monsters ("trash mobs"), making a large pull of enemies. This "pull" balances between efficiency (aggroing and fighting as many as you can) and safety (without being overwhelmed and causing you to die). Diablo Immortal is no different. Do not stop and fight small individual packs of monsters; draw the attention of 3-4 of those instead, and mow them down with AoE abilities. With proper use of cooldowns and health potions, your character will be able to handle it.

Stopping for prolonged periods of time — to loot, to comb through menus, or to pick up and sort loot — is, of course, discouraged. Diablo Immortal has a very immediate system of upgrading items, handily notifying you of new item pickups with a flashing bag icon, and large green arrows on the item denoting an upgrade. While an item's specific stats are certainly important (and you can get a deeper understanding which ones are important for the endgame of your chosen character in our Class Overview guides), the green arrows will suffice during leveling.

To further cut down time spent looting, Diablo Immortal has a handy "Auto Pickup" option within the "General" tab of the game settings. Simply turn on the automatic pick up of Normal (Grey), Magic (Blue), and Rare (Yellow) quality, and run over drops like you would with  Gold Icon Gold.

Conversely, salvaging loot can be made just as efficient as its pickup. Blacksmiths are present in all the game's safe zones ("towns"), and have a convenient "Salvage all" button in their interface — with checkmarks for each individual tier (Normal, Magic, Rare). Legendary (Golden) equipment cannot be salvaged in bulk and must be manually selected to get broken down to parts. Conveniently, the game will warn you against salvaging upgrades and legendaries that you have not yet extracted with the Essence Transfer mechanic, so it will be quite hard for you to make mistakes.


Making the Most of the Game's Content

All shrines in Diablo Immortal provide beneficial effects. Pick them up as you see them.

While their rewards might seem middling in the endgame, Treasure Goblins (small, cackling critters with loot bags on their backs; they run immediately when they spot you) are a nice source of gold and materials while leveling. Chase them down!

While killing monsters, you will notice they occasionally drop Monstrous Essence Icon Monstrous Essences — small, bright golden orbs that are collected simply by running over them. You will also notice the game starts to track their collection; at 10 Monstrous Essence Icon Monstrous Essences, you can redeem the batch at Horadric Altars, present in all the game's safe zones ("towns") for a generous reward of Battle Points Icon Battle Points (feeding into Experience gains!), materials, and loot.

Note: Monstrous Essence Icon Monstrous Essences stop dropping when you reach the maximum carrying capacity of 10, so make a quick run to town and redeem them to avoid slowing down the next batch!

Monsters will also occasionally drop Health (Red), Conduit (Yellow), and Energy (Purple) Globes when slain. Health Globes are pretty self-explanatory; they heal you on pickup. Conduit Globes give you three shots of powerful electrical discharge, automatically inflicting great damage on the next group of monsters you engage. Energy Globes refresh your cooldowns, including the full duration of channeled skills. For added efficiency, you can dump all your immediate cooldowns (especially buffs / summons) before picking an Energy Globe up, as it effectively doubles their duration.

While doing content in the open world, you will occasionally encounter Hidden Lairs (non-quest side areas with glowing gold entrances) and Side Quests (usually NPCs with triple blue exclamation marks above them). They are both somewhat inefficient activities during leveling. An exception can be made for Lairs if you desperately need to fill normal gem sockets in your Secondary Gear (as they are a major source of Normal Gems), and for Side Quests that occur as you farm (i.e., Cursed Chests, or "Kill 10 monsters in Area X" as you are killing monsters there by necessity).


Overcome Level Gating During 1-60

While leveling, you will inevitably come across the prohibitive level gates at regular intervals in the campaign. Diablo Immortal heavily penalizes characters below the suggested level for content, so you absolutely should not bash your head against content that overlevels you. While certain quests also have level gates, you will most commonly be stuck at zone level gates:

  • Level 35 is required to enter the Library of Zoltun Kulle;
  • Level 40 is required to enter the Bilefen;
  • Level 46 is required to enter Mount Zavain;
  • Level 51 is required to enter the Frozen Tundra;
  • Level 56 is required to enter the Realm of Damnation.

Optimizing your Battle Pass

Optimizing your Battle Pass rank-up system is one of the strongest strategies you can employ to overcome level gates during the campaign. The Battle Pass is leveled up with Battle Points Icon Battle Points, which come from doing various in-game activities. When the Battle Pass levels up, you gain a tremendous amount of experience, which also — quite importantly — scales with your character level. On the flip side, the Battle Pass rewards you with a Legendary Off-hand item of your choice at Rank 10 — which can be a decisive boost to your leveling. With these two factors in mind, you should:

  • Rank up your Battle Pass as soon as you can until you reach Rank 10 and get your Legendary Off-hand;
  • After that, save Battle Points Icon Battle Points redeems (by not clicking the various "Claim" buttons in your Codex) until you get to one of the zone-related level gates described above.
  • Optionally, you can improve on that strategy by waiting on the massively stacked Battle Points Icon Battle Points redemption for just slightly longer (and not immediately upon hitting the wall). This way, you can take even more advantage of the XP scaling. If, for example, you are level 35-36 when you hit the Bilefen level gate, it will actually be better to grind two levels through the activities described below; and only then hit the Battle Points redemption for a huge XP spike, which will get you the three remaining levels!

Spamming Dungeons

Farming well-paced, densely populated Dungeons is one of the quickest, most efficient ways to get past level gates. On top of their reasonable base XP and loot rewards, dungeons such as Mad King's Breach and The Forgotten Tower lend themselves nicely to maintaining Kill Streaks, which multiply the effectiveness of experience gain! In an organized and efficient group, you can grind out the level gates at a blistering pace. To top it all off, dungeons provide excellent Battle Points Icon Battle Points rewards, which you can stack and redeem with the strategy outlined above.


Open World Farming

Grinding monsters in open world zones (including Lairs) will net you Monstrous Essence Icon Monstrous Essences, which yield a generous Battle Points Icon Battle Points reward on top of excellent loot when redeemed at Horadric Altars in towns. Try to farm in areas that are sparsely populated, as the effectiveness of this tactic hinges on creating regular, large monster pulls.


Bounties and Faction Activities

Bounties can be taken up daily from the Bounty Board in Westmarch, but have a daily limit of 8 (done in batches of 4). Bounties are an excellent source of Experience and  Gold Icon Gold, and have the added bonus of being somewhat varied, taking you all across the open world. They synergize nicely with Monstrous Essence Icon Monstrous Essences farming and optional Side Quests.

Roughly 2/3rds into leveling, you will acquaint yourself with Diablo Immortal's faction system. Faction Activities, such as Shadow Contracts, can then be acquired from the faction headquarters in Westmarch; they are akin to slower Bounties. Their daily rewards however, which include hefty Experience, cannot be glossed over.


Elder Rifts

Elder Rifts can be chained endlessly from the Elder Rift Entrance in Westmarch, but provide lesser experience compared to the activities described above. Running Elder Rifts is only recommended when you have Legendary Crest Icon Legendary Crests and Rare Crest Icon Crests to spend on them. If you have Crests however, run Elder Rifts until you exhaust them; the empowerment from the Crest-dependent Legendary Gem drops is a game-changing boost to your character.



With the activities and tactics outlined above, you will be able to reach level cap at a very efficient pace, and will position yourself nicely for the endgame grind. From that point on, you should pick a daily farming routine that best works with the gaming time at your disposal. We have a blueprint to follow for the most efficient daily farming routines according to a 30-, 60-, and 120+ minute schedule in the guides below:



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