Adventurer Plates Guide for FFXIV

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Introduced in Patch 6.1, Adventurer Plates are customizable profiles that players can display to each other. Here, you will learn about what customization options are available and how to acquire new ones.


Adventurer Plates

Adventurer Plate Beta

Released in Patch 6.1, Adventurer Plates are customizable player profiles that can be displayed in public, PvP matches, instanced duties, or kept private. This feature has been officially released and will continue to receive adjustments in future patches.


Customization Options

FFXIV Adventurer Plates

The Adventurer Plate consists of three different sections: the profile, portrait, and plate design. Players are able to customize all three as they see fit. Just like Glamour Plates, you can attach an Adventurer Plate to a gearset and swap Plates based on the job you are currently on!



Your profile consists of a few displays that are always shown and a few customizable options. The player's name, Grand Company, and Grand Company rank are always shown.

  • You can select to display the job they are currently on, or a specific job.
  • You can select a title to display.
  • There are playstyle icons just like for a Free Company. You can select up to six playstyle icons to display.
  • You can choose to display your preferred playtimes.

Additionally, you can set privacy options for your Adventurer Plate. There are three permissions: viewable to everyone, viewable only to friends, or private. The developers have stated they will add further privacy options in the future.



Players are able to display a custom portrait of their character on the Adventurer Plate. You can edit your character's pose, lighting, glamour, background, frame, and much more. You can save up to 100 total portraits.


Plate Design

Players are able to change their plate design with different frames and backgrounds just like the portrait. Designs and frames can be unlocked by clearing content, acquiring achievements, or through other types of content.


Displaying Adventurer Plates

Currently, Adventurer Plates are shown in PvP matches, at the beginning of instanced duties, in Doman Mahjong, in the commendations pop-up, and can be viewed through the character menu.


Adventurer Plate Rewards

Once Patch 6.1 releases, we will display and list down the different types of designs and where to acquire them, so stay tuned.



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