Player vs. Player Changes in FFXIV Endwalker

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Endwalker is bringing many changes to the PvP game modes in FFXIV. This page contains information about all the new changes, such as a new small-scale mode, a more refined reward structure, and the removal of the Feast.


PvP Changes in Endwalker

Endwalker is slated to have several changes to the PvP system. In addition to new and adjusted actions and an overhauled reward structure, PvP game modes will see a significant change. All of these changes are slated to occur in Patch 6.1. To learn more about other Endwalker changes, visit our Endwalker changes hub.


Removal of The Feast

In Patch 6.1, with the new game mode being added, The Feast will become unavailable for play. The Feast will still be playable before then in Patch 6.0. Additionally, Wolf Collars can still be obtained and traded in for rewards.


New Game Mode: Crystal Conflict

Crystal Conflict objective

To replace The Feast, a new game mode was added in Patch 6.1 - Crystal Conflict. This is a small-scale 5v5 mode with simple, objective-based gameplay. The game mode will feature unique actions, skill-based matchmaking, and no role restrictions. Matches are set to be short and simple. The link below has guides for every job in PvP, as well as a list of rewards for all seasonal content.


New Reward Structure: Series

Previously, PvP rewards were lousy outside of ranked rewards. To alleviate this issue, a new reward structure with the tentative name of "Series" will be introduced. This system will work like a battle pass - players will be able to gain series EXP by participating in any PvP content. Raising their series level will give players series tokens and rewards, such as gear and mounts. These tokens will be tradeable for various rewards, and the reward list will be updated periodically. After a certain duration, the series will end, and players will have their series level reset back to 1. A new set of rewards will then be made available.

Series rewards slide

Calling Card System

FFXIV has always added ways for players to customize their character - the Calling Card System is a new way to do so. The name is tentative, but it is a profile that can be customized by the player to be displayed before the start of a PvP match. Additionally, these cards will potentially be added to a player's search info. Rewards such as backgrounds and customization options will be rewarded from PvP.



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