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This is the main hub for the latest expansion to FFXIV, Endwalker. Here, we will present information on the expansion, as well as links to our guides and overviews of new features and changes.


Endwalker: Overview of the latest Final Fantasy XIV Expansion

Final Fantasy XIV's fourth and most ambitious expansion to date, Endwalker, was released December 7, 2021, with Early Access launching December 3, 2021. Players will be able to challenge new foes, play new jobs, visit new zones, and see the thrilling conclusion of the Hydaelyn vs. Zodiark story arc that has been the centerpiece of FFXIV's acclaimed story for the past decade.

All the information about Endwalker can be found on our Endwalker Home Page, as well as all Endwalker-related pages and guides Icy Veins has to offer.


Changes to FFXIV in Patch 6.0

Massive system changes came with Patch 6.0 in Endwalker, including the downscaling of values, the removal of belts, and new jobs. To learn more, check out list of Endwalker changes below, where we detail all of the changes that came with the expansion release.


New Jobs in Endwalker

Two new jobs were released with Patch 6.0: Reaper, a melee DPS that taps into the void to unleash devastating attacks with a scythe on enemies alongside a voidsent avatar, and Sage, a barrier healer that heals and protects allies by manipulating corporeal aether with nouliths, a flying array of foci.

These jobs will start at level 70. Reaper can be unlocked in Ul'Dah, and Sage can be unlocked in Limsa Lominsa. We have written comprehensive guides on how to play the two new jobs, and they can be found by following the links below.


Changes to Existing Jobs in Endwalker

Existing jobs, as with all previosu expansions, got new actions, changes, and even reworks! Of note is the complete Summoner rework, which allows Summoners to channel the true power of Ifrit, Titan, and Garuda. Monk saw some much-needed changes, with the new Masterful Blitz system keeping them on their toes. Learn more about all the changes and new abilities that came with Endwalker in each job's respective job change pages.


Crafting & Gathering in Endwalker

Disciples of the Hand and Land obtained new actions and received changes in Endwalker. The most notable change is the removal of obtainable HQ items, greatly affecting the dynamic between the gatherers and crafters. Learn more about these changes on our Crafting and Gathering changes page.

Endwalker Crafting & Gathering Changes COMING SOON!

New Duties in Endwalker

Several new duties will be released in Endwalker with Patch 6.0. If the pattern from previous expansions holds true, there will be a total of five leveling dungeons, three dungeons at level cap, three normal difficulty trials, and two Extreme trials. Patch 6.01 and 6.05 will release the Normal and Savage raids, respectively.


New Dungeons in Endwalker

New leveling and expert dungeons werereleased in Endwalker with Patch 6.0. Each dungeon will have new environments, gear, and enemies to defeat. The first dungeon, The Tower of Zot, was revealed at the Media Tour. Learn more about the new dungeons in Endwalker on our Endwalker Dungeon Home Page.


New Trials in Endwalker

In Endwalker, players will have to defeat the three normal trials as part of the main scenario before challenging the two Extreme trials after completing the main scenario. For written tips and guides on the trials in Endwalker, visit our Trial Home Page!


New Raids in Endwalker


Endwalker gave us the raid tier titled Pandaemonium. As with previous raids, each tier is split into four fights pitting a group of 8 players against unique boss battles. In Pandaemonium, these raid tiers were called Asphodelos, Abyssos, and Anabaseios. For full write-ups on these fights, follow the link below.


New Zones in Endwalker

Endwalker's expansion released several new zones in Patch 6.0. Each zone has unique environments, FATEs, quests, and activities for players, including hunts and Allied Tribal reputation quests. Players will also have to unlock flying in each new zone. Learn more about the new zones below.


Unlocking Flight in Endwalker Zones

Just like any other zone after A Realm Reborn, players can unlock flight by collecting all the Aether Currents in a specific area. Aether Currents can be found on the overworld and are rewarded from certain quests. Learn more about how to unlock flight in all the new zones in our Endwalker flight guide.


Endwalker Hunts

New Hunts will be introduced in Endwalker, with Daily Hunts as well as Elite Marks with unique spawn conditions. These will be a great source of new materia and tomestones! You can find out more about the new hunts after Endwalker goes live from our Endwalker Hunts page.


Endwalker Beast Tribes

Three Allied Tribal quest lines were released during Endwalker; Arkasodara, Omicron, and Loporrits. Learn more about the new Endwalker Beast Tribes on our dedicated page.


Endwalker Player Hubs

In addition to all the overworld zones, two new player hubs are available in Endwalker. Old Sharlayan is one of the first destinations in Endwalker and will serve as the main city hub, while Radz-at-Han is the primary endgame hub.


Leveling in Endwalker

Players will have to level new and existing jobs to the increased cap of level 90 in Endwalker. To learn about how to level Disciple of War and Magic jobs, visit our Endwalker leveling guide.


Gearing in Endwalker

As FFXIV is a vertical progression MMO, new and improved gear can be acquired in the expansion. Learn more about how to gear up from our Endwalker gearing guide! You can also find best-in-slot gear lists on each of our job guides!


Trusts in Endwalker

In Endwalker, Estinien Wyrmblood has joined the Scions as the newest Trust member. Players will be able to do dungeons alongside him in addition to previous trust members like Alphinaud and Thancred. Learn more about the Trust system from our dedicated Trusts guide.

Trusts Guide COMING SOON!


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