Myths of the Realm Strategy Guides for FFXIV

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This page contains information about the Alliance Raid series of Endwalker, Myths of the Realm, how to unlock it, and the rewards it offers.


Myths of the Realm Overview

Myths of the Realm

Myths of the Realm is the Alliance Raid series of Endwalker. Alliance Raids are full-scale raids consisting of 24 players in three full parties.


Unlock Requirements

The unlock requirements for the raid will be shown in the Patch 6.1 notes, so stay tuned.



Since time immemorial, a pantheon of gods known as the Twelve has presided over the land of Eorzea. Faith in these divine beings permeates all facets of life, and its influence is present in the practice of every craft, the heritage of each clan, and the customs of villages and nations across the realm. Now, the quest begins to discover how their tale began─and perhaps how it shall end.


Alliance Raid Strategy Guides

The following section currently holds strategy guides written by Icy Veins for the Alliance Raids.

Aglaia Strategy Guide COMING SOON!


Treasure coffers in Aglaia will reward random pieces of the gear from the loot table. Players can receive only one reward item per week for completing Aglaia. In the event you are awarded an item from the loot list, you relinquish your right to vie for all remaining items regardless of your loot rule selection. This only applies to gear and does not apply to general cosmetic loot that may drop from the raids.


Completion Reward

In addition, players can also earn a separate reward once per week for completion of the duty.



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