Guide to Endwalker Mounts in FFXIV

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This page provides details on every new mount released in FFXIV's Ednwalker expansion, including where they're located, what's required to obtain them and images to preview what they look like.


Endwalker Mounts Guide

With every Final Fantasy XIV expansion comes a handful of new mounts, and Endwalker is no exception! This page provides instructions on how to obtain all of the mounts available in Endwalker.

This page does contain spoilers for Endwalker -- please proceed with caution.


Endwalker Expansion Mounts

While all the mounts on this list are available in the Endwalker expansion, the following two are especially Endwalker-themed, and one is no longer obtainable if you did not purchase Endwalker’s Collector Edition.




Argos is hands down the easiest mount to acquire on this list! To obtain this shiny moon dog, all you must do is finish the Main Scenario Questline for Endwalker. Once you have completed the quest "Endwalker," you will receive the Argos Horn.




Arion is a mount exclusively given to those who purchased Endwalker's Collector Edition. Unfortunately, this means that there is no other way to obtain this mount currently.


FATE Mounts

If you are working on collecting every mount on this list, I hope you like doing FATEs, as the following mounts can only be obtained by completing many of them!


Level Checker

Level Checker

To obtain this incredible mount, you must defeat Chi in the Omicron Recall: Killing Order FATE, which has a 48-hour cooldown. After the cooldown period, Chi can be spawned by completing the other two FATEs in the Omicron Recall FATE chain.

If you defeat Chi and earn gold participation, you will receive 6 Chi Bolts. Once you have obtained 12 Chi Bolts, you can trade them in for the Level Checker Identification Key from Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han (x10, y10).



The Wivre Horn requires quite a bit of FATE grinding to acquire. To purchase this mount, you must have 500 Bicolour Crystal Vouchers, which cost a total of 50,000 Bicolor Gemstones.

If you decide to make the commitment to clearing FATEs for hours on end, you can find the horn available for purchase from Edelina in Mor Dhona (x22, y5).


Extreme Trial Mounts

The following mounts are obtainable as drops through Endwalker’s Extreme trials. Since the expansion is still fairly new, the mounts in this section currently have a pretty low drop chance. Good luck to all those farming!


Lynx of Eternal Darkness

Lynx Of Eternal Darkness

The Lynx of Eternal Darkness Flute drops from the Zodiark's Fall Extreme encounter. You can find the trial guide linked below.


Lynx of Divine Light

Lynx of Divine Light

The Lynx of Divine Light Flute drops from the Hydaelyn's Call Extreme encounter. You can find the trial guide linked below.


Bluefeather Lynx

The Bluefeather Lynx Flute drops from the Endsinger Extreme encounter. You can find the trial guide linked below.


PvP Mounts

This section is for PvP mounts available in Endwalker! Currently, there's only one PvP mount available, and it comes as a reward for ranking high in the Feast’s last season.



The Dreadnought mount was rewarded to the top 100 players of the Feast Season 20, the game mode's final season. Unfortunately, this means that those who did not rank in the Feast's final season can not currently obtain this mount.


Wondrous Tails and Faux Leaves Mounts

The following mounts can be obtained through participating in Wondrous Tails and Faux Hollows, both of which are weekly activities in FFXIV.




The Calydontis Horn is a new reward available from Wondrous Tails in Endwalker! To obtain this mount, you must first get at least three lines in your weekly Wondrous Tails journal and choose Khloe's Gold Certificate of Commendation as your reward. After completing these two steps, you can trade the certificate in for the Calydontis Horn.

You can learn more about Wondrous Tails and its various rewards from our Wondrous Tails guide linked below.

Additionally, you can receive the mount by trading in 600 Faux Leaves with the Faux Commander in Idyllshire (x5.7, y6.1). This currency is received by playing a special mini-game after completing the weekly Unreal trial.



The Troll Horn can be obtained using the same methods as the Calydontis Horn -- Wondrous Tails and Faux Hollows.


Hunt Mounts

The following mounts are obtainable by completing hunts throughout the Endwalker expansion zones.



The Victor Whistle comes as an Endwalker achievement reward that can be obtained by killing 2,000 A ranks and 1,000 S Ranks in the new Endwalker zones.



Vinegaroon is another hunt-themed mount added in Endwalker! The Vinegaroon Horn can be obtained by trading 3,200 Sacks of Nuts with J'lakshai in Old Sharlayan (x11.9, y13.2), or Wilmetta in Radz-at-Han (x 10.5, y7.4).

For more information on Endwalker hunts, visit our dedicated guide linked below.


Miscellaneous Mounts


Pod 602

This new NieR-themed mount can be obtained by trading 300,000 MGP with the Gold Saucer Attendant in the Gold Saucer (x5.1, y6.6). The Gold Saucer is home to many of FFXIV's mini-games! To learn more about the entertainment hub and how to earn MGP, visit our guide linked below.



The Alkonost Whistle is a new mount that comes from the game's new Excitatron 6000 dungeon, which is only available from completing Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Maps. To obtain this beautiful mount, you must earn three Resplendent Feathers drops or buy them from the Market Board. At the time of writing this guide, the feathers are going for about 2.5 mil each.

Once you have three feathers, you can trade them in for the whistle with Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han (x10.5, y10.1).



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