How to Obtain The Gilded Mikoshi Mount in FFXIV

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This page provides information on how to obtain the Gilded Mikoshi mount. The Gilded Mikoshi is a golden mikoshi that is carried by eight golden Namazu. This mount was released in Patch 5.5 as a gil-sink mount.


How to Get the Gilded Mikoshi Mount

Wasshoi! Wasshoi!

This mount is one of the two Gil-sink mounts announced and released with Patch 5.5. This squad of gilded Namazu can be yours for a steep, steep price.

Gilded Mikoshi Mount

Edelina - The Luxury Trader

Edelina can be found on the bottom floor of Rowena's House of Splendors, Mor Dhona (x22, y4). She stocks only the rarest of luxury items, and as such, the price to pay is quite hefty. For a measely 50,000,000 Gil you can purchase the Gilded Mikoshi Flute Icon Gilded Mikoshi Flute that is used to summon the Gilded Mikdoshi.

If you find yourself running short on cash, please refer to our guides on making Gil. In time, you too can be traveling in style in this golden mikoshi!



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