Blue Mage DPS Gear and Best in Slot — Endwalker 6.45

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On this page, you will find the best gear and best-in-slot items for your Blue Mage DPS in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (Patch 6.45).


Blue Mage Gearsets (BiS)

This page contains the best-in-slot (BiS) gearsets for Blue Mage across all level caps. There is also a separate section for sets that sync down for maximum substats for use in the Morbol raids if you're primarily interested in that content.

If you want to find more information about how stats affect Blue Mage damage, look at the melding and stats section.

As with most jobs, our BiS will be include augmented tomestone gear as well as Savage raid gear. Unlike other jobs, the gear we get from quests is actually the same item level as the other items, so there will be some gear exclusive to Blue Mage in the sets as well.


Best in Slot by Level Cap

Level 80 Level 70 Level 60 Free Trial
Level 80 BiS Level 80 Gear Preview

Level 80 Blue Mage Best in Slot

In previous tiers we preferred SpS/Det or Crit/Det. However, our new Phantasmal job gear actually has items with both SpS and Crit, so we can experiment with a hybrid set! We're still doing some math to figure out what is the actual highest potential DPS, but for now the best option is to go Crit/SpS to more comfortably fit the Moon Flute opener and do solid damage. Healers/tanks will still prefer SpS/Det slightly, but either Crit/SpS or SpS/Det are still great for playing all three roles.


Blue Mage Crit/SpS BiS


Blue Mage SpS/Det BiS


Blue Mage Crit/Det BiS


Level 80 Blue Mage Artififact Gear

FFXIV Patch 6.45 Level 90 Blue Mage Artifact Gear

Level 70 Blue Mage Gear Sets

This information is from when our level cap was 70. These sets are still here if you want them, but it will be best to use gear above level 70 that syncs down to max substats. The level 60 gear section will later be changed to a generic "synced gear" section that will cover all the bases.

As discussed on the stats page, Blue Mage is extremely flexible and benefits pretty well from all DPS substats. The difference between a random assortment of max item level gear and BiS is only about 5%, since most of the optimization actually comes from playing well and being able to execute a proper Moon Flute opener. That being said, the actual difference in playstyles between the BiS sets is slightly different so it's up to you to pick which style you prefer.


Spell Speed Sets

A decent portion of Blue Mage's damage comes from powerful damage-over-time (DOT) effects such as Nightbloom Icon Nightbloom and Song of Torment Icon Song of Torment which benefit from Spell Speed. Additionally, having Spell Speed makes it much easier to pull off the Moon Flute opener (it can actually be done without Swiftcast!). Spell Speed is going to be generally more consistent DPS, though it has a lower ceiling (about .7% lower than Critical Hit). Additionally, if you intend to play as a tank or healer the extra Spell Speed makes it feel much smoother. This is the set that I personally prefer.


Eureka Spell Speed Set

This set will have the highest Spell Speed while sacrificing the least Intelligence. The Elemental Casting gear is a long grind if you haven't done Eureka before, so I wouldn't recommend going for it unless you really want to. It used to be the case that the lower Vitality on this set made O12S risky in groups aiming to use Revenge Blast Icon Revenge Blast, but with newer food this is no longer true.


Non-Eureka Spell Speed Set

If you still want to use a Spell Speed set, but don't want to do the Eureka grind, you can use this set. It is worth noting that for DPS it will be less than the Eureka set (by about 5%, which is the same as when we use a random assortment of gear), but if playing tank or healer you won't notice a real difference.


Critical Hit Set

This set has a higher DPS ceiling (about .7%) depending on how many critical hits you actually land. Using this set will make the Moon Flute opener a little bit more difficult to pull off, but if you like seeing big numbers this is the set for you.


Level 60 Blue Mage Gear Sets

If you're working on the Morbol mount the gearing is even easier! Since we have access to gear over level 60, we can now get gear that syncs down to maximum substats at level 60. Since we're syncing down, materia doesn't matter for these items. However, that means we need to use a level 60 weapon in order to use its materia. You will want to pick up an Incendiario for the level 60 content and meld it with whichever stat you're optimizing for.


Free Trial Sets

If you're attempting to do something like the Morbol mount on a free trial account, your options are more limited. The old level 60 gearsets can still be used. I strongly recommend not playing as DPS as a free trial player since you will be missing so much of your DPS kit.



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