Savage Guides for Blue Mage — Endwalker 6.4

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On this page, you'll find Blue Mage specific information related to all Savage encounters in Final Fantasy XIV. Savage Blue Mage requires a full party of Blue Mages to receive the rewards associated with the content including mounts, achievements and titles.


Introduction to Blue Mage Savage

Blue Mage has end-game content with special rewards, but because it's a Limited Job, it is different from other jobs. Our end-game content revolves around doing synced content at the various capstone levels (50, 60, and 70). In addition to being synced, parties must also have echo silenced and be a full party of Blue Mages. Almost every Extreme Trial rewards an achievement, and the fourth floor of each Savage raid tier rewards an achievement. These achievements all follow the name "Mightier than {something related to the boss}," and some have extra rewards associated with their completion.


Savage Rewards

Blue Mage has a bunch of cool rewards locked behind its achievements. The rewards are as follows:

The most sought-after reward is Morbol Horn Icon Morbol Horn. This is one of the rarest mounts in the game and is sure to get a lot of attention. "The Azure and Omega" is one of the rarest titles in the game as well! "Forbidden Blue" is the new title added with Patch 6.45 and will probably continue the trend of being exceptionally rare.


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