Blue Mage Spell Locations and Summary — Endwalker 6.45

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On this page, we go over the spells, abilities, and traits that a Blue Mage has in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (Patch 6.45).


Spell Learning Mechanics and Locations

This page will outline the actual process for how to learn Blue Mage spells, as well as list all spells and where to learn them.


Spell Learning Mechanics

As with other Final Fantasy games, Blue Mage learns spells by defeating enemies who use those spells. It's not quite that simple, as there are some details that aren't explained in-game.


Spell Learning Criteria

At minimum, the following criteria must be met to learn a spell:

  • The enemy must use the spell before it dies.
  • The enemy must actually die. For example, you cannot learn Perpetual Ray Icon Perpetual Ray from Onslaughter in Burden of the Son because Onslaughter never dies, it just leaves the arena.
  • You must be alive when the enemy dies.

Some spells are learned by satisfying certain conditions and then using a totem item. Totems can be acquired from Wayward Gaheel Ja in Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (x:13, y:13). These spells can only be learned from the totem, even if an enemy casts a spell with the same name (e.g. Enkidu and White Wind Icon White Wind).


Spell Learning Chance

There are only two things that affect the learn rate of a spell: the spell's star rating (1 to 5 stars) and whether or not the content is level synced. In general, if a spell has a higher star rating then it has a lower learn chance. However, if you are running group duties level synced, you are guaranteed to learn spells. The following do not count as group duties and follow whatever the spell's unsynced learn rate is:

  • Masked Carnivale
  • FATEs
  • Open world combat

There are two spells that are exceptions to this. Mind Blast Icon Mind Blast and Glower Icon Glower are both guaranteed learns even when unsynced, probably because they are required for job quests.

There are a lot of myths around spell learning chances, and in some of the other games these did actually matter. However, none of these things have any affect on your chance to learn a spell:

  • Number of times the enemy casts the spell.
  • Number of Blue Mages in the party.
  • Having non-Blue Mages in the party.
  • Party item level (i.e. minimum item level setting has no effect)
  • Whether or not you get hit by the spell.
  • Silencing echo.
  • The difficulty of the duty (Hard vs. Extreme)

Unsynced learn rates haven't been published anywhere, but we have enough anecdotal evidence to estimate that 1-star spells have about a 50% learn rate and 5-star spells have about a 5% learn rate.


Synced or Unsynced

The most common question people will ask after reading this is "should I do things synced or unsynced?" It is absolutely better to run things synced where possible since you are guaranteed to learn the spells. All open world and dungeon spells can be learned solo synced because of Basic Instinct Icon Basic Instinct. The three cases where it might be easier to do it unsynced is for Feather Rain Icon Feather Rain and Glass Dance Icon Glass Dance where they come from Extreme trials, or Aetheric Mimicry Icon Aetheric Mimicry, where it comes from infinitely spawning adds during the first boss.


Blue Mage Spell Locations and Additional Information

Below you will find a table that lists all spells and their locations. Unfortunately not all spells are particularly useful, so there will be some notes about general usefulness or quirks of spells in the table. Additionally, some "bait" locations that are generally bad have been omitted (e.g. A ranks). In general, locations will be listed in order of convenience/ease of access.

Spell Spell Location Extra Notes
1. Water Cannon Icon Water Cannon
  • Learned by default when unlocking Blue Mage.
2. Flame Thrower Icon Flame Thrower
  • Magitek Gunship - The Keeper of the Lake
  • Gobmachine G-VI - Brayflox's Longstop (Hard)
  • Omega - Alphascape v3.0
3. Aqua Breath Icon Aqua Breath
  • Ultros - The Dragon's Neck
  • Leviathan - The Whorleater (Hard or Extreme)
  • Ultros - Masked Carnivale: 20. Miss Typhon
4. Flying Frenzy Icon Flying Frenzy Zu - Pharos Sirius In order to trigger the spell being cast, you must break two eggs to cause Zu to enrage. You should have the party spread out, since Flying Frenzy does a lot of damage and stuns you. Zu is vulnerable to death effects, so you can use Level 5 Death Icon Level 5 Death to kill it quickly after the enrage.
5. Drill Cannons Icon Drill Cannons
  • Magitek Vanguard H-2 - Northern Thanalan (x:16, y:15)
  • Magitek Vangob G-III - Brayflox's Longstop (Hard)
  • Magitek Vanguard, Magitek Vanguard H-1 - Castrum Meridianum
6. High Voltage Icon High Voltage
  • Bestial Node - Masked Carnivale: 15. The Me Nobody Nodes
  • ADS - The Binding Coil of Bahamut (Turn 1 and 2)
7. Loom Icon Loom
  • Flame Sergeant Dalvag - Northern Thanalan (B mark)
  • Baalzephon - The Lost City of Amdapor
  • Dantalion and Phantom Knight - The Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard)
After engaging the enemy, you need to move away to make it use Loom to teleport to you.
8. Final Sting Icon Final Sting
  • Killer Wespe - Middle La Noscea (x:15, y:15)
  • Temple Bee - The Sunken Temple of Qarn
9. Song of Torment Icon Song of Torment
  • Siren - Pharos Sirius
10. Glower Icon Glower
  • Coincounter - The Aurum Vale
This spell has a 100% learn chance even unsynced.
11. Plaincracker Icon Plaincracker
  • Clay Golem - North Shroud (x:19, y:29)
  • Sandstone Golem - Southern Thanalan (x:22, y:12)
  • Basalt Golem - Outer La Noscea (x:16, y:15)
  • Azulmagia - Masked Carnivale: 25. Dirty Rotten Azulmagia
12. Bristle Icon Bristle
  • Wild Boar - East Shroud (x:18, y:24)
Bristle boosts the potency of all Spells by 50%, but does not boost the potency of Abilities. This is visible in the tooltip of each spell. A good rule of thumb is that GCD actions like Matra Magic Icon Matra Magic are spells and OGCD actions like Nightbloom Icon Nightbloom are abilities.
13. White Wind Icon White Wind
  • Totem - Learn 10 Spells
14. Level 5 Petrify Icon Level 5 Petrify
  • Manor Sentry - Haukke Manor
15. Sharpened Knife Icon Sharpened Knife
  • Tonberry King - The Wanderer's Palace
16. Ice Spikes Icon Ice Spikes
  • Trickster Imp - Central Shroud (x:27, y:24)
  • Manor Jester - Haukke Manor
  • Azulmagia - Masked Carnivale: 25. Dirty Rotten Azulmagia
Used only in Masked Carnivale: 12. The Plant-om of the Opera.
17. Blood Drain Icon Blood Drain
  • Chigoe - Central Shroud (x:25, y:20)
  • Cave Bat - Lower La Noscea (x:27, y:16)
  • Attic Bat - Haukke Manor
This spell is critical to maintaining MP levels while using expensive spells like White Wind Icon White Wind and Diamondback Icon Diamondback!
18. Acorn Bomb Icon Acorn Bomb
  • Treant Sapling - North Shroud (x:24, y:28), Central Shroud (x:27, y:15), East Shroud (x:12, y:25)
This spell is mostly useless after Sleep Icon Sleep was added.
19. Bomb Toss Icon Bomb Toss
  • Goblin Fisher & Gambler - Middle La Noscea (x:23, y:21)
20. Off-guard Icon Off-guard
  • Totem - Learn 5 Spells
Stacks and shares a cooldown with Peculiar Light Icon Peculiar Light.
21. Self-destruct Icon Self-destruct
  • Glide Bomb - Western Thanalan (x:27, y:16)
  • "Bomb" Enemies - Copperbell Mines, Halatali, Cutter's Cry
  • Cherry Bomb - Masked Carnivale: 08. The Bomb-edy of Errors
22. Transfusion Icon Transfusion
  • Totem - Learn 20 Spells
Our most useless spell!
23. Faze Icon Faze
  • Qiqirn Shellsweeper - Central Thanalan (x:9, y:19)
  • Qiqirn Eggdigger - Lower La Noscea (x:19, y:35)
24. Flying Sardine Icon Flying Sardine
  • Apkallu - Eastern La Noscea (x:27, y:35)
25. Snort Icon Snort
  • Typhon - The Dragon's Neck
  • Typhon - Masked Carnivale: 20. Miss Typhon and 27. Lock Up Your Snorters
In The Dragon's Neck, Typhon uses Snort quite late into the fight. There are many spells similar to Snort, but only the one actually called "Snort" counts.
26. 4-tonze Weight Icon 4-tonze Weight
  • Ultros - The Dragon's Neck
This is the only spell locked behind the Hildibrand questline. It has some niche use in A8S for slowing down orbs!
27. The Look Icon The Look
  • Denezen of the Dark - Mor Dhona Levequest: "Necrologos: The Liminal Ones"
  • Anantaboga - Amdapor Keep
  • Valefor - The Labyrinth of the Ancients
28. Bad Breath Icon Bad Breath
  • Stroper - Central Shroud (x:13, y:21), South Shroud (x:20, y:28)
  • Haliostroper - Central Shroud (x:15, y:21)
  • Morbol - Aurum Vale
  • Reflective Rebekah - Masked Carnivale: 19. On a Clear Day You Can Smell Forever
The damage down component works on all enemies, making this functionally similar to Reprisal Icon Reprisal.
29. Diamondback Icon Diamondback
  • Cuca Fera - The Stone Vigil (Hard)
Cuca Fera is vulnerable to Death effects, so you can kill it easily after it uses Diamondback. When using Diamondback you are unable to move for 10 seconds and there is no way to cancel this early. Diamondback's mitigation is twice as effective as Tank LB3!
30. Mighty Guard Icon Mighty Guard
  • Totem - Learn 10 Spells
This reduces damage dealt by 40%. This should only be used as a tank, when using Basic Instinct Icon Basic Instinct, or when mitigation is needed.
31. Sticky Tongue Icon Sticky Tongue
  • Toxic Toad - Central Thanalan (x:27, y:19)
  • Laughing Toad - Western Thanalan (x:15, y:6)
The extra threat is negligible. It mostly only matters for golems in The Second Coil of Bahamut (Turn 4). However, this spell is still extremely important for The Second Coil of Bahamut (Turn 4) and some Masked Carnivale stages!
32. Toad Oil Icon Toad Oil
  • Giggling Gigantoad - Western Thanalan (x:15, y:7)
This is a "bait" spell. Outside of buffing Self-destruct Icon Self-destruct it is functionally useless.
33. The Ram's Voice Icon The Ram's Voice
  • Chimera - Cutter's Cry
  • Dhorme Chimera - A Relic Reborn: The Chimera
  • Azulmagia - Masked Carnivale: 25. Dirty Rotten Azulmagia
34. The Dragon's Voice Icon The Dragon's Voice
  • Chimera - Cutter's Cry
  • Dhorme Chimera - A Relic Reborn: The Chimera
  • Azulmagia - Masked Carnivale: 25. Dirty Rotten Azulmagia
The AOE pattern for this ability is a large donut shape. It is useful in certain fights for hitting multiple ranged targets at once.
35. Missile Icon Missile
  • Enkidu - Battle in the Big Keep
  • Guardian - Sigmascape v3.0
Has roughly 67% accuracy. Reduces HP by 50% of current HP. If two Blue Mages use this on the same server tick, the enemy might die instantly!
36. 1000 Needles Icon 1000 Needles
  • Sabetonder Bailaor - Southern Thanalan (x:15, y:15)
37. Ink Jet Icon Ink Jet
  • Kraken - Sastasha (Hard)
Mostly useless, but can be used in Masked Carnivale: 19. On a Clear Day You Can Smell Forever to blind yourself and dodge the Schizocarps!
38. Fire Angon Icon Fire Angon
  • Frumious Koheel Ja - The Wanderer's Palace (Hard)
39. Moon Flute Icon Moon Flute
  • Totem - Complete 10 Masked Carnivale stages
Buffs all damage by 50% for 15 seconds, followed by being unable to use job or role actions for 15 seconds (Sprint Icon Sprint is usable). Effective use of this ability is the most important thing for increasing your DPS as a Blue Mage. For more info, see the Blue Mage Rotation guide.
40. Tail Screw Icon Tail Screw
  • Karlabos - Sastasha (Hard)
Has roughly 10% accuracy.
41. Mind Blast Icon Mind Blast
  • Galvanth the Dominator - The Tam-Tara Deepcroft
  • Blaster - Alexander: The Burden of the Son
This spell has a 100% learn chance from Galvanth the Dominator even unsynced.
42. Doom Icon Doom
  • Totem - Clear 20 Masked Carnivale stages
Has roughly 33% accuracy.
43. Peculiar Light Icon Peculiar Light
  • Lentic Mudpuppy - Mor Dhona (x:13, y:10)
Stacks and shares a cooldown with Off-guard Icon Off-guard.
44. Feather Rain Icon Feather Rain
  • Garuda - The Howling Eye (Extreme)
Shares a cooldown with Eruption Icon Eruption.
45. Eruption Icon Eruption
  • Ifrit - The Bowl of Embers (Normal, Hard, or Extreme)
Shares a cooldown with Feather Rain Icon Feather Rain. This can be learned on normal solo synced easily with Mighty Guard Icon Mighty Guard, White Wind Icon White Wind, and 1000 Needles Icon 1000 Needles.
46. Mountain Buster Icon Mountain Buster
  • Titan - The Navel (Hard or Extreme)
Shares a cooldown with Shock Strike Icon Shock Strike.
47. Shock Strike Icon Shock Strike
  • Ramuh - The Striking Tree (Hard or Extreme)
Shares a cooldown with Mountain Buster Icon Mountain Buster.
48. Glass Dance Icon Glass Dance
  • Shiva - Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Extreme)
Shares a cooldown with Veil of the Whorl Icon Veil of the Whorl.
49. Veil of the Whorl Icon Veil of the Whorl
  • Leviathan - The Whorleater (Hard or Extreme)
Shares a cooldown with Glass Dance Icon Glass Dance.
50. Alpine Draft Icon Alpine Draft
  • Griffin - The Sea of Clouds (x:36, y:9)
  • Opinicus - The Dusk Vigil
51. Protean Wave Icon Protean Wave
  • Shikigami of the Undertow - Masked Carnivale: 29. Red, Fraught, and Blue
  • Living Liquid - Alexader: The Arm of the Father
This can be learned from the tornadoes during Shikigami of the Undertow. When they despawn you have a chance to learn the spell.
52. Northerlies Icon Northerlies
  • "Yeti" Enemies - Coerthas Wstern Highlands (x:20, y:31) and (x:17, y:27), and Snowcloak
53. Electrogenesis Icon Electrogenesis
  • Conodont - The Sea of Clouds (x:26, y:33)
54. Kaltstrahl Icon Kaltstrahl
  • Faust and Strum Dolls - Alexander: The Fist of the Father
  • Jagd Doll - Alexander: The Cuff of the Father
55. Abyssal Transfixion Icon Abyssal Transfixion
  • Arch Demon - Foundation Levequest: "Necrologos: His Treasure Forhelen"
  • Ash - Haukke Manor (Hard)
  • Everlasting Bibliotaph - The Great Gubal Library (fail third "chain" mechanic and spawn adds)
56. Chirp Icon Chirp
  • Paissa - The Sea of Clouds (x:19, y:35)
This spell is mostly useless after Sleep Icon Sleep was added.
57. Eerie Soundwave Icon Eerie Soundwave
  • Empuse - Azys Lla
  • Enkidu - Battle in the Big Keep
  • Arioch - The Lost City of Amdapor
58. Pom Cure Icon Pom Cure
  • Furryfoot Kupil Kipp - Thornmarch (Hard or Extreme)
59. Gobskin Icon Gobskin
  • Alexandrian Hider - Alexander: The Breath of the Creator
This can easily be done solo synced since it comes from one of the trash mobs before the actual boss.
60. Magic Hammer Icon Magic Hammer
  • Apanda - The Great Gubal Library (Hard)
  • Epilogi - Masked Carnivale: 24. Amazing Technicolor Pit Fiends
Shares a cooldown with Candy Cane Icon Candy Cane.
61. Avail Icon Avail
  • Queen Hawk - Saint Mocianne's Arboretum
This is the opposite of Cover Icon Cover. Any mitigations that the receiver has active do apply to the damage taken.
62. Frog Legs Icon Frog Legs
  • Poroggo - The Dravanian Hinterlands (x:12, y:35)
This is a very close range AOE spell. It does not function like Provoke Icon Provoke which gives you additional enmity after taking aggro, instead it sets your enmity exactly equal to whoever has the most enmity.
63. Sonic Boom Icon Sonic Boom
  • Anzu - The Sea of Clouds (x:21, y:6)
  • Zu - Pharos Sirius
Because of its range and cast time, this is our most reliable filler spell!
64. Whistle Icon Whistle
  • Dhalmel - The Sea of Clouds (x:16, y:30)
Bristle boosts the potency of all Physical Spells by 80%, but does not boost the potency of Abilities. This is visible in the tooltip of each spell. A good rule of thumb is that GCD actions like Final Sting Icon Final Sting are spells and OGCD actions like J Kick Icon J Kick are abilities.
65. White Knight's Tour Icon White Knight's Tour
  • White Knight - The Vault
66. Black Knight's Tour Icon Black Knight's Tour
  • Black Knight - The Vault
67. Level 5 Death Icon Level 5 Death
  • Page 64 - The Great Gubal Library
Has roughly 90% accuracy. Sometimes this enemy just takes a very long time to cast the spell.
68. Launcher Icon Launcher
  • Armored Weapon - Baelsar's Wall
  • Doman Armored Weapon - Doma Castle
Has 100% accuracy.
69. Perpetual Ray Icon Perpetual Ray
  • The Manipulator - Alexander: The Burden of the Father
This can be used to cheese certain things like Diabolos in Dun Scaith or some achievement FATEs like Special Tarasque Force.
70. Cactguard Icon Cactguard
  • Sabotender Guardia - The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard)
Since this spell can only be used on other targets and is relatively weak in terms of mitigation it is functionally useless.
71. Revenge Blast Icon Revenge Blast
  • Totem - Learn 50 Spells
72. Angel Whisper Icon Angel Whisper
  • Totem - Complete 30 Masked Carnivale stages
Every Blue Mage should have this if they plan on running group content. The spell has a 5 minute cooldown, so it is beneficial if everyone in the group has it. Raises are a very high-value resource in Blue Mage groups.
73. Exuviation Icon Exuviation
  • Abalathian Wamoura - The Sea of Clouds
  • Wamoura - The Lost City of Amdapor
To trigger the spell cast, you must attack an additional enemy nearby and get its health low.
74. Reflux Icon Reflux
  • Cloud Wyvern - The Churning Mists (x:23, y:29)
75. Devour Icon Devour
  • Decaying Gourmand - The Lost City of Amdapor
  • Nullchu - Saint Mocianne's Arboretum (Hard)
  • Cerberus - World of Darkness
If you are trying to learn this solo from Decaying Gourmand, you need to time a damage-over-time spell or Doom to kill it after it uses Devour.
76. Condensed Libra Icon Condensed Libra
  • Mechanoscribe - The Great Gubal Library (Hard)
  • Arena Scribe - Masked Carnivale: 24. Amazing Technicolor Pit Fiends
This was a core spell at level 60, but due to spell slot restrictions isn't used frequently at level 70!
77. Aetheric Mimicry Icon Aetheric Mimicry
  • Ghrah Luminary - Pharos Sirius (Hard)
This is the spell that allows us to play as any role!
78. Surpanakha Icon Surpanakha
  • Ravana - Thok ast Thok (Hard or Extreme)
All 4 charges should be used at once, as the bonus makes the hits do 200, 300, 400, and finally 500 potency.
79. Quasar Icon Quasar
  • Sophia - Containment Bay P1T6
Shares a cooldown with J Kick Icon J Kick. This is rarely used, since the mobility from J Kick is generally more helpful.
80. J Kick Icon J Kick
  • Brute Justice - Alexander: The Burden of the Son
Shares a cooldown with Quasar Icon Quasar.
81. Triple Trident Icon Triple Trident
  • Ebisu Catfish - Yanxia (x:28, y:6)
82. Tingle Icon Tingle
  • Ebisu Catfish - Yanxia (x:28, y:6)
The 100 potency buff applies to all three hits of Triple Trident Icon Triple Trident.
83. Tatami-gaeshi Icon Tatami-gaeshi
  • Dojun-maru - Kugane Castle
84. Cold Fog Icon Cold Fog
  • Mist Dragon - The Burn
In order to learn this spell, you must fail the mechanic with three heads during Mist Dragon. When this spell is triggered, for the next 15 seconds you are able to use White Death which is an instant cast 400 potency GCD.
85. Stotram Icon Stotram
  • Lakshmi - Emanation
This is our best AOE damage spell for 4 or more targets (when not under Healer Mimicry).
86. Saintly Beam Icon Saintly Beam
  • Phantom Train - Sigmascape v1.0
87. Feculent Flood Icon Feculent Flood
  • Tokkapchi - Saint Mocianne's Arboretum (Hard)
88. Angel's Snack Icon Angel's Snack
  • Totem - Reach level 70
Shares a cooldown with Dragon Force Icon Dragon Force and Matra Magic Icon Matra Magic.
89. Chelonian Gate Icon Chelonian Gate
  • Genbu - Hells' Lid
Shares a cooldown with The Rose of Destruction Icon The Rose of Destruction. When channeling, you are unable to move. If a certain amount of damage is taken, you can do massive damage as a tank especially if paired with Bristle Icon Bristle. This spell is sometimes called The Bluest Night in reference to The Blackest Night Icon The Blackest Night.
90. The Rose of Destruction Icon The Rose of Destruction
  • Ivon Coeurlfist - Temple of the Fist
Shares a cooldown with Chelonian Gate Icon Chelonian Gate.
91. Basic Instinct Icon Basic Instinct
  • Master Coeurl - Upper La Noscea (x:9, y:21)
  • Coeurl Sruti or Smriti - Temple of the Fist
92. Ultravibration Icon Ultravibration
  • Kongamato - The Peaks (x:11, y:25)
This has 100% accuracy and works on all enemies that can be frozen or petrified. The freeze/petrify and Ultravibration combo is sometimes called "Vibe Check."
93. Blaze Icon Blaze
  • Alte Roite - Deltascape v1.0
94. Mustard Bomb Icon Mustard Bomb
  • Omega - Alphascape v3.0
Most bosses are immune to the Lightheaded debuff.
95. Dragon Force Icon Dragon Force
  • Totem - Learn 100 Spells
Shares a cooldown with Angel's Snack Icon Angel's Snack and Matra Magic Icon Matra Magic.
96. Aetherial Spark Icon Aetherial Spark
  • Salt Dhruva - The Lochs (x:22, y:22)
Since this doesn't stack with Song of Torment Icon Song of Torment and Nightbloom Icon Nightbloom, it is mostly useless.
97. Hydro Pull Icon Hydro Pull
  • Kelpie - Drowned City of Skalla
This spell is very helpful for rounding up enemies to then kill with the Vibe Check combo.
98. Malediction of Water Icon Malediction of Water
  • Sai Taisui - The Swallow's Compass
99. Choco Meteor Icon Choco Meteor
  • Courser Chocobo - The Dravanian Forelands (x:34, y:28)
This is the strongest filler spell we have in the open world. Inside of duties it's not very strong since we cannot summon chocobos inside duties.
100. Matra Magic Icon Matra Magic
  • Totem - Learn 100 Spells
Shares a cooldown with Angel's Snack Icon Angel's Snack and Dragon Force Icon Dragon Force.
101. Peripheral Synthesis Icon Peripheral Synthesis
  • Omega - Alphascape v3.0
Most bosses are immune to the Lighthearded debuff.
102. Both Ends Icon Both Ends
  • Qitian Dasheng - The Swallow's Compass
Shares a cooldown with Nightbloom Icon Nightbloom. Outside of some very niche scenarios where you need to kill lots of enemies quickly, you will rarely use this spell.
103. Phantom Flurry Icon Phantom Flurry
  • Suzaku - Hells' Kier
104. Nightbloom Icon Nightbloom
  • Tsukuyomi - Castrum Fluminis
Shares a cooldown with Both Ends Icon Both Ends.
105. Goblin Punch Icon Goblin Punch
  • Hobgoblin - Kholusia (x:33, y:33)
106. Right Round Icon Right Round
  • Greater Armadillo (first boss adds) - Malikah's Well
107. Schiltron Icon Schiltron
  • Long-tailed Armadillo - Amh Araeng (x:16, y:30)
108. Rehydration Icon Rehydration
  • Slippery Armadillo - Amh Araeng (x:32, y:10)
109. Breath of Magic Icon Breath of Magic
  • Totem - Reach Level 80
110. Wild Rage Icon Wild Rage
  • Spectral Berserker - The Heroes'Gauntlet
Two casts of this will put you at 1 HP, perfect for Revenge Blast Icon Revenge Blast.
111. Peat Pelt Icon Peat Pelt
  • Mudman - Matoya's Relict
Combos with Deep Clean Icon Deep Clean to make soloing easier.
112. Deep Clean Icon Deep Clean
  • Seeker Of Solitude - The Grand Cosmos
Combos with Peat Pelt Icon Peat Pelt to make soloing easier
113. Ruby Dynamics Icon Ruby Dynamics
  • The Ruby Weapon - Cinder Drift
114. Divination Rune Icon Divination Rune
  • Titania - The Dancing Plague
Requires 4 targets to be a gain over Blood Drain Icon Blood Drain.
115. Dimensional Shift Icon Dimensional Shift
  • Eden Prime - Eden's Gate: Resurrection
Has 100% accuracy.
116. Conviction Marcato Icon Conviction Marcato
  • Forgiven Obscenity - Mt. Gulg
117. Force Field Icon Force Field
  • Totem - Learn 120 Spells
  • Sephirot - Containment Bay P1T6 (Extreme)
118. Winged Reprobation Icon Winged Reprobation
  • Innocence - The Crown of the Immaculate
119. Laser Eye Icon Laser Eye
  • Eden's Promise - Eden's Promise: Eternity
120. Candy Cane Icon Candy Cane
  • Aenc Thon, Lord of the Lingering Gaze - Dohn Mheg
Shares a cooldown with Magic Hammer Icon Magic Hammer.
121. Mortal Flame Icon Mortal Flame
  • Lugus - The Grand Cosmos
Only one instance of this can be applied to each target. Effect lasts until target's death.
122. Sea Shanty Icon Sea Shanty
  • Nixie - Matoya's Relict
123. Apokalypsis Icon Apokalypsis
  • Therion - Amaurot
Shares a cooldown with Being Mortal Icon Being Mortal. Requires player to remain stationary for 10 seconds to get the full effect.
124. Being Mortal Icon Being Mortal
  • Titania - The Dancing Plague
Shares a cooldown with Apokalypsis Icon Apokalypsis.

Which Spells Should I Learn / Which Spells Are the Best?

The only real answer here is that you should learn every spell. If you intend on playing DPS or tank you will need to learn at least 100 spells anyway to learn Matra Magic Icon Matra Magic and Dragon Force Icon Dragon Force. As for "best" spells, it is largely situational.

Many fights and encounters will require specific spells to handle certain mechanics, which we will call "utility spells." One example of this is Devour Icon Devour which we use in Alexander - The Burden of the Son (Savage), or A8S, to resolve the Gavel mechanic.

If you'd like a full spell loadout for the Mimicry role you're playing, head over to the Blue Mage Rotation guide for more information.



  • 24 Jul. 2023: Updated for Patch 6.45.
  • 23 May 2023: Checked for Patch 6.4.
  • 07 Mar. 2023: Fixed missing tank loadout.
  • 24 Feb. 2023: Guide added.
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