Relic Weapons in FFXIV

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Relic weapons are unique tools for each expansion in Final Fantasy XIV with their own upgrade methods and endgame content designed around them. This page will outline every available Relic weapon for your combat classes.


Relic Weapons in FFXIV

Relic weapons in FFXIV are unique weapons for each class requiring multiple upgrades to eventually become their best in slot (BiS) for that expansion. They additionally serve as both endgame content and as an optional gearing method throughout the expansion.

Relic weapons often take more time to complete with the freedom to tackle them whenever without having to worry about a static or schedule. This is in contrast to Savage and Ultimate content which may require a more strict schedule or coordination with others.

Each questline is independent of each other meaning you do not need to start with the Zodiac weapons at level 50 to be able to obtain a higher level Relic.


Zodiac Weapons

Zodiac weapons were the first Relics ever released in FFXIV giving you equipment for your level 50 jobs. This questline sends you on a journey around the world collecting a range of items to recreate the legendary 'Zodiac Braves' weapons. These weapons have the player re-visit older content for Gerolt and Jalzahn to forge these mythical weapons.

There is also special kettle Relic available only to Monk classes providing them with a very unique cosmetic weapon.


Anima Weapons

Anima weapons are the level 60 Relics available in Heavensward. This questline is very similar to the Zodiac questline where you will find yourself completing a range of content to further enhance and upgrade your weapons.

The aim of these quests however is to animate and give life to a weapon with Gerolt as your smith again and a new friend Ardashir.

Completion of these quests also provides a minion you can only obtain through this quest chain.


Eurekan Weapons and Armor

Eurekan weapons are the level 70 Relics available for Stormblood. Unlike previous relics, Eurekan relics have you explore and upgrade your gear by exploring new instanced areas inside of The Forbidden Land, Eureka.

The Forbidden Land, Eureka is required to upgrade your relic, but the instances provide the player with other side content to do on top of the relic weapons. It is a good source of gil making for combat classes, there's a huge range of items and collectables you can obtain, and Eureka even has difficult 56-man dungeon!

Alongside the weapons you can also obtain Eurekan gear which has it's own upgrade path with special glow effects. This armor can also be augmented to provide Eureka-specific buffs to your character.


Resistance Weapons and Armor

Resistance weapons are the level 80 Relics for Shadowbringers. This series is similar to the Eurekan series where new instanced zones, content, relic armor and raids are provided alongside the relic weapon upgrades.

Unlike Eurekan weapons, players have the ability to participate in the resistance content to upgrade your items or you can upgrade them in more standard means such as tome, fates and dungeon farming.


Manderville Weapons

Manderville weapons are level 90 relics available for Endwalker and are a much more light-hearted take on relics compared to previous iterations.

As it stands, the longest part of the grind is to simply unlock the weapons by catching up on a comedic quest chain that has received countless updates throughout the games lifespan.



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