How to Obtain Manderville Relic Weapons in FFXIV

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This guide will explain how to unlock and upgrade the Manderville weapons which are the level 90 relic weapons for Endwalker. Join Godbert on his adventure to try and recreate the magnificent Manderville relic weapons.


Manderville Weapons Relic Guide in FFXIV

Manderville Relic weapons are the level 90 Endwalker Relics. Once fully upgraded, these relics will become best-in-slot for each respective class by the end of the expansion.

Unlike previous Relics, this series has no additional side content tied to it that you must progress through to obtain your weapon, making Manderville relics much simpler and easier in comparison.

They do however, require a very long quest chain to unlock which has been detailed below.


Unlocking your Manderville Relic Weapons

To get to the point where you can unlock these tools, you must complete a quest chain with 42 quests involved. The story is a fan favourite so you may want to get comfy and enjoy, otherwise it will take several hours to complete if you skip all cutscenes.

The chain starts with The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen and ends with The Imperfect Gentleman. On the lodestone the quest chain is split into multiple segments based on the expansion. Here are the links to follow through:

There are no level 80 Hildibrand Adventures.

Once these quests have been completed, you can begin the quest Make It a Manderville. This quest will then task you with obtaining three Manderium Meteorite Icon Manderium Meteorite which can be purchased by speaking to Jubrunnah in Radz-at-Han (X:12, Y:11).

Each Manderium Meteorite Icon Manderium Meteorite will cost you 500 Allagan Tomestones of Causality or 1500 total. The quest will then give you the first i615 Manderville Weapon.


Below you will find examples of each tool in their upgraded 'Amazing' form and glow to help you make a decision on what tools you want to aim for.

Paladin Warrior Dark Knight Gunbreaker White Mage Scholar Astrologian Sage Monk Dragoon Ninja Samurai Reaper Bard Machinist Dancer Black Mage Summoner Red Mage

Amazing Manderville Sword and Kite Shield

Amazing Manderville tool for Paladin

Amazing Manderville Axe

Amazing Manderville tool for Warrior

Amazing Manderville Zweihander

Amazing Manderville tool for Dark Knight

Amazing Manderville Gunblade

Amazing Manderville tool for Gunbreaker

Amazing Manderville Cane

Amazing Manderville tool for White Mage

Amazing Manderville Codex

Amazing Manderville tool for Scholar

Amazing Manderville Torquetum

Amazing Manderville tool for Astrologian

Amazing Manderville Milpreves

Amazing Manderville tool for Sage

Amazing Manderville Knuckles

Amazing Manderville tool for Monk

Amazing Manderville Spear

Amazing Manderville tool for Dragoon

Amazing Manderville Knives

Amazing Manderville tool for Ninja

Amazing Manderville Samurai Blade

Amazing Manderville tool for Samurai

Amazing Manderville Scythe

Amazing Manderville tool for Reaper

Amazing Manderville Harp Bow

Amazing Manderville tool for Bard

Amazing Manderville Revolver

Amazing Manderville tool for Machinist

Amazing Manderville Chakrams

Amazing Manderville tool for Dancer

Amazing Manderville Rod

Amazing Manderville tool for Black Mage

Amazing Manderville Index

Amazing Manderville tool for Summoner

Amazing Manderville Rapier

Amazing Manderville tool for Red Mage

Purchasing Additional Manderville Weapons

Once the quest has been completed for the first time, additional Manderville Weapons can be purchased through the same method of three Manderium Meteorite Icon Manderium Meteorite for 500 Allagan Tomestones of Causality each. This is through the repeatable quest Make Another Manderville.

This will cost you 28,500 Allagan Tomestones of Causality total for all classes including the 1,500 from the initial quest.


Upgrading to Amazing Manderville Weapons

Upgrading your weapons involves a very similar process to the initial purchase of the weapons. That is, using more Allagan Tomestones of Causality.

To unlock the ability to upgrade your weapons you need to complete the quest Generational Bonding to then unlock Well-Oiled. Well-oiled will then give you your first relic as completion of the quest. Further relics must then be purchased while undertaking the quest The Next Mander-level.

Each of these weapons will require three Complementary Chondrite Icon Complementary Chondrite which again, cost 500 Allagan Tomestones of Causality each. Costing 28,500 total for all classes.



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