Samurai DPS Gear and Best in Slot — Endwalker 6.4

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On this page, you will find the best gear and best-in-slot items for your Samurai DPS in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (Patch 6.4).


Samurai Gearsets (BiS)

This section covers endgame best-in-slot builds for Samurai in Patch 6.2 and also includes two options of iLvL 610 progression sets for those who want a strong starting point. This page currently only includes Ultimate-specific builds for Dragonsong's Reprise (DSR). These gear sets are made by calculating the highest possible damage modifiers at viable looping Skill Speed ranges and checking them against each other using a simulated full-uptime rotation.

If you are interested in making your own gear sets, or just want to check upgrade paths and melds, you can check out the Gear Planner.

If you instead are gearing up and don't want to do a deep dive into a spreadsheet for granular gains, you can read more about Samurai's interaction with various substats and find a general meld priority in the melding section linked below.

Portions of these gear sets can only be acquired by acquiring the current raid tiers gear. A guide for the content can be found links below.


Progression Gear Sets


"Economy" Progression Set 2.14 GCD

This gear set uses a combination of Crafted, Normal Raid, and Extreme pieces, with only the guaranteed meld slots filled in order to save Gil on gear and materia.


Pentamelded Progression Set 2.13 GCD

This gear set uses full crafted and all possible overmeld spots to maximize damage at iLvL 640, at the great expense of materia lost to RNG. Due to the amount of SKS naturally on gear the GCD is 2.13, but this plays rotationally the same as the traditional 2.15/2.14 GCD rotations.


Best in Slot Gear Sets


"Slow SAM" Savage BiS (2.15 GCD)

The 2.15 GCD Savage BiS set is the highest simulated DPS output of all current Savage BiS gear sets. As it does not need to spend any melds into Skill Speed, it is able to maximize the amount put into other more beneficial substats. This gear set is also recommended for those newer to the job or with higher ping, as more time between GCDs is more lenient for double weaves or being unsure of your next button in the rotation.


"Flex SAM" Savage BiS (2.08s GCD)

The 2.07 GCD Savage BiS set is roughly 0.5% below 2.15 in simulated DPS and may cause some issues with weaving depending on player ping. In exchange for this, it extends the rotation by one to 29 GCDs per minute, allowing for more flexibility with mechanic downtime to keep your burst phases aligned with your party.


"Fast SAM" Savage BiS (2.00s GCD)

The 2.00 GCD Savage BiS set is also roughly 1% below 2.15 in simulated DPS, and it nearly guarantees issues with Iai and double weaves without the use of third party software. The benefits of this set are that the rotation is extended one further to 30 GCDs per minute, and has a faster playstyle similar to Monk.



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