The Fell Court of Troia Full Dungeon Guide

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Welcome to our guide to The Fell Court of Troia, a dungeon released in Patch 6.2. This guide aims to prepare players for the dungeon so they will know what to expect, with simple mechanic instructions and notes on what to watch out for.



Since the days of old, the imagination of the Thavnairian people has been captured by a persistent legend─the promise that somewhere, beneath the shimmering expanse of the Bounty, lies hidden the treasure vault of Alzadaal III. Yet how might one claim the fabled satrap's hoard where so many other reckless souls have tried and fallen? Will Estinien's dubious map lead you true to the rumored isle and its moldering ruins? Whatever peril waits ahead, it is certain to be an adventure!


Unlock Requirements

The Fell Court of Troia can be unlocked at level 90 during the main scenario quest. It is the first players will encounter in Patch 6.2's MSQ and is located in Thavnair. Players above level 90 will be level synced to level 90 when entering, and there is a minimum item level restriction of 560 to enter.


Full Dungeon Guide for The Fell Court of Troia


First Boss Trash Mobs

None of the trash mobs are threatening. The four Troian Pawns will cast Condemnation, a frontal conal AoE, so make sure to move out from the set of AoEs.



In Penitence, you fight Beatrice's Evil Dreamer adds.

  • Evil Dreamer mobs by themselves are not particularly threatening. Stay near the tank to pull mobs to them and AoE them down.
  • Evil Dreamer mobs will spawn at the middle of the arena and the edge.
  • Ones that spawn at the edge will charge a line AoE across the arena. Dodge these while dodging other mechanics.
  • Void Gravity is a marked AoE on all players.
  • At one point, Evil Dreamers will spawn and start casting Unite Mare. Go to the side of the arena safe from the beams and kill the one closest to the spawned adds to ensure there is a safe spot in the arena.
  • A large Evil Dreamer will spawn and cast Endless Nightmare. In addition, three untargetable adds spawn and explode in an AoE. One add will be tethered, and that AoE explosion will be large, so stay awake from it.

Second Boss Trash Mobs

None of the trash mobs are threatening besides heavier auto-attack damage compared to the first set of trash mobs. The large hitboxes may mean AoE will not catch the entire pack, so position properly to ensure maximum damage output.



  • Eye of Troia summons a shrinking gaze ring. When the ring resolves, it will cast a gaze from that location, so look away from it. If players are looking at it, they will be inflicted with a Doom debuff that kills them if not cleansed in time.
  • Beatific Scorn will mark the arena with void lines. These explode after a bit in a large AoE, so start at a later one and move into the first one that explodes.
  • Hush is a tank buster.
  • Voidshaker is a frontal cone accompanied by Void Nail, a marked AoE on all players.
  • Toric Void is a donut-shaped AoE around Beatrice. Stay inside while looking away from the sets of Eye of Troia.

Final Boss Trash Mobs

As you pass certain points in the hallway, Troian Eqeurry will cast Swoop, a circular AoE, and jump down on that spot. This, accompanied with several other AoEs from other trash mobs means that players will have to watch their positioning while pulling mobs here. One AoE will deal insignificant damage, but standing in many can be lethal. In addition, the Troian Steward casts a large conal AoE, Karma, so try not to tank them at the wall.



The arena is surrounded by a pit of poison, which inflicts a poison DoT if players step in it or gets knocked into it.

  • Cursed Echo deals moderate raidwide damage and inflkicts a bleed DoT.
  • Rotten Rampage will fill the room with AoEs and place AoE markers on all players. These all inflict a stack of Brain Rot, and players must avoid getting three stacks. This will also break some of the wall.
  • Blighted Bedevilment knocks all players back. Make sure to get knocked back into a wall and not into the poison.
  • Scarmiglione will mark a portion of the arena to be damaged by a large AoE with Blighted Bladework. Stand far away from where it points to.
  • This is followed by Blighted Sweep, a large frontal AoE, so get behind it.
  • Scarmiglione will become untargetable and summon Necroserf adds. These must be killed before the Duty bar fills, or else the subsequent ultimate, Corruptor's Pitch will be lethal.
  • Void Vortex is a stack marker without a castbar.


The item level 595 Troian set is dropped from this dungeon. It has a level requirement of 90.



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