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BM Hunter. Beast Cleave Uptime question

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Hi there, fellow hunters.
My guild trying Tectus(mythic) atm, so I have to use BM spec for AoE.
There is a statement in BM rotation guide:


"When facing 2-4 enemies, use Multi-Shot to maintain maximum uptime of the Beast Cleave buff on your pet. That said, Kill Command still takes priority over this.

When facing 5-7 enemies, keeping up Beast Cleave takes priority over Kill Command.

In both of the above situations, Barrage has a higher priority than Kill Command."

I've got it, but I have a problem to maintain max. uptime of Beast Cleave, if I use Kill Command and Barrage(high prio) asap. Buff fades quite often, and solid part of pet's "special attacks" are not AoE. I'm trying to use focusing shot + steady focus for great focus regen, but still have a large gaps in the Beast Cleave uptime.

Any suggestions what to do?

Here's my armory, if needed:Инримор/simple

Thx a lot.

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    • By Valtix
      Is it ever worth using different food based on the encounter, or should we always be using Mastery? I say this because Haste is slightly better than Mastery for AoE situations iirc, so on constant AoE fights such as Iron Maidens I wonder if it'd be better to use the Haste food. Also Multistrike is marginally better than Mastery for pure single target, so same thing there with a fight like Gruul.
    • By Ulforce
      I'm currently using Stone of Fire + (Mythic) Captive Micro-Aberration (socket).
      I also have the Lucky Double-Sided Coin, and (Heroic) Scales of Doom. Should I use the Lucky Coin instead of the Imperator trinket?
    • By Thardan
      Hi all was hoping someone could shed some light on how to keep my pet doing what I want and not what "He" wants. For example, during Hans'gar and Franzok, when one of them cast crippling suplex on the tank, my pet (I assume) follows the boss leaving me petless for 6-10 seconds. Sometimes he will follow and not come back, and make me dismiss and call pet in the middle of the encounter. And other times (no specific example here) I feel as if even though I have switched targets, He continues on the original target. And there is nothing better then multi-shoting a group of adds only to realize he is attacking the only lone add, thus beast-cleaving the hell out the air... On beastlord Darmak I often find him cleaving a lone spear (With our raid comp the boomkin and I are cleaving spears) and once again air-cleaving. I'll see if i can find an in game rolled up newspaper to smack his nose with .... But a real solution would be much more helpful Any other suggestions welcome, here is my armory link --->
    • By Niix
      10-29-14: Changed Focus Fire section for BM.
      10-24-14: Added best races for each spec.
      10-23-14: Updated Talent Recommendations for MM and BM. 
      10-21-14: Added Weapon Rankings for MM, and SV. Updated MM opener.
      10-20-14: Added Weapon rankings for BM..
      10-18-14: Hotfix updates. BM takes the lead.
      10-16-14: Added new Sniper Training Weak Auraas well as changed mistakes in the BiS gear list for all three specs.
      10-15-14: Changed recommended 60 talent for MM from Thrill of the Hunt to Steady Focus. 
      Hello my fellow hunters. In this guide I will be going over the rotations for each spec for Patch 6.0. I will also cover stat changes and what stats you'll want to look for as well as gemming and gear choices. This information is for 6.0 only and I can't stress that enough, this information will likely change when WoD drops and will be kept up to date when it does.
      Wanna give a quick shoutout to Azortharion for 95% of the BM information and stat priorities. Check him out over on MMO-Champion where he is very active.
      Table of Contents
      1. Enchants.
      2. Gemming.
      3. Marksmanship.
      4. Beast Mastery.
      4. Survival.
      5. Talents.
      6. Opener.
      Enchants (6.0)
      The enchants are still the same.
      Boots: Blurred Speed
      Gloves: Mastery
      Cloak: Accuracy / Critical Strike
      Bracers: Agility
      Shoulders: Tiger Claw Inscription
      Legs: Shadowleather Leg Armor
      Gemming (6.0)
      Agility has been gimped incredibly come 6.0 so hunters will be opting to take secondary stats over mainstat. Since the stat priorities for all three specs have the same first stat you'll want the same gems across the board. 
      Red: Crafty Vermilion Onyx (+10 Haste, +10 Crit)
      Yellow: Smooth Sun's Radiance (+20 Crit)
      Blue: Rigid River's Heart (+20 Crit)
      The reason that we use the Haste/Crit gem for MM is because there is no Crit/Mastery gem, or even a +10 Agi, +10 Crit gem for whatever reason. So we will be able to swap specs without re-gemming now.
      I'll leave out what we lost and focus mainly on how the new changes are to be dealt with. So first off since we don't have Arcane Shot anymore we no longer have to differentiate between when to use Aimed or Arcane. So our rotation got a lot easier with that small change.
      The priority is fairly simple:
      Chimera Shot Kill Shot Barrage Aimed Shot Steady Shot  
      Pretty damn easy, cus those are our only 5 buttons. So this rotation isn't even so much a rotation, because it's super hard to mess up honestly. The skill gap comes in with managing our new Mastery.
      Mastery: Sniper Training: When you stand still for 3 seconds, you gain Sniper Training for 6 seconds, which increases your damage, shot range, and critical strike damage by x%.
      The play style of the spec is like nothing we've seen before. Consistent movement unless in short 3 second bursts will be punished. Standing still is imperative to performing well as MM, you'll ideally want a 100% uptime on Sniper Training, but for the average player, anything above 90% I would consider good. 
      Sniper Training Bar Weak Aura.
      This weak aura will show you four things. If the main bar is green your buff is applied. If it is yellow, your buff is draining. If it is red, you want to stand still. The two black bars going vertically across the bar are the 4 second and 3 second markers. You'll want to stop moving somewhere in-between those two for maximum up-time. The timer is the duration left on the buff reapplying once you stand still again.
      As for our stat priority, you should aim for these stats:
      (6.0) Weapon Damage > Agility > Crit > Haste > Mastery
      This makes our BiS gear the following pieces:
      Helm: Tier
      Neck: Gleaming Eye of the Devilsaur (Thok the Bloodthirsty)
      Shoulders: Tier
      Cloak: Legendary
      Chest: Ancient Archer's Chestguard (Spoils of Pandaria)
      Bracers: Dagryn's Fuselight Bracers (Galakras)
      Gloves: Tier
      Belt: Arrowflight Girdle (Spoils)
      Legs: Tier
      Boots: Puddle Punishers / Ravager's Pathwalkers (Immerseus / Nazgrim)
      Ring 1: Swift Serpent Singet (Galakras)
      Ring 2: Reality Ripper Ring (Norushen)
      Trinket 1: Haromm's Talisman (Dark Shamans)
      Trinket 2: Assurance of Consequence (Sha of Pride)
      Weapon: Hisek's Reserve Longbow (Paragons)
      2-3 Targets: Single Target rotation.
      4+ Targets: Multi-Shot spam. Chimaera on CD. Explosive Trap if adds will live for 18 seconds.
      MM Weapon Rankings / ST Sims:

      Best Races:

      Beast Mastery
      Our rotation for BM is almost entirely unchanged, the only thing is that we don't have to manage Serpent Sting at all anymore so there's very little to worry about. 
      The priority is:
      Kill Command Kill Shot Focus Fire* Barrage Arcane Shot Cobra Shot *Focus Fire should be used on cooldown UNLESS there is less than 3 seconds of Bestial Wrath left, where you would no longer benefit as much from the haste, and your pet wouldn't get a 2x damage basic attack.
      Our stat priority for BM will look like this:
      (6.0) Agility >= Weapon Damage > Crit > Mastery > Haste
      This makes our BiS list the pieces below:
      Helm: Tier Neck: Gleaming Eye of the Devilsaur (Thok the Bloodthirsty) Shoulders: Tier Cloak: Legendary Chest: Ancient Archer's Chestguard (Spoils) Bracers: Bracers of Infinite Pipes (Siegecrafter) Gloves: Tier Belt: Arrowflight Girdle (Spoils) Legs: Tier Boots: Minelayers Padded Boots (Juggernaut) Ring 1: Ring of Restless Energy (Malkorok) Ring 2: Swift Serpent Signet (Galakras) Trinket 1: Haromm's Talisman (Dark Shamans) Trinket 2: Assurance of Consequence (Sha of Pride) Weapon: Kor'Kron Hand Cannon (Malkorok)     AoE:    2 Targets: Beast Cleave should be maintained as much as you can without delaying Kill Command to maintain it.   3+ Targets: Beast Cleave takes priority over Kill Command, continue to cast Kill Command as much as you can.   9+ Targets: Multi-Shot and Cobra shot exclusively.     BM Weapon Rankings / ST Sims:       Best Races:    
      Gonna start this off by saying that Survival is one of the lowest performing specs in the game with the 6.0 patch. Current sims should be taken with a grain of salt but considering how far behind the other specs it is we can tell that it is going to be absolutely terrible. However I know there are people here that will still continue to play it regardless.
      The priority is unchanged other than the loss of Kill Shot and Serpent Sting:
      Explosive Shot Black Arrow Barrage Arcane Shot Cobra Shot  
      Our stat priority is unchanged:
      (6.0) Agility > Weapon Damage > Crit > Haste > Mastery
      BiS list has changed slightly from 5.4 and is as follows:
      Helm: Tier Neck: Gleaming Eye of the Devilsaur (Thok the Bloodthirsty) Shoulders: Tier Cloak: Legendary Chest: Ancient Archer's Chestguard (Spoils) Bracers: Bracers of Infinite Pipes / Dagryn's Fuselight Bracers (Siegecrafter / Galakras) Gloves: Tier Belt: Arrowflight Girdle (Spoils) Legs: Tier Boots: Puddle Punishers / Ravager's Pathwalkers (Immerseus / Nazgrim) Ring 1: Reality Ripper Ring (Norushen) Ring 2: Swift Serpent Signet (Galakras) Trinket 1: Haromm's Talisman (Dark Shamans) Trinket 2: Assurance of Consequence (Sha of Pride) Weapon: Hisek's Reserve Longbow (Paragons)     SV Weapon Rankings / ST Sims:        Best Races:       Nothing else to note here for SV.     Talents   BM:   Immerseus: Dire Beast, Blink Strikes, Barrage Protectors: Dire Beast, Blink Strikes, Barrage
      Norushen: Dire Beast, Blink Strikes, Barrage
      Sha of Pride: Dire Beast, Crows, Barrage
      Galakras: Dire Beast, Blink Strikes, Barrage
      Iron Juggernaut: Dire Beast, Crows, Glaive Toss
      Kor'kron Dark Shamans: Dire Beast, Blink Strikes, Barrage
      Nazgrim: Dire Beast, Blink Strikes, Barrage
      Malkorok: Dire Beast, Crows, Glaive Toss
      Spoils: Dire Beast, Blink Strikes, Barrage
      Thok: Dire Beast, Blink Strikes, Barrage
      Siegecrafter(belt): Dire Beast, Blink Strikes, Barrage
      Siegecrafter(platform): Dire Beast, Blink Strikes, Barrage
      Paragons: Dire Beast, Crows, Barrage
      Garrosh: Dire Beast, Blink Strikes, Barrage   MM:   Immerseus: Thrill of the Hunt, Stampede, Barrage Protectors: Thrill of the Hunt, Stampede, Barrage Norushen: Thrill of the Hunt, Stampede, Barrage Sha of Pride: Thrill of the Hunt, Stampede, Barrage Galakras: Thrill of the Hunt, Blink Strikes, Barrage Iron Juggernaut: Thrill of the Hunt, Stampede, Barrage Kor'kron Dark Shamans: Thrill of the Hunt, Stampede, Barrage Nazgrim: Thrill of the Hunt, Stampede, Barrage Malkorok: Thrill of the Hunt, Stampede, Barrage Spoils: Thrill of the Hunt, Blink Strikes, Barrage Thok: Thrill of the Hunt, Stampede, Barrage Siegecrafter(belt): Thrill of the Hunt, Blink Strikes, Glaive Toss Siegecrafter(platform): Thrill of the Hunt, Stampede, Barrage Paragons: Thrill of the Hunt, Blink Strikes, Barrage Garrosh: Thrill of the Hunt, Stampede, Barrage     Opener   MM:   Your opener should look something like this.   
      Aimed Shot Chimaera Shot Stampede / Only Rapid Fire if AoC procs Steady Shot Steady Shot Rapid Fire / If AoC hasn't proc'd yet Aimed Shot / ( Barrage only if 2+ targets. On single target - otherwise delay until after Careful Aim (sub 80%)) Proceed  
      BM: Dire Beast Bestial Wrath + KC Murder Barrage / Glaive Proceed     SV:     WoD   When WoD releases all of this information will be scrapped in favor of the new tier as well as level 100 talents will be added. I will do my best to keep this updated as 6.0 gets into full swing.   -Niix
    • By mackk
      I feel very broken as a hunter atm, I played in the ptr and was hoping for things to be improved but nothing happened, played SV and MM in mythic SoO tonight and plan to test BM next raid.

      As SV I found the rotation very uninteresting and was way down on damage compared to others in my raid team, where in 5.4 I was topping the meters. Not having any burst makes the spec feel pretty slow.

      MM was a bit better damage wise as long as long as I was standing still, sniper training uptime is going to vary fight to fight making MM DPS inconsistent, the rotation itself feels very contorted if I wanted long casts I would go play a different class. I feel sniper training will hurt PvP quite a bit.

      Played BM a bit in ptr too, it felt pretty stripped down. I will comment more when I've played it in a raid environment.

      Overall the class feels completely gutted, not finished and unfun to play, its like Blizz started to make some changes took away some things to add in others but then ran out of time/gave up and just tried to tweak what we were left it. This is the first xpac I have been unhappy about class changes, others I loved. While specs are tuned for level 100 in WoD what I've seen from the beta isn't much better and the play styles are the same. Any game I play I choose the hunter/ranger/archer type class first and these changes have made me unsure if I will continue to play.

      Lets see what happens to hunters in the next month anyway.