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Brawler's Guild - Leona Earthwind

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Guest Aeronaut


A unique way to do this fight is if you are retribution and dual spec'd into protection. Use ret gear, except for sword and shield, and fight in protection spec. Forget Hammer of Justice and only use Crusaders Strike. Between Avenger's Shield, Holy Wrath, Consecration, and Light's Hammer the adds don't stand a chance. The key is to focus on Crusader's Strike and doing as much damage in tank spec as possible. Following this will pretty much turn this fights into a tank and spank. You should beat the enrage timer with teh help of the ret gear.

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Guest Tambwani-Aggramar

BM Hunter Thread for Leona, I am by no means UBER equipped but he is how I did it.


I had a tank spec pet with rise of the phoenix up, the Porcupine from MoP any colour pretty much the same abilities.

Laid down three traps before she popped, stood between her and the traps. Started with Sting and a few Arcane shots, she cast her seeds I tried interrupt but she resists and Scatter just has her cast it when she breaks. Once the Seems bloom walk her over the three traps and trigger your stampede. The whole while pet is dpsing it will usually die in fight so rise of the phoenix helps, it's not neccessary if you have a better weapon than I do. It's also helpful if to use stampede when the seeds bloom not before, it takes the attention off you. Any BM knows use Murder of Crows and Dire Beast whenever they pop up but I only had to use each once in the beginning of the fight. No real rotation info just keep hitting her in your favorite manner and grab a heal potion or two for close calls.

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