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Brawler's Guild - Smash Hoofstomp

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Warrior Advice:


Charge and open with bladestorm, it will kill both Goblins.


Use normal attacks and build up rage, as soon as he pops his Shield get behind him (he takes damage from behind - the shield is a cone deflection)


Pop CDs and burn him. He will stop and knock back just use charge to get back up in his kool-aid and keep pressure on him. Also note that Disrupting Shout will immediately end his barrier but as soon as the Fear ends he will start attacking again.

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Guest Andrahill

Guardian druid:
Berserk to get the gnomes down,
Then  son of ursoc during the following shieldwall, since you can pop the global cd while walking.
Also; bear hug does enormous damage once the gnomes are gone.

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