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Brawler's Guild - Millhouse Manastorm

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The guide for Millhouse Manastorm is not up yet, but you can post your comments on the fight in this thread. We will make sure to take them into account when we release the guide.

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Guest Smyte

RNG dependent fight in it's current incarnation. Millhouse MUST cast the first totems in a location where you can intercept both beams.

Kill any totem that is unable to be intercepted and is not about to despawn. Totems despawn automatically a few seconds after the new set goes up.

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Just killed it today as elemental shammy... gonna post some more detailed stuff tomorrow when i wake up.

What can be said you either have to get extremly good gear or have some luck with totems.

Killing Millhouse Manastrom rewards you with "Brawler" title.


You want to use your "cookie cutter" spec for this fight. There's almost no movement needed. so your talent's should include:

-Elemental blast

-Echo of the elements

you can also use Stonebulwark totem in 2nd minute of the fight when you earth elemental is on cd.

i'd also recommend using Ancestral guidance to heal you up as it will heal you instantly to 100% with stacked dmg buff.


-Flame shock (pretty self explanatory... allows you to get some more casts before you bhave to refresh it)

-Grounding totem (it's rly minor but if you use grounding when boss is buffed a litle you can do extra 100k dmg or so)

You should't rly need to use grounding totem as boss hit's are pretty low if you don't let him stack the buff.


With lower dps it's vital to get good rng. What your aim should be is first 2 sets of totems should be summoned in such way that you can get both of them at the same time stacking on you. With better dps you probably can get away with slower stacking. Your aim is to get 100 stacks before 1m 20 sec into fight. I used /timer to time the fight so i didn't miss my heroism timer. You burn heroism as late as possible to get maximum of it. Fight lasts 2 minutes wich means your last chance to not waste hero is 1m 20 sec mark. Save all your dps cd's for when you use hero. Pre pot it's rly a dps race that extra dmg rly helps you out. Remember to use earth elemental at the start of the fight. I used fire elemental totem at 1m 20sec mark with all +int procs/on use items. if you can't get both totems stacking on you then destroy one of them. Don't use earthshock on totem if you have 5+ lightning charges it's a waste of fulmination dmg wich could be used on boss. It's better to let boss stack a bit than waste dmg as you will heal to full hp with ancestral guidance anyway also earth elemental will soak most of the dmg for you in the 1st minute.

might add some more things if i remember :)

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The only way to beat Millhouse if you don't have some sort of insane gear (even then), is to get really lucky with the Crystal Spawns. You need to be able to intercept two beams at the beginning at least twice in order to stack your buffs fast enough.

Try to minimalize your downtime on Millhouse, use ranged abilites to kill the Crystals (I gave symbiosis to a Deathknight so that I could use their Death Coil as a ranged ability, while at the beginning of the fight you will not crit large enough to one shot the crystals, at the end it may aid you in getting rid of an unnecessary crystal).

It is not a bad thing to let him get stacks (though he will hit harder) but keep in mind he can not reach 100 stacks (or else he will cast DOOOOOOM!).

As a feral druid these are what I used:


- Glyph of Cat Form (higher passive healing)

- Glyph of Shred (alows shred from the front during Tiger's Fury/Berserk)

- Glyph of Savagery (allows for savage roar without combo points)

Talents (chosen to maximize burst at 100 stacks):

- Incarnation (1 Milion damage Ravage's with 100 stacks of the buff)

- Nature's Vigil (passive healing & 20% increased damage)


- Expertise/Hit Cap > Mastery > Crit

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The thing that I've noticed, at least as enhancement shaman is that Fire/Earth Elemental and Spirit Wolves don't get the buff. It's still better to keep Fire Elemental and Wolves for the BL+Cooldown part at 100 stacks . I am assuming that applies to all guardian pets but I could be wrong. Still haven't downed him, 3 times till now I reached ~1mil hp. You need to get lucky with the crystals as other ppl already said.

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