Holy paladin Tier 5 Talents

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Hi there, my holy paladin is Emilianohhgg-Quel'Thalas if you want to take a look. 


First of all, Im not a native speaker. Sorry for my english  :/


Okay the thing is that i just got the last week 3 tier parts for my HPaladin and i´ve heard that the best talent with tier 17 bonus set is Divine Purpose but at the same time i know LoD is useless in WoD and i dont like random procs either (mainly becoues i get so focus on procing it that i forget to heal properly)


by the other side i've read that sanctified wrath is another great option if you use it with merciful wrath. Im currently using Holy Avenger and im feeling good. but i fell either Divine Purpose + 4th bonus set or Sanctified Wrath + Merciful Wrath + the 4th bonus. 


So now i ask, Wich is better? 

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I´m playing as a Holy paladin myself and i use atm Sanctifed Wrath + Merciful Wrath atm unless a boss need me to change that to something else and that gives me with a pretty strong 1.5 min CD instead of 3 min, and that can be a lifesaver sometimes. 

But since i don´t have the set bonus yet i can´t tell if DP is better with the 4th set bonus but what i have read and what people says its the best atm-

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