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Tanking Guide as Brewmaster Monk:

Phase 1:

  1. Pick up Doom Lord when he spawned, don't worry about swapping on stacks, DPS should finish him before his stacks become a trouble. 


Phase 2 & 3: 

  1. Boss will be faced away from raid. As Brewmaster Monk, we have a great ability: monk_ability_transcendence.jpgTranscendence. You can transfer back when you are knocked away by ability_bossmannoroth_massiveblast.jpgMassive Blast.  (So if you have 2 Brewmaster Monks, then you can pretty much position boss anywhere you want to make other raid members deal with other boss abilities easier. I don't know if warriors can charge back. If they can, then you can do it same way.)
  2. If your co-tank can't do such awesome transfer as you, you will have to stay at one wall and face it, usually it is the one you just killed third Fel Iron Summoner
  3. Get away from spell_fire_felrainoffire.jpgFel Hellstorm by just walking around, make sure go back your position before ability_warrior_challange.jpgGlaive Combo.


Phase 4:

  1. Now, tanks can't stack together anymore. ability_warrior_challange.jpgEmpowered Glaive Combo will punch anyone who are in front of them. So make sure off tank stands at side of main tank. 
  2. Tanks will have to deal with Empowered Shadowforceability_monk_roll.jpgRoll and ability_monk_tigerslust.jpgTiger's Lust can stop you for a while. 


Now let's talk about the bloody hell  ability_warrior_challange.jpgGlaive Combo and ability_warrior_challange.jpgEmpowered Glaive Combo.


We need to use an active mitigation for ability_bossmannoroth_glaivethrust.jpgGlaive Thrust, which will be ability_monk_elusiveale.jpgElusive Brew ONLY. See Here.

Using ability_monk_elusiveale.jpgElusive Brew makes us not take debuff ability_druid_infectedwound.jpgPuncture Wound from ability_bossmannoroth_glaivethrust.jpgGlaive Thrust.

However, here is a thick part!


Combo =ability_bossmannoroth_glaivethrust.jpgGlaive Thrust +  ability_bossmannoroth_massiveblast.jpgMassive Blast +ability_bossmannoroth_glaivethrust.jpgGlaive Thrust.


Because ability_bossmannoroth_glaivethrust.jpgGlaive Thrust is the first and the last spell in the combo, no matter we were tanking the boss or taunted from other tank, we will always have to take a hit!

Therefore, you will need your ability_monk_elusiveale.jpgElusive Brew for your co-tank's ability_bossmannoroth_glaivethrust.jpgGlaive Thrust and your own ability_bossmannoroth_glaivethrust.jpgGlaive Thrust.


Same to all the other tanks, you will need ur active mitigation up for all the combo, if you don't have it up, call for an external in the raid or save a brez just for that case. 


Wish this helped! 

English is not my first language, if there is anything sounds funny plz forgive me =/

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Solo tanking as Blood DK:
how to do it:


normal / heroic note:

  • there might be some positioning troubles in last phase since the boss will run after you after knocking you back

mythic note:

  • you will need a second tank to deal with the doomlords on mythic, but you wont need to swap on the boss which should make it that much easier to deal with for both of you


hope this helps someone, and good luck with your kills

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