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[Resto] Tackeling Meters

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Hello Folks,


I'm looking for some advice.


Currently I'm that lovely druid that tanks, heals and boomkins as and when everything is needed. Currently progressing on Xhul heroic and meters are just simply terrible! I'm getting beaten by both tanks and the 2 other healers (Disco and Holy Paladin). 


Now let me also say that I really don't care about meters in healing. I think it is a completely wasted tool when it comes into the flight of who the better healer is. However my GL is now commenting that it needs to be upped.


On this fight I hardly find something to heal until P3. With the Holy Paladin doing the tank healing and the disco helping I find myself wrathing until fire comes in, a quick rejuvenation on them (maybe a swiftmend if someone isn't good). Maybe a Geneisis if it's needed but then it's back to wrath. I feel like there is so much downtime I just can't seem to increase anything.


Would anyone be able to look into it and see what's what?





Thanks you. 

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There really isn't much to do for Restodruids during P1 and 2. Just try and Wild Growth when people are hit by Fel Surge and keep your Lifebloom on the off tank (the one tanking the big add). Other than that there really isn't much to do if everyone else avoids dmg well enough. You might wanna suggest to be the one in charge of keeping the fire in check during P2 to your GL, or alternatively you can kite the Voidwalker adds in P2/3 away from the range-dps so they don't have to mind them as much. Other than that, there's not much you can do, especially with a disc in you team dry.png


Once P3 hits, you should in theory be at full mana, so just cast Wild Growth on CD and keep Rejuve up on everyone. Announce your Tranq when necessary, and keep Incarnation ready for P4, then, if you still have enough mana, spam Regrowth if necessary, otherwise just Rejuve+Wild Growth as much as possible. Pre-hotting can be vital, you never know when a Fel Annihilation might hit.


Also, make sure to have more than 95% uptime on your lifebloom. It costs next to nothing, does a decent amount of healing (even if it's overheal most of the time), and Omen of Clarity is a thing. It doesn't have to be on a tank, you can just constantly swap it (you wanna do that anyway once you have T18-4p bonus).



Bottomline, unless you get a really good tranq off, your HpS will not look very well, that's just the nature of this fight for resto. 80% of your healing will happen in P3/4, so naturally your meters will tell you that you suck rolleyes.gif

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You should be doing it 2 heals maybe. Currently you're in a state where for 4 mins average damage taken per second (group) is 160k. Tanks are doing 60k hps, that's leaving 100k dtps. It's just enough for 2 healers to take. And yeah, Xhul is the kind of fight where you have nothing to heal half of the fight, and where everyone is dying for the rest of the fight. If your raid team can cover second part - I mean not fuck up with mechanics, with 13 ppl you'll be just fine with 2 heals here. Expecially when your tanks are DK and Pally.


HPS is a good meter, it just needs to be taken in a different perspective than dps. You can't heal if ppl aren't taking damage. And if heals have low hps - it probably means you've got too many healers.

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You bring a resto druid on Xhul just for the last phase. Until then, DPS. I see you're good at using Wrath. Keep 100% uptime on Moonfire as well on everything but Imps. And be useful to your raid by taking tasks such as clearing fire, kiting adds and spawning Black Holes at convenient spots, so that the other players can deal more damage. Meters are a terrible tool indeed.


Dream of Cenarius is bad. Use Heart of the Wild if you need even better power healing in the end, otherwise use Nature's Vigil. 

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This is all great info! Thanks folks. 


Since posting this we killed it with 15 people; and they took 4 healers! :( It made me very sad to think why...

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      Anyway I'm going to post my armory, and warcraftlogs. (I have no idea how to use logs so... here goes!) 
      annnd hoping it worrrrks
      Log I think if this works:
      I think I got it to show my healing from on of our runs... I think. 
      This is the most recent I can find. 
      So basically I just wanna know from some other restos how it looks, how to improve, and what I should look to do. Been worried that my healing isn't up to par with what a 904 should be so that's what mostly made me post this and because I wanna be the best i can be for my guild and our progression for Tomb. :)
      (Also I apologize if I this wrong. I have no idea what I'm doing.)
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