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So I have been looking everywhere for an answer to this question but have not seen anyone talking about it. 


Does the enhance class trinket from Archimonde cause the tier 17 4 set (feral spirits proc windfury) to do the bonus damage? 


I personally do NOT like the tier 18 2 and 4 set bonus.  I can see where it can be useful but personally I like 17 better and will use it until I get a definitive answer. 



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Huge mistake. 


actually, i was annoyed from the feral spirits going 2mins again, extremely annoyed but the tier 18 set bonuses are immensely better in theorycrafting,simulations and real raids.


i will just tell you an important part, you will almost have no maelstrom stacks lost because of them and your lightning bolt (with UF) will be extremely strong.


You should swap immediately to t18 4set..



for the Feral spirits t17 bonus, just go without trinkets and just green weapons without enchants and attack your garrison dummies, check the combat log with the t17 set , archi trinket or not.


Still the dps will be less, if you add the factors of lower agility and other stats on those 4 items

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      Hello all,
      I don't know where else to go for help.  I've been struggling with enhance since the changes in 7.1.5.  Originally I thought it was a gear issue because I was performing okay on some fights in Heroic NH, but as I've gotten more gear over the past week, my numbers haven't gone up.  Here are the logs from my raid tonight: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/N8P9vaGYHCFbmtDA#type=damage-done&boss=-2&difficulty=0
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      P.S. I'm also using Chesder's (from MMO Champion) TellMeWhen strings, so maybe there's a problem with those.  If anyone has WeakAuras strings to recommend, or different TMW strings, let me know.  I used to use WeakAuras from another Shaman (a girl, I think the name was Corixa, but she doesn't make them anymore), and moved to TMW when a friend had some good strings.  Thank you.
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             1.1 - The archimonde trinket fullfill this requiriment? because i SimC'd my fury warrior and even  though i have the HC trinket, it still says that haste it's better then mastery (Light movement, skill:good, latency 200ms, 1 target:boss)
      2 - Critical strike 30% with the t18, again, it's with raids buffs (25%+5%) or not (30%+5), i imagine it's 30% with buffs, due the 40% extra from BT and 30% extra com reckless
               2.1 also, it's this considering the boss supression (3%)?
               2.2 how much uptime on Reck you guys have with the t18 4pt, btw?
      3 - The main thing i would like to ask it's, how about rolling with the reck glyph (40% less bonus, 50% more duration) and go crit until 42%? that way i'll have more reck reset due the increased WS crits and better enrage uptime outside reck
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      Hey guys, first post so I apologize for any mistakes I might make. 
      So my question, discussion, is based mainly around interactions between the 17 2 and 4pc and the 18 2pc, and how that might change based on raid size. So I currently have all 5 pc of heroic 17 tier, and some other either 17 mythic non tier or warforged 17 non-tier, I only wear 4 pcs at a time and just swap out the shoulders for mythic neckbreaker with a socket. However my guild is currently raiding normal HFC, so I was wondering about the priority of the 18 2pc over the 17 4pc. I think in a decent sized raid group that 4 pc even after the nerf is exceptionally strong, and a good mana conservation talent, however due to some RL issues, our raid group has dropped from 16 people to 10-12. On top of that we're a ranged dps heavy group, meaning my chain heals frequently won't get the full benefit of hightide, and hit 7 people. If it were heroic tier I feel that the ilvl boost would be enough to warrant swapping out the old tier, but with it being only 10 ilvls at best, and less for any warforged gear, how the two would stack up in a raid group of my size. In addition, and quasi-related, I've been messing around with talents, and was wondering about throughput questions between EotE and AS. Now in fights where im utilizing my double SLT, then it's irrelevant, thats a huge CD thats worth some small healing increase. However on fights where that isn't the case, does AS jump ahead? And finally, in that case should I go back to glyph-ing RT, because I feel that nerfs the 18 2pc. I know this has been a monster of a post so thanks for any help :D. If anyone wants to just respond to any portion, thats fine, I just felt that all the questions sort of had synergy together in their answers.
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      This thread will be used as the round table in which we discuss our Tier 18 set bonuses, warriors! This tier brings us the Battlegear of Iron Wrath which is obtained in Hellfire Citadel. As with the last tier, we have three different recolors / skins and they are provided for preview below:
      Battlegear of Iron Wrath (Normal) Battlegear of Iron Wrath (Heroic) Battlegear of Iron Wrath (Mythic) =============================================================
      Here are the set bonuses to this tier. 
      2-PC Set Bonuses:
      Arms: Your Rend periodic damage ticks have a 60% chance to reset the cooldown of Mortal Strike. Fury: While Bloodsurge is active, your Wild Strike critical strike chance is increased by 50% and Wild Strike critical strike damage is increased by 12% Protection / Gladiator: Reduces the cooldown of your Last Stand ability by 50%. While in Gladiator Stance, the damage bonus from being Enraged is increased by 12%.  
      4-PC Set Bonuses:
      Arms: Your Rend deals damage 50% more often. Fury: Your Wild Strike critical strikes reduce the cooldown of Recklessness by 20 seconds. Protection / Gladiator: Shield Barrier's effect is increased by 200% when used during Last Stand. While in Gladiator Stance, your Shield Charge also causes you to Enrage.