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Enhance Rotation

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4 hours ago, AmiishDriveBy said:

Since we are no longer using Hailstorm, do we still incorporate frostbrand in the rotation?

No, frostbrand would only put a slow on your attacked target so their is no reason to unless you actually do want to slow it down. Running ancestral swiftness, the only buffs you keep up are flametongue and landslide. 

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If you're not using Hailstorm, then Frostbrand is basically just a ranged version of Arms Warrior's Hamstring. It does very little damage on its own, and it is not worth spending the resources. I wouldn't put Hailstorm in the toilet just yet, though. Let's see the build actually go live, and experiment with the new 7.1.5 Enhancement in different situations before learning a whole new rotation from scratch. It's not just the numbers that make the current "cookie cutter" Enhancement build so great - it's also the smooth rotation, the synergy between the artifact abilities, legendaries, and certain trinkets that make it work so well. If the other builds are close in power but are clunky to use, why would you choose them?

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OK, so Hailstorm is indeed pretty weak now at least on single target. I didn't try it out in a dungeon yet, but on a raid dummy with the 7.1 standard build, I was sustaining about 20% below where I was before. That obviously isn't acceptable in any way. I toyed around with the new builds and settled on Windsong, Ancestral Swiftness, Tempest and Fury of Air. This is a very well balanced build, because the first two talents generate tons of extra Maelstrom and the other two capitalize on that increased generation.

In dungeons, where I can capitalize on the buffed Spiritual Journey legendary as well as Emalon's Charged Core, I presume this will also be a very strong based on how the abilities seem to be tuned.

There is really no need for Frostbrand since Fury of Air has an AoE snare on it. Even if the enemy is behind you it is still getting snared.

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