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Hearthstone Chieftain Scarvash

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Guest Deflect

It looks like his Heroic and normal decks are the same, with just the order of cards in the lists being changed slightly.

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I defeated this boss today on heroic with a pretty standard patron warrior (cheap deck). I suspect that you need either inner rage and execute in starting hand, or good turn 2-4 with armorsmith.

If you get board control or manage to build up some patrons without dying, you are good to go.

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Guest Modalko

I defeated him with a cheap priest deck without any shenanigans on my 4th try. The trick is to get rid of the opening pair of Troggs quickly. Any 3/2 with Velen's Chosen works here, or a 3/2 and a Shadow Word: pain. After that his deck is pretty poor and it is crucial to note that he runs a lot of x/6 creatures. Hence the Boulderfists and Lords of the Arena who can often trade 2/1 or even 3/1. 


Most cards are replaceable with cards with similar stats if you don't have them (except probably Velen's Chosen)


Light of the Naaru


Shadow Word: Pain x2

Bloodfen Raptor x2

Acidic Swamp Ooze x2

Shrinkmeister x2

Shadow Word: Death x2

Velen's Chosen x2

Holy Champion x2

Refreshment Vendor x2

Sen'jin Shieldmasta x2

Excavated Evil

Holy Nova x2

Holy Fire

Boulderfist Ogre x2

Lord of the Arena x2

Temple Enforcer

Mind Control

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Guest Enthralimund

That priest deck works awesome... saw a number of "cheap" scarvash decks listed from 4000 - 6000 dust... smart deck man. good eye on the x/6 trade strategy

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The priest deck above is not very good - 10 tries and no luck. No removal means that you barely get to round 6... so all  those 6 drops are pointless.


The warrior deck is more competitive, but still haven't been top beat Scarvash on Heroic.

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The priest deck is certainly not an auto-win but you can beat Scarvash with it I just tried it 8 more times and beat him twice (changed the Mind control for a Powerword Glory by the way, but that's not what makes it tick). Let's be real, this boss is a very tough nut to crack. He starts with a massive board advantage that does

- at the very least 10 damage to you before you can do anything

- you have to spend at least 2 cards to neutralize his free threats and

- deal with the rest of his board that he still adds in the first few turns


You have to

1) mulligan hard for Velen's and SW:P and hope that you get a 2 drop

2) hope that he doesn't lightning bolt your 2 drop AND

3) hope that he doesn't simply curve to well to overrun you which is still possible.  


If you don't get a surviving 2 drop and a Velens/SWP, concede immediately because it's hopeless. Otherwise, play well and you have a chance.


I just added the deck to give players without 2 doomsayers a way to win against him. The warrior deck IS probably more competitive but also 5000 dust more expensive, and not 5000 dust in cards like Boom and Sylvanas that most of us have, but 5000 dust in less-often crafted cards.

Hard work if you're on the cheap and you need a bit of luck but it certainly is possible!. 

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Guest Monoma

Great deck, Modalko! Couldn't use warrior since I lacked half of the epics the deck required. With yours I managed to win on the third try. I made a few substitions since I had better twodrops like micro machines and knife jugglers, and replaced the temple enforcer with Justicar Trueheart, since I happened to have it. Thanks again!

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After losing countless times with the Warrior deck (probably because I lacked a few crucial cards, such as Doomsayer), I won on the first try with a slightly modified version of Modalko's deck.


I used Boneguard Lieutenant, Faerie Dragon and two Knife Jugglers, instead of the regular 3/2s suggested. I also used two Light of the Naaru, instead of one and I added an extra 3/2 instead of Mind Control. But I think the basic deck could work just as well.


Thanks Modalko!

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Great to hear that, you're welcome guys! Yeah, the deck can obviously be improved a bit by using 'higher quality' versions of the basic minions if you have them, but I wanted to keep the 'nice to haves' to a minimum. It's always easier to upgrade than to downgrade :)

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Guest BS213

Sick deck thanks for decklist!


took out: Bouncing Blade, Gorehowl and 1 Doomsayer

put in: 2nd Brawl, 2 Sparring Partners(never drew them..)



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I defeated Heroic Chieftain Scarvash with these F2P decks.

Heroic Scarvash starts with two Troggs, which have to be dealt with quickly. His hero power interferes with the mana cost of your cards: On odd turns you cannot play any minions. On even turns you cannot play any spells.
Scarvash's deck consists of a lot of 4-drops, meaning he often gets rather slow starts apart from his initial board advantage.
Tunnel Troggs are no threat because Scarvash has only one Overload card: 1x Lightning Bolt.
It might be a good idea to avoid leaving an injured minion on Scarvash's board because of 1x Rampage.
Scarvash's deck contains 2x Dart Trap, so be very careful using your hero power.
Summoning Stone is a very risky play because Scarvash will answer it with 2x Confuse.

F2P Mage (0 Dust)
Inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiqfXhWJ37I

1x Elven Archer
1x Mirror Image
1x Voodoo Doctor
1x Acidic Swamp Ooze
1x Bloodfen Raptor
1x Frostbolt
1x Frostwolf Grunt
1x Jeweled Scarab
1x Murloc Tidehunter
1x Arcane Intellect
1x Brann Bronzebeard
1x Forgotten Torch
1x Frost Nova
2x Animated Armor
1x Chillwind Yeti
1x Dragonling Mechanic
1x Fireball
1x Gnomish Inventor
1x Polymorph
1x Sen'jin Shieldmasta
1x Water Elemental
1x Darkscale Healer
1x Ethereal Conjurer
1x Frostwolf Warlord
1x Gurubashi Berserker
1x Summoning Stone
1x Reno Jackson
1x Flamestrike
1x Stormwind Champion

Mulligan for Animated Armor, then a 3/2, then Reno Jackson.
Turn 1: Do nothing, not even Mirror Image!
Turn 2: 3/2 minion.
Turn 3: Frost Nova, Frostbolt, Forgotten Torch.
Turn 4: Animated Armor.
Scarvash's minions will mostly ignore Animated Armor, but he will use Starfire against it.
Difficulty: Hard (may take more than 10 tries). If you can get Reno's Battlecry on turn 6 or later, the fight will actually be quite easy, but it still might take several tries.



Deck changes for Normal Mode: Goldshire Footman, Kobold Geomancer, Razorfen Hunter and Lord of the Arena instead of 2x Animated Armor, Ethereal Conjurer and Brann Bronzebeard.

F2P Priest (0 Dust)

2x Holy Smite
2x Northshire Cleric
2x Power Word: Shield
2x Acidic Swamp Ooze
2x Bloodfen Raptor
2x Shadow Word: Pain
2x Shadow Word: Death
2x Shattered Sun Cleric
2x Chillwind Yeti
2x Sen'jin Shieldmasta
2x Darkscale Healer
2x Gurubashi Berserker
2x Holy Nova
2x Lord of the Arena
2x Stormwind Champion

Mulligan for Shadow Word: Pain. If you have it, mulligan for a 3/2.
Turn 1: Do nothing.
Turn 2: Play a 3/2.
Turn 3: Shadow Word: Pain the Burly Rockjaw Trogg and trade your 3/2 into the Stonesplinter Trogg.
Difficulty: Hard (may take more than 10 tries).



F2P Warlock (0 Dust)
Inspiration: http://www.hearthhead.com/deck=138915/loe-nocost-solver-scarvash

2x Corruption
1x Elven Archer
1x Soulfire
1x Voidwalker
1x Voodoo Doctor
1x Acidic Swamp Ooze
1x Bloodfen Raptor
1x Bluegill Warrior
1x Dark Peddler
1x Frostwolf Grunt
1x Jeweled Scarab
1x Kobold Geomancer
1x Murloc Tidehunter
1x Brann Bronzebeard
1x Drain Life
1x Ironfur Grizzly
1x Raid Leader
1x Razorfen Hunter
1x Shadow Bolt
1x Shattered Sun Cleric
1x Chillwind Yeti
1x Dragonling Mechanic
1x Gnomish Inventor
1x Ogre Magi
1x Sen'jin Shieldmasta
1x Darkscale Healer
1x Frostwolf Warlord
1x Reno Jackson
1x Stormwind Champion

Mulligan for Corruption, then a 3/2, then Reno Jackson.
Turn 1: Corruption the Burly Rockjaw Trogg or restart.
Turn 2: Play a 3/2.
Turn 3: Trade your 3/2 into the Stonesplinter Trogg or Shadow Bolt or Soulfire.
Difficulty: Hard (may take more than 10 tries).



Deck changes for Normal Mode: Goldshire Footman instead of Brann Bronzebeard.

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Tunnel Troggs are no threat because Scarvash has only one Overload card: 1x Lightning Bolt.


Scarvash actually has five Overload cards. In addition to Lightning Bolt, he runs 2x Crackle and 2x Fireguard Destroyer. The decklist for Scarvash is two cards short for some reason. Add the two Crackles and it brings the total to 30.

Edited by CaptLando

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After 22 failed attempts with a mage deck that I made specifically for this fight, I turned to the priest deck presented by Modalko. Using a variation of his simple yet effective deck, I defeated Scarvash on my 3rd attempt. During most matches, it just seems like Scarvash has everything going perfectly his way, whether it's an endless supply of minions that I just can't keep up with, or a well-timed crackle and/or lightning bolt to clear my board. The card that saved me mid-game was Excavated Evil. I was low on health, board cleared...thought I was done for. Excavated Evil wiped the slate clean by clearing his. Anyway, after failing for hours with other classes, Modalko's priest is the way to go. Thank you, sir. wink.png

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