Heroes of the Storm: Blue Posts Round-Up

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With the new patch hitting the live servers this week, there were some pretty important blue posts in the official forums and in social media.


Today, we have some clarifications on crucial issues, that were already known to the team from the previous week already.


Haunted Mines are gone for good

The controversial battleground has been retired for a while now. It seems that it won't be coming back at all, until it has been reworked completely - which isn't in the team's immediate plans. To reflect this change, we will be removing the hero-specific tips on this battleground from our guides; once the new Haunted Mines go live, we will update the guides with the strategies for the reworked map.



On banning new heroes in Ranked play



Potential balance changes

Dustin Browder finally acknowledged that Tyrande is overpowered and promised once again that the team is working on her.



Nova is also under scrutiny.



Dustin gave a glimpse of the changes in store for Lunara. As you know, she is a bit weak at the moment.



Lastly, Dustin gave a vague response to a player's matchmaking concerns.



Relentless and similar talents not reducing Octo-Grab duration is intended

In a Reddit topic, people were wondering if Relentless and similar talents not reducing Murky's Octo-Grab duration is a bug or not. Community Manager trikslyr clarified that this is intended, but he didn't elaborate on the reason behind that.


Blizzard Icon trikslyr

This might be a bit late on the response, but I have an answer for you!

Octo-grab's duration not being reduced by Relentless is intended.



Before we finish, there were also some mentions on MMR especially. A lot of members of the community have weighed in on the MMR issue, with most asking for a complete reset. Dustin Browder tweeted that he still doesn't think this is the best solution, but the team is working on it. No specifics yet, but in his own words: "[they] will do something".

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      Voice Settings
      Digging a bit further into voice settings, you can click the dropdown menus at the top to pick which device you’ll use to hear your allies’ voices, and set up the microphone you’d like to use for your own. You can click the Test button to hear how you’ll sound to your teammates in-game. However, even if you don’t have a microphone, you can still join party and team voice channels to listen-in as your allies make plans and shotcall.
      As mentioned previously, the checkboxes under Auto-Join Voice and Notification Sounds on the left side of the voice chat options menu can be used to select which voice channels you’d like to join automatically during each game, as well as to enable or disable any voice notification sounds.
      Click the Transmission Mode dropdown to decide whether you’d like to set your microphone to Push-to-Talk or Open Mic. When using push-to-talk, your allies will only hear you while you’re holding down your push-to-talk hotkey (the ` key by default). With open mic, they’ll hear everything you have to say. If you do opt for an open mic, you can adjust the sensitivity slider to stop your microphone from transmitting sound under a certain volume. Finally, run a quick test to make sure your mic is sounding good and your sensitivity is set correctly—broadcasting noise is a surefire way to get muted by your teammates!
      In addition to push-to-talk, you can set up hotkeys to quickly switch between party and team voice channels, or to turn your microphone on and off. 
      In-Game Voice
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      You’ll also find microphone and speaker icons across from player names on the tab screen, which you can click to mute or unmute allies individually.
      We’ve also added a new reporting option called Abusive Voice that you can use to report players specifically for misbehavior over voice. Additionally, we’ve implemented a voice silence penalty that’s separate from chat silence penalties. This means that players who are frequently reported for Abusive Voice can receive a voice silence, which will prevent them from speaking in team voice for the duration of that penalty. They can, however, still join the team voice channel to listen to allied comms, and can still join and use the party voice channel normally.
      We hope the addition of voice in Heroes of the Storm will help you and your allies communicate more effectively on the road to your next string of victories, and perhaps make a new friend or two along the way.
      Until next time, we’ll see you in the Nexus!