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Heroes of the Storm Game Director Dustin Browder is definitely the most active Blizzard developer on Twitter and we appreciate all his effort. He had quite a few things to say in the last couple of days.


A lot of the issues that were addressed by Dustin Browder have already been covered before in numerous other 'Blue Tweets' articles, so we'll just summarise them for you.

  • They still don't have an ETA on the Season roll and they know they are late. (source)
  • Same goes for bans in Hero League. (source)
  • They know that Sylvanas' Possession isn't good enough and they are working on it. (source)
  • MMR reset is something people have been demanding for ages. Dustin said that it's not sure if they will do a wipe or some other form of reset. It's definitely going to happen as soon as the Season rolls. (source)


From the way the tweet was worded, it seems that the team has been working a lot on Death Recaps. Perhaps we'll get to see this feature in the short-term future.



The team is also constantly trying to improve A.I.



As far as specific Heroes are concerned, we know that a lot of our readers are Nova fans and they haven't been happy at all with her recent nerfs. Cheer up: the team still have their eye on her.



A lot of people would like to see some buffs for Arthas. Dustin Browder acknowledged that Arthas' talent picks are narrow, but his win rate is good.



Stitches received a minor change in this week's balance update, but the bug with his hook lagging hasn't been fixed yet. Dustin said that the team is investigating this, but he has no ETA for a fix at the moment.



Lastly, since we mentioned balance updates, CM Spyrian noted that these updates won't necessarily happen every week, as was the case so far. It's technically not a tweet, but you can read his post here.

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