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Hearthstone Card Reveals: Thistle Tea and Twilight Summoner

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The reveals are still coming a little slower as we near the halfway point. This article covers Thistle Tea and Twilight Summoner. The total number of revealed cards is now 59 out of 134.



Twilight Summoner will naturally be thought of as a replacement for Nerubian Egg. It does however occupy a different point on the curve and do very little until the turn it comes into play, or even the turn after. While Nerubian Egg was capable of creating a minion ahead of curve, Twilight Summoner does not immediately do that without extra help. It seems like a card worth investigating, but it might well need to be in an entirely different deck to current Zoo decks for it to function optimally.


Thistle Tea is also awkward to evaluate. Not only is it effectively more expensive per card than Sprint, but Sprint thrives on the versatility it provides. Thistle Tea only draws one card from your deck, so might find a home in Mill Rogue. It could also find a home if there is ever a deck that needs three Sprints, although that seems unlikely.

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Hmm, those two are a little bit strange, but intriguing.

Twilight Summoner can be usefull for and against Warriors for example, sice they (Warriors) have a lot of  1DMg AoE cards. Potentially could be used in Rogue Decks with Raptor. It has its own balance and I see it more as somethign that will make others hold on to AoE at certain points. Turn 5 Priests for example.

I would suggest that Thistle Tea may be used for slower play, against control decks. Truth is that card has a lot of radom, so it is possible to get something really sweet or waste the mana miserably.  Any way with upcoming changes it maybe will shine.

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