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Guardian druid Cooldown

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I have started for the first time a guardian druid for tanking.

I was following the guide and I have a very noob question.

My doubt is the mechanism of cooldown.

I search on internet and I recovered more information:

-The period of time after using a spell, ability or item before it can be used again. Many powerful spells and abilities have lengthy cooldowns, encouraging players to exercise forethought in choosing the best moment to use them. Some abilities have no cooldown and can therefore be used as often as desired (provided any other requirements are met).

-The period of time after using almost any spell or ability in which it is not possible to use any other spell or ability. This is known as the global cooldown, and prevents players from using several abilities at once, instead requiring them to be used one at a time (often as part of a 'rotation'). Most abilities cause and are affected by the global cooldown, but some are not

-A shared cooldown is when some spell, item or ability prevents usage of certain others while it is cooling down. It effectively applies the same cooldown to all those that it shares a cooldown with.

On the guide (and in all other guide on internet) is used the term:

Use Mangle Icon Mangle on cooldown

Use Swipe Icon Swipe on cooldown

What is means?

When i cast Mangle the ability has been on cooldown (I should continue to spam it?) or for "cooldown" is intended the GCD?

I understand the rototion as:

-Keep up Trash and Faerie Fire

-Spam Lacerate

-Maul on special cases

When I must use Mangle ??? When other ability are on cooldown?

I apologize because I think is a very stupid question, but i can't understand.

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience.

Kind Regards,


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Mangle has a 6 second cooldown, which means you can only use it every 6 seconds. Damage from your other abilities can reset the cooldown of Mangle, so you can use it again immediately.

I'd put the full priority list of active abilities something like this. These abilities are on the global cooldown, so every 1.5 seconds, you can cast one of them if it has not been used too recently (still on cooldown):

1) spell_nature_faeriefire.jpgFaerie Fire to apply and maintain ability_warrior_sunder.jpgWeakened Armor on your targets at all times.

2) spell_druid_thrash.jpgThrash to apply and maintain inv_relics_totemofrage.jpgWeakened Blows on all targets at all times.

3) ability_druid_lacerate.jpgLacerate if a 3-stack of the debuff is about to fall off.

4) ability_druid_mangle2.jpgMangle whenever available.

5) ability_druid_lacerate.jpgLacerate as a filler.

6) spell_nature_faeriefire.jpgFaerie Fire as a filler.

7) spell_druid_thrash.jpgThrash as a filler.

Priority for your Rage-based abilities (which are all off the global cooldown)

1) ability_bullrush.jpgFrenzied Regeneration if you are nearing full Rage and less than 80% health.

2) ability_racial_cannibalize.jpgSavage Defense if you are nearing full Rage, have over 80% health, and are taking significant melee (red number) damage, particularly from more than one target.

3) ability_druid_maul.jpgMaul only if all of the conditions are true:

a) You are at or near full Rage.

b) You have a inv_misc_monsterfang_01.jpgTooth and Claw proc.

c) You are over 80% health.

d) You are taking melee damage.

e) You have used up your charges of ability_racial_cannibalize.jpgSavage Defense.

When you have high Vengeance from taking heavy boss damage, Maul's damage increases and Tooth and Claw's absorbs get bigger, but since you are typically taking heavy melee damage during this time, your other abilities still take priority. If you still have SD up, it will add extra time onto the end, so don't worry about using it too early.

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It seems to me your question is a misunderstanding of the English language, which can unfortunately be very ambiguous most times.

When you hear the phrase "use on cooldown" it means that you should use it every single time it is available. i.e. When it comes off cooldown.

I can understand the confusion, especially if English is not your primary language. I hope this clears things up.

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As Krazyito pointed out, I think your main question is "what does 'on cooldown'" mean. And the answer is that if an ability (like Mangle) should be used "on cooldown", it means you should use it as soon as it is available. In other words, make sure that it is always on cooldown (so it's never available and unused).

Let me know if that clarifies it, or if you have more questions :)

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Thank you very much for your answers.

All my doubts have been cleared.

My problem was a misunderstanding of the English Language, indeed is not my primary Language.

Thanks to Tarazet for your explanation of the rotation, I will make good use.

Thanks to Krazyito and Vlad for the clarification.

Kind Regards,


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