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Overwatch Hanzo

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Guest Raven

Hi! Currently in the wall climbing section it does not state that a arrow he previously charged before wall climbing will be saved after wall climbing, Here is a example for you who have never played hanzo before.

Hanzo charges a arrow fully.

Hanzo then slowly moves to a wall, then wall climbs up until he is at the top

When Hanzo releases from the wall, while in mid-air you should have a full charged arrow instantly without any charge time.

This also works the same if the arrow was 50% charged, it would be 50% charged as soon as he releases from the wall.

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Guest Rexotec

A note on Wall Climbing.

While you can only use it once before needing to land on hard ground, Hanzo can pull himself up onto a ledge without considering it a 'use'. It creates just a little more versatality when finding good positions to snipe from.

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