Soaking a shock on Lei Shen

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For either a Frost or an Unholy DK on Lei Shen, what are the current ways we are soaking 1M+ dmg from shock? Does popping into Blood presence help, is it a must? For my personal situation, I'll probably be paired up with a tankadin.

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You have to stack up on the target to split the damage with other players. Anti-Magic Shell and Icebound Fortitude can help, but you'll probably still die if you eat it with just one other player.

Even Shroud of Purgatory probably won't save you if you take it solo, since your healers will all need to land their biggest heal on you within 3 seconds of taking the hit.

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It's difficult for dps dk's to soak magic damage. Anti Magic Shell absorbs a maximum of 50% of you max HP, so if you're sitting at around 450k then it's only going to absorb 225k.

switching to blood presence will give you about a 100k boost in HP, but that's only going to increase your AMS by 50k.

The only way you'll be able to soak the whole thing solo is to use Icebound Fortitude with Anti Magic Shell, and the hit you'll be left with is still going to be close to 50% of your hp.

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I am happy to report that a Frost DK can soak a solo hit, if you are near or at full HP to start and you go to Blood presence. AMZ, AMS and IBF do an amazing job. I had tried Purgatory but my raid leader wanted me to try AMZ and it works better, prevention is better than reaction. In 10 man I share my quadrant with a healer, he can take one solo, neither of us can do two solo. If you get the second shock and you've got an add on you that is not good because switching to Blood pretty much kills your dps, you will have to switch back to kill the add and pray you don't get the wrong set of damage coming in. This might be better for 2H-ders, as DW you have no dps.

IBF is an issue because it requires 20 RP and you will have 0 RP by the time a shock comes your way. I've been keeping ERW handy (yes, loss of dps but better than 0 dps if dead) as a source of RP, HoW only gives 10. In one transition the healer took back to back shocks so on the second one I stacked and put up AMZ, we both lived easily. You can also pop your source of RP, put up IBF and hit AMS and soak it solo. I've also been saving Timmy and Death Pact just in case.

I've also spec'd in to Desecrated Ground in case I get a blue swirl over near another section, trust me it happens, just as you get there here comes the stun. Plus you can use it at other times and not have to get off the boss. During the second transition when I'm with ranged dps, they very much appreciate the AMZ also.

I've been toying with the idea of switching to Blood just before the Boss transition, build my RP up & try to see if I have any by the time the shock comes.

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